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Leidy Mora Molina


Bachelor of Nursing. Leidy Mora has served as Hemotherapist of the Blood Bank and specialist of the Cardiovascular Tissue Bank. She has also worked as a university professor in the area of hemotherapy and biochemistry.

About the author

Graduated as a Bachelor of Nursing in 2010 from the University of Carabobo (Venezuela) , with academic merits. This health expert has specialized in Immunohematology and transfusion of blood derivatives which she completed in 2013 at the Rómulo Gallegos Experimental University (Venezuela). At the Latin American Children's Cardiological Hospital “Dr. Gilberto Rodríguez Ochoa”, Ms. Mora held the position of hemotology nurse at the Blood Bank and a specialist at the Cardiovascular Tissue Bank. Similarly, she worked as a hemotherapist nurse at the Santiago de León Caracas Clinic for more than a year. She has also served as a professor attached to the hemotherapy and biochemistry departments of the Rómulo Gallegos Experimental University. After having more than a decade of experience in the health area, she is currently an advisor on degree projects and scientific articles on nursing, hemotherapy, and immunohematology - activities that she complements with the writing and curation of texts related to maternity and health in general, on several web pages related to her professional field.