How Your Body Benefits From Four Almonds Everyday

December 28, 2018
Did you know that eating almonds every day can help you reduce your carbohydrate consumption and, as a result, lose weight? Adding them to your diet will stabilize your metabolism and help you burn fat

Almonds an extremely healthy food and eating them regularly can have positive results for our body. Below, you can learn about how you’ll benefit from making a habit out of eating four almonds every day. Pay attention to our post because you probably didn’t expect them to have so many health benefits.

1. Almonds lower your cholesterol level

Almonds can stabilize your cholesterol levels. You might not believe it, but almonds are on the list of the top 5 most effective foods for reducing “bad” cholesterol levels (LDL).

  • If you have high cholesterol, eat 20 or 30 almonds a day instead of just four.
  • Besides getting a blood test, you can check for high cholesterol by looking for white dots on your lower eyelids, leg pain and premature white hair.

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2. Almonds will help you prevent cardiac diseases

Almonds have high levels of antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids as well as the aforementioned magnesium and copper.

Thanks to these nutrients, we’ll be able to keep our heart– and our circulatory system, too– in tip-top condition.

In order to prevent cardiac illnesses, as well as other heart conditions, you should eat almonds skin-on.

3. Your microbiota will be much healthier

If you eat just four almonds a day, you’ll end up with much healthier microbiota. It’s that simple.

Thanks to the skin on almonds, our body can intake more prebiotics. Our bodies need prebiotics in order to help the good bacteria grow and reproduce in our intestines.

Almonds are a highly recommended food source if we ever suffer from dysbiosis, something we’ll notice from experience abdominal distention, stomach pain, unpleasant mouth odor and indigestion.

In these cases, you should raise your daily almond dose from 30 to 35 almonds.

4. They’ll help you stay trim

Even though you might believe that nuts are just high in calories, the truth is that almonds can help you stay trim.

According to a scientific study carried out in 2003, published in the magazine, Nature, people who eat almonds consume less carbohydrates throughout the day, which is an effect that will help you keep trim.

Eating almonds also will help you lose weight and stabilize your metabolism, thanks to the vitamins and fiber found in the nuts.

5. Almonds are beneficial for your skin

Almonds are also great for taking care of our skin health. Thanks to their high manganese content, they can play a role in collagen production.

For those who might not know, collagen is a protein that’s responsible for the general condition and elasticity of our skin. In addition, almonds are also rich in vitamin E and they help fight against aging. Furthermore, they make for a powerful antioxidant.

6. Healthy hair

  • Almonds are rich in B group and vitamin E that’ll give your hair the shine and strength that it needs.
  • Thanks to their high mineral content, such as magnesium and zinc, they boost hair growth as well as beauty and health.

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7. They’ll help your brain work as it should

An action as simple as eating almonds on a regular basis could help you improve your brain functions. It’s possible because the tocopherol and fatty acids that these nuts provide improve memory.

Also, almonds slow down the aging process in the brain.

8. Dental benefits

Almonds can also be a wonderful food source if you’re trying to take care of your teeth. Their high phosphate content make them a powerful food for protecting and strengthening bones and teeth.

In order to enjoy the benefits, you’ll only need to eat a couple of almonds several times a week. However, if you eat a a little more every day, you’ll see even better results.

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