The Best Five Remedies for Liver Spots

Solar lentigines, colloquially known as liver spots, are due to sun exposure and aging.
The Best Five Remedies for Liver Spots
José Gerardo Rosciano Paganelli

Written and verified by the doctor José Gerardo Rosciano Paganelli.

Last update: 18 May, 2022

Liver spots are small marks that appear on your skin from excessive sun exposure and age. According to popular belief, the following home remedies can help tone them down.

Why do liver spots appear?

These small spots, also known as age spots and solar lentigo are a natural response of melanin to the aging of the skin. Normally, they start to appear in your 40s in areas such as the arms, hands, legs, and face.

Liver spots aren’t a serious problem as long as they remain small and neither expand nor acquire other characteristics. It’s best to consult a dermatologist and follow their recommendations in order to diminish them.

Experts from the U.S. National Library of Medicine indicate that a dermatologist can prescribe the application of one type of cream or another, as well as laser treatment, intense pulsed light, or cryotherapy depending on the case.

Remedies for liver spots

Home remedies are popular though not a recommended option as they lack scientific validity. Thus, it’s best to skip them until you consult a doctor.

1. Turmeric


A grated turmeric root.
Evidence attributes the antifungal effect of turmeric to its active compound called curcumin.


  • 1 tbsp of turmeric powder
  • ½ a c. of milk

What should you do?

  • Firstly, mix both ingredients until you get a smooth paste without lumps
  • Then, spread the paste in all the areas you consider necessary
  • We recommend that you apply it at night, let it act overnight, and avoid sun exposure

2. Onions

Some people claim that onion has bleaching properties that could help disguise liver spots on the skin.


What should you do?

  • Firstly, cut the onion in half, and then apply and rub circularly through the areas affected by excessive pigmentation.
  • Leave the onion juice on your skin and don’t wash it off.

3. Aloe vera

This is a plant to which various properties and uses are often attributed. According to some popular claims, it can benefit the health of the skin and mitigate any blemishes that may present.

A jar of aloe vera.



  • 1 stalk of aloe vera

What should you do?

  • Firstly, carefully extract the pulp of the aloe vera
  • Then wash with plenty of water to eliminate excess iodine and to be able to work with the purest part of aloe vera
  • After that, blend it until you get a paste, and then apply it
  • Leave on for one hour and then wash the area with plenty of water.

A variation of this remedy, one which you must plan in advance, is to apply a layer of aloe vera on all the necessary areas and then leave it on for eight hours. Due to the duration of the mask, we recommend doing it when you don’t have to leave the house.

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4. Cucumber


Some claims indicate that cucumber has bleaching and purifying properties. However, its use is preferably recommended at night. This is so the mask stays longer on the skin which would lead to better results.


  • ½ a cucumber

The usual way

  • For the first, simply rub your skin directly with the cucumber — this is recommended for hands and face.
  • Leave it on for 40 minutes and then wash it with warm water

Another way

  • Firstly, grind or blend half of the cucumber until you get a smooth, thick paste
  • Then apply directly on any area that has liver spots
  • Leave on for twenty minutes
  • After that, remove the paste with plenty of cold water

Sunscreen lotions

Sunscreen lotion is quite effective against liver spots.
The best way to prevent premature wrinkles and spots is to apply sunscreen lotion every day.

These aren’t a “remedy” as such but are part of treatments often prescribed by dermatologists. They help protect the skin and keep liver spots from getting darker.


Other things to keep in mind about liver spots

Liver spots won’t be a problem when treated in time. Some dermatological treatments allow for the use of certain home remedies, on an ad hoc basis.

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind about each of these remedies is to carefully follow the instructions. Also, try to be consistent and understand that liver spots are a common skin condition.

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This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.