9 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water and Lemon Juice

Did you know that in addition to balancing your pH, drinking lemon juice and warm water at the start of the day increases your productivity levels? Try it!
9 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water and Lemon Juice

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Your early morning habits are key to improving your health and maintaining a good mood throughout the rest of the day. Although the lack of time in the mornings may sometimes cause you to forget this, the first moments of the day are the best for adopting practices that can benefit your entire body. One great option is to take warm water and lemon every morning and we’ll be explaining why in this article.

Drinking warm water and lemon first thing in the morning gives you an additional punch of nutrients for your body. In addition, this brings mental benefits as well as physical. While it may sound simple, this drink has excellent medicinal properties thanks to its antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral content.

As well as that, it’s an inexpensive beverage that you can enjoy every day to maintain your overall well-being. We’ll now be showing you 9 benefits you receive when you drink it warm water and lemon juice.

1. Warm water and lemon for your liver

The position of the liver.
The antioxidants in warm water and lemon juice make it a great way to detox your liver.
  • It inhibits the negative effects of free radicals.
  • This also provides you with an opportunity to remove the toxins that build up in this organ.

In addition, this is an natural solution to help to reduce your risk of liver disease, like fatty liver and kidney stones.

2. It improves your immune system health

The high levels of vitamin C found in this beverage are great supplements to keep your immune system functioning well, and to prepare you for any viruses that come your way.

Vitamin C also improves your production of antibodies and creates a barrier against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

3. It helps balance the pH of your bloodstream

A close up of blood cells.
Our modern diet tends to create an acidic environment in the body, and so warm water with lemon juice is a great way to balance your pH levels. Although lemon juice is technically acidic, its compounds are transformed into alkaline substances when absorbed by the body.

Regular consumption of this beverage helps decrease excess acid production and thus can help to prevent the harmful problems that are associated with it.

4. It improves the health of your skin

The combination of warm water and lemon helps detox your body. Because of this, it is great for improving the condition of your skin. It increases your moisture levels and also helps remove any toxins that can speed up premature aging.

Daily consumption of this beverage will therefore help keep your skin blemish-free, particularly in people who are susceptible to acne.

5. It helps reduce food cravings

A lady eating a hamburger.
People who are struggling with food cravings and trying to lose weight will find this beverage to be very helpful. Lemon contains a fiber known as pectin. Once it’s absorbed, it improves digestion and prolongs feelings of being full.

6. Improved digestion

The digestive properties of warm lemon juice can be used as part of a treatment for problems like constipation and bloating.  Fiber and antioxidants help improve your digestive health. They optimize intestinal contractions and support the process of separating water from nutrients.

7. Improved productivity

Lemons are one of the citrus fruits that help provide energy at the end of your day when you’re feeling tired or worn down. This helps you enjoy a higher level of productivity and also avoid mood swings, in addition to stress and depression.

8. Promote wound healing

The vitamin C in lemon juice is essential for cellular regeneration when you’ve experienced a trauma or injury.

This nutrient promotes the formation of connective tissue, cartilage, and other cellular products that are affected when you have an injury or wound. This means that when you drink warm water with lemon juice, you’ll obtain significant amounts of this vitamin to speed up your recovery.

9. Avoid oral infections

A lady on a visit to the dentist.
Daily consumption of this beverage can also help clean your mouth and avoid the excess proliferation of germs in your teeth and gums. Lemon contains antimicrobial and antibiotic properties that can, as a result, reduce your risk of dental pain and gingivitis.

Drinking it with warm water can also help to fight bad breath.
Take a few minutes to make this drink every morning and discover how good it is for your body over time!

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