The Benefits of Running Twice per Week

· January 31, 2015

It is not exactly easy nor even pleasant for everyone to go running every day. However, it is extremely important to know that running is one of the most beneficial exercises for our body, since it activates a large number of organs and helps keep us healthy and strong.

We are going to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about several good reasons to encourage ourselves to go running at least twice per week and thus maintain good overall health. Here are the benefits of running twice per week:

Running Prevents Bone and Cardiac Problems

Thanks to the research available, it has been revealed that making it your healthy habit to run moderately at least two or three times per week can help to prolong your life since it is a wonderful activity that can help to keep your bones in optimal health conditions since it prevents the loss of bone mass. In the same vein, it helps to very effectively control blood pressure and reduces by a high percentage your risk of suffering from heart disease by keeping your arteries healthy.

Running Helps You Maintain Your Ideal Weight


By engaging in this activity, you activate almost your entire body, which is extremely important when it comes to maintaining an appropriate body weight. Running also helps tone your leg and glut muscles.

Running Generates Happiness and Tranquility in People

Everyone who participates in racing as a sport or simply as a way of engaging in physical exercise agree that running is the best way to forget about your problems and feel calm and peaceful. It might even make you feel happy, especially if we run after something upsetting happens or if we feel depressed.

If we run, we may experience an overpowering sensation of well-being since running activates a substance known as endorphins, which is the chemical in charge of making our brain make us feel that feeling of well-being.

Running Helps to Develop Our Creativity


According to a large body of research conducted on this topic, it can be affirmed that running stimulates the brain due to the fact that it increases our cardio respiratory resistance, which undoubtedly can increase the blood flow to our brains, causing us to learn easier and furthermore, increasing our capacity to create, since it puts our imagination to work rather quickly and effectively.

So, have these benefits of running persuaded you to give it a try?