The Best Drinks For Losing Weight

· November 3, 2014

Nowadays, many people search for easy and effective methods to lose weight.  The majority get carried away with products that promise miraculous results, while others follow diets, and others exercise.

That being said, it is important to mention that a safe way to lose weight should include both a nutritional regimen and physical activity.  Therefore, it is quite difficult for a person to lose weight if he or she only takes into account one alternative and does not carry out a complete plan.  So what is the best drink for losing weight?

In one sense, many specialists suggest that we consume certain drinks that can be a great help in losing weight.  They refer to drinks that are easy to prepare or buy in the store or from a special website.  For this reason, we are going to suggest to you some very effective drinks for combatting obesity.  Remember that it is very important to consume these drinks as part of a serious nutrional plan, so that you do not think that by themselves you will lose weight.

1. Cold Water

Some studies suggest that drinking cold or ice water helps our body accelerate its metabolic process, therefore eliminating many more calories.  The best thing to do is to consume at least 16 oz of this beverage every day.

2. Vegetable Juicedrink-for-losing-weight2

This drink has often been considered a great help to those people trying to lose weight.  Primarily due to the fact that a small glass of it makes the body feel satisfied more quickly, on average you can consume about 135 fewer calories.

3. Green Tea

This drink, as well as black tea, also can accelerate the metabolism, so it helps you burn more calories.  On average, green tea helps burn between 35 to 43% more fat than other drinks.

4. Skim Milkdrink-for-losing-weight3

As incredible as it seems, skim milk seems to quickly break down the fat that builds up in our body.  In fact, some nutritionists suggest that drinking skim milk makes it possible to lose 70% more fat than those who do not drink some sort of dairy product in their diets.  However, it is only necessary to drink one glass of this beverage a day.

5. Nutritional Beverages

These kinds of drinks also have demonstrated that they have positive effects on people who consume them, above all thanks to the fact that they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, as well as producing the feeling of satiety, making sure that we don’t eat more than we should.  However, it is very important to consult with a specialist before drinking them.  He will tell us which of the nutritional drinks is best for us, as well as establish a daily dosage or quantity we should consume.

6. Coconut Waterdrink-for-losing-weight4

This drink contains several more electrolytes than the others.  That is to say that it hydrates much better than those beverages containing harmful ingredients, a large quantity of sugar, or artificial flavorings.  In addition, coconut water accelerates the metabolism and gives you more energy.