5 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Are you looking for practicail ways to recycle your plastic bottles, and have fun with your kids at the same time? Today we're bringing you 5 great ideas!
5 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles
Valeria Sabater

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Last update: 27 May, 2022

Plastic bottles have become a major concern as regards the environment. Despite being able to be recycled, many are thrown away and can even end up in our rivers and oceans. However, we can use our imagination and turn them into practical objects. In addition to this, it’s a great activity to do with your children. So, do you want to know some great ways to recycle plastic bottles in a fun and creative way? Here we go.

5 fun ways to recycle your plastic bottles

1. Bird feeders

Birdfeeder made from plastic bottle

See how easy it is? This is an excellent way to find a new use for your plastic bottles, and also helping our wildlife at the same time. Having a bottle filled to the top with millet or barley will attract a constant coming and going of birds which will eat what you leave them there. But is it made? As you see in the photo, it’s not too difficult at all.

We only have to get a bottle of any shape we like, make two holes in the upper part, and push a wooden spoon through it. We’ll then do the same with the bottom part. Try to keep it always full of wheat and millet, to keep attracting the birds to your house. You just need to look for a thread or code to hang it in a suitable place.

2. Change purses for your home

Purses made from plastic bottles

This is fun, easy to do and very practical. Do you want to have somewhere to keep your keys, buttons or pills? If so, there is nothing as practical and ecological as these bottle purses. Seeing them here will give you an idea of how to make them.

We first need to bases of two bottles. If they are in different colors then even better. Try and find ones that are of the same shape and size so they can fit together. The hardest thing will definitely be sewing the zipper to the edges of the bottles. If you prefer, you can use a strong glue to stick the zippers to the plastic. A very simple idea that you’ll love.

3. Pots for your home

bottle pot made from plastic bottle

Have you seen how practical these pots are? There’s no excuse for not having your own garden and growing all kinds of herbs or plants. Anything you want, as long as you use good earth, good nutrients and water it well.

To make these pots you just have to cut the bottom out of the bottles. If they are larger it is even better and more practical. If you leave a little more of the bottle you’ll get a sort of “mini-greenhouse”. This is very handy if, for example, you’d like to grow tomatoes.

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4. Accessory for household cleaning

Dustpan made from a plastic bottle

This is a brilliant and very useful idea! A simple dustpan to help you in your house cleaning, or to clean your car if you wish.

To make your own dustpan, you have to reuse a plastic bottle similar to the one in the image. The important thing is that it has the type of handle shown. Use a marker to trace out a line and cut little by little until you achieve the desired shape. Most of all, remember to take advantage of the bottle handle!

5. A clothes peg holder

recycling plastic bottles for clothes pegs

This is really beautiful and practical, and you’ll never lose your clothes pegs again! What do you need? Just a large plastic water bottle that you can easily find in the shops. Firstly, cut the bottle as shown in the picture, big enough for all your clothes pegs.

Look for a nice colorful fabric to finish off the edges, and in this way you won’t cut yourself on them. You can sew it – which is the more difficult option – or use a good strong fabric glue to stick it to the plastic bottle.

Finally, make four holes to add a bottle handle for your little basket of clothes pegs, as you see in the picture. It is easy and fun to reuse and one of the best ways to recycle plastic bottles.

So, here are some great ways to recycle plastic bottles, and we hope you’ll enjoy making them. If you aren’t going to use your plastic bottles then don’t forget to recycle them in the correct way!

Images courtesy of “eco-Intelligence”


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