The Benefits of Running Twice a Week

it is extremely important to know that running is one of the most beneficial exercises for your body. This is because it activates many organs and helps keep us healthy and strong. 
The Benefits of Running Twice a Week
Gilberto Adaulfo Sánchez Abreu

Written and verified by the doctor Gilberto Adaulfo Sánchez Abreu.

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Not everyone finds it exactly easy or even pleasant to go running every day. However, the benefits of running are numerous. We are going to tell you about several great reasons why you should try running at least twice a week to stay healthy.

The Benefits of Running

Running Prevents Bone and Cardiac Issues

Recent research has revealed that taking on the healthy habit of running moderately at least two or three times a week can help prolong your life. Running is a wonderful activity that can help keep your bones in optimal condition.

This is because it prevents the loss of bone mass. In the same vein, it helps to very effectively manage blood pressure. It reduces your risk of heart disease by a high percentage by keeping your arteries healthy.

Running Helps You Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Weightloss: one of the benefits of running

By engaging in this activity, you activate almost your entire body. This is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight. Running also helps tone your leg and gluteal muscles.

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Running Makes You Happy and Calm

Anyone who participates in running as a sport or simply for exercise agrees: running is the best way to forget about your problems and to feel calm and peaceful. It might even make you feel happier, especially if you run when something upsets you or when you feel depressed.

If you run, you may experience an overwhelming sense of well-being. This is because running activates endorphins: hormones that tell your brain to give you that feeling of well-being.

Running Helps You Develop Your Creativity

A woman jumping hurdles

According to a large body of research conducted on this topic, running stimulates the brain. This is due to the fact that it increases your cardiorespiratory stamina, which can undoubtedly increase the blood flow to your brain.

This causes you to learn more easily. Furthermore, it can increase your ability to create because it puts your imagination to work rather quickly and effectively.

So, have these benefits of running persuaded you to give it a try?

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