The Benefits of Drinking Wine Everyday

Many doctors recommend that their patients drink a bit of red wine a day for their health, but what are the benefits of drinking a glass of wine everyday?
The Benefits of Drinking Wine Everyday

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Have you heard about the many benefits of drinking wine every day? 

Learn all about them in this article.

A Glass a Day: the Special Recipe

According to experts, a glass of wine a day is good for your health. However, be careful because it’s not just any wine: it has to be red wine.

Several studies confirm that a glass of red wine a day helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases for men as well as women. It can also help prevent diseases and disorders like diabetes, dementia, and osteoporosis. 

Although wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, scientists have only recently discovered the amazing benefits of it.

Let’s take a look at them.

benefits of drinking wine

The Benefits of Drinking Wine Daily

These are some of the confirmed advantages of drinking a glass of red wine a day:

It helps reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoke 

Wine can regulate damage that tobacco causes in blood vessel through vasodilation.

Above all, it has positive effects on the endothelium, a layer of cells that reduce the friction between lymphatic and blood vessels and the heart.

It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases

 This is one of the most well-known effects of red wine as long as it is consumed in good measure and regularly. Scientists say that red wine reduces the possibility of suffering from coronary disease by reducing the production of “bad” cholesterol and increasing the “good” kind.

It has blood-thinning and anti-blood clotting effects

Sporadic wine drinkers have less amounts of fibrinogen protein, a protein that promotes the formation of blood clots.

benefits of drinking wine

It helps prevents Atherosclerosis

This is one of diseases caused by the degeneration of arteries. Atherosclerosis occurs when blood vessels lose their ability to relax.

The alcohol in wine helps vessels stay healthy because of the formation of nitric oxide, a fundamental substance in vascular relaxation.

It helps balances blood pressure
 Excessive consumption of alcohol causes hypertension. However, drinking a small glass (250 ml) of wine a day has the opposite effect because it lowers blood pressure after a meal for people that suffer from this problem.

It helps prevent  Alzheimer’s disease and  dementia
Studies have shown that resveratrol (a component in red wine) produces neuro-protecting effects, which keep this condition from developing.

benefits of drinking wine

Why Red Wine?

Many people may wonder why it has to be red wine and not any other kind (rosé, white, sparkling).

There are many reasons. Thus, it is best to know a little more about this drink.

Red wine is made with the juice from red grapes, which are picked from the vine. The bunches can be picked by hand or with a scissors or special machinery.


benefits of drinking wine

Wine made from red grapes contains a very healthy amount of polyphenols.

These eliminate free radicals. White wine, however, doesn’t contain these substances.

Depending on the type of grape, the amount of sun, the land the bunches were grown on, and the alcohol concentration, the wine will have more or less polyphenols.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the benefits of drinking wine starting today!


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