10 Beauty Tips for Lupus Patients

Lupus patients can use makeup as an alternative to conceal the redness of their skin. Discover other useful beauty tricks to cope with the physical consequences of the disease here.
10 Beauty Tips for Lupus Patients
Leidy Mora Molina

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Last update: 17 May, 2023

Camouflaging the physical signs of an autoimmune condition isn’t always easy; it depends on the type and degree of the disease. For example, patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) can take advantage of beauty tricks that conceal the condition and contribute to self-esteem.

The alternative is called therapeutic makeup, highlighted in the journal Enfermería Dermatológica (Spain) as an aid to cover unsightly lesions with products that favor medical treatment and prevent insecurities in the person.

Figures from the Lupus Foundation of America show that 90% of diagnoses are in women and that cutaneous lupus accounts for 10% of all cases. While using cosmetics does not cure, concealing the skin damage caused by the condition contributes to confidence.

What is lupus?

Lupus is a chronic disease that causes widespread inflammation and tissue damage in the affected organs. The definition provided by the Lupus Research Alliance states that, in addition to the skin, patients may experience damage to the lungs, joints, brain, kidneys and blood vessels.

Its origin can be influenced by the following:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors
  • Viruses and infections
  • Epigenetics

Lupus on the skin

People with cutaneous lupus comply with a treatment that improves the appearance of the dermis, alleviating scars and preventing new ones from emerging. Butterfly-shaped rashes, visible on the cheeks and bridge of the nose, should be kept out of the sun or artificial light.

Outbreaks do not occur only on the skin, but also on other parts of the body. The picture tends to discolor or hyperpigment the affected areas. It’s for this reason that many lupus patients resort to cosmetics that hide the lesions.

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Mujer con lupus eritematoso sistémico.
Lupus affects the quality of life and self-esteem of patients, so it’s important to look for alternatives that improve can improve these aspects.

Beauty tips for patients with lupus

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), dermocorrection recovers in the patient a positive image and allows him/her to relate with greater security.

The supply of any product must have the endorsement of the treating physician. In addition, the AEDV insists that it is essential to use non-dense, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and simple formulas.

Bearing in mind the experts’ recommendations, let’s take a look at the top beauty tips for lupus patients.

1. Apply moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin is essential. You do this before applying sunscreen and other cosmetics.

There are moisturizers with anti-inflammatory components. Likewise, skin with SLE appreciates the simplicity of aerosol moisturizers.

2. Choose the best sunscreen

Cosmetics will have no effect if the skin isn’t properly cared for. Cover the complexion with sunscreen before makeup.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens are the best option, and you should repeat the doses every 80 minutes with mineral powders containing antioxidants and zinc oxide.

3. Look for clothes made of special fabric

It’s possible to find clothes that protect the skin and make you look good. The Lupus Foundation of America suggests tightly woven fabrics and bright, vivid colors because they absorb more UV radiation.

The same institution says that such clothing is often sold at sporting goods stores and sun-protective clothing companies, which label them with the acronym UPF or SPF, referring to the ultraviolet protection factor.

At these stores, you can also get accessories such as sunglasses and hats.

4. Use non-irritating makeup

It covers redness without obstructing skin perspiration. Ask for makeup with maximum coverage that lasts as long as possible, but doesn’t irritate the skin. Light compositions look better on the complexion.

5. Combine primer and concealer

Primer and green concealer conceal redness. The former is for the entire face and minimizes pore size, while the latter goes after the primer and only on the spots you want to conceal.

6. Choose the right foundation

Foundation is key in camouflaging imperfections. If the irritation is not intense, normal substances will work.

However, serious eruptions require a product such as the one used to hide tattoos, which is suitable for the skin and any other part of the body.

7. Contour your face

Part of the treatment to control lupus involves taking corticosteroids. Among the side effects, this kind of medicine leaves a roundness of the face typical of Cushing’s syndrome, as indicated by the Endocrine Society .

The make-up technique to appear a thinner face is to contour the jawline and sides with bronzer. Meanwhile, using blush and a highlighter, you can provide light to the complexion.

8. Select a good brush

Instead of any brush, apply makeup with brushes designed for concealer or full coverage brushes.

9. Take advantage of hair removal strips

Steroids also cause constant facial hair growth. Ask your specialist if in your case it is convenient to remove it with depilatory strips or creams. Don’t use razor blades.

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10. Treat blemishes on your skin

If you evidence blemishes during treatment, lotions with hydroquinone do a good job. When the disease is in remission and always with professional approval, you can also request laser depigmentation sessions.

Mujer con lupus.
In addition to the direct effects of the condition on the skin, you should keep in mind that certain drugs also cause changes in your complexion.

Self-esteem and beauty in patients with lupus

It’s not mandatory to wear makeup; do it only if it boosts your self-esteem and sense of well-being. In the process, remember that it’s normal to experience some sadness or frustration, especially due to the appearance of symptoms that change the physical appearance.

Addressing your self-esteem with specialists facilitates the perception of events so that they’re less stressful and decrease your vulnerability, as explained in a Spanish article in the Revista Cubana de Reumatología (Cuban Rheumatology Review).

Just as beauty tips for lupus patients improve the appearance of the skin, having a support system makes the transition bearable. Family, friends, and pets can all help the person.

Taking the time to accept the disease also benefits a person’s understanding of the diagnosis and opens the way to feel comfortable with the cosmetic alternatives.

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