Baby Skin: The Trend for Glowing Skin

A new beauty routine is here to stay; it is "baby skin". The method of facial care and grooming that proposes little makeup, leaving the protagonism to naturalness.
Baby Skin: The Trend for Glowing Skin
Leidy Mora Molina

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Last update: 16 October, 2022

There’s no skin softer than a baby’s skin, and a similar texture may be possible with the baby skin trend. The focus of this beauty trend is the freshness of the complexion, with the use of cosmetics and specific treatments.

Those who practice the technique achieve a healthy and luminous appearance of the face without resorting to excessive makeup. The protagonist of the process is the skin, which is treated with products that highlight specific parts. We’ll show you how to achieve baby skin in this article.

What is the “baby skin” trend?

The baby skin look is a method of skincare and grooming that aims to show the dermis with a flawless finish by leaving aside strong lipsticks, heavy foundations, and eye shadows with bright colors.

Instead, naturalness prevails, which is reinforced by a few cosmetics that contribute to a simple look. Moisturizers, lip balms, and highlighters fall into this category.

To achieve a velvety look, you need to moisturize and make sure that your beauty products are appropriate for each skin type. However, before this step, a deep facial cleansing is necessary so that the pores are free of obstructions.

Facial hygiene also favors the elimination of dead skin cells and promotes the regeneration of superficial skin layers so that the face gains a natural glow. Tutorials with the hashtag #babyskin abound on social networks, adding followers who want healthy, clean, and even skin.

How to achieve the “baby skin” effect?

To achieve the effect, it takes a little more than dispensing with layers of makeup. That’s when intensive skincare comes into play, illuminating the skin from within.

1. Cleanse your skin

This process begins by removing makeup and closes with exfoliation. By exfoliating, you completely remove all traces of dead skin cells, sweat, and sebum, as Offarm magazine explains. Do this at least once a week and, in addition to getting rid of impurities, you’ll also stimulate blood flow.

facial cleansing for baby skin
Facial cleansing is a must as the first step to achieving baby skin.

2. Moisturize

To promote the natural radiance of your face, vitamin C serum and substances with hyaluronic acid (HA) are suitable options. This compound, as a publication of Acta Bioclinica points out, plays a decisive role in the hydration of the extracellular space, attracts water molecules, and creates physiological conditions for the diffusion, migration, and sorting of dermal cells.

It’s advisable to use moisturizing creams containing sunscreen. This is the way to take care of your skin from the ravages caused by exposure to UV radiation.

3. Illuminate with ice

The secret of glowing facial skin is to finish cleansing by applying ice to enhance the result. People with sensitive skin should wrap the cube with a cloth.

4. Light make-up

Contour the bridge of your nose and highlight your cheekbones with illuminating drops that provide natural color. This cosmetic works directly on the skin or can be mixed with moisturizer.

Define your eyebrows with a pencil that’s slightly darker than your hair color. For lips, select a balm that has nutrients, such as cocoa butter or honey. These ingredients contribute to chap-free lips.

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Other treatments that contribute to the “baby skin” look

Apart from the skincare you can provide at home, there are minimally invasive aesthetic treatments that favor the “baby skin” look.

HA Redensification

This consists of a low-impact procedure to rejuvenate facial skin. In addition to improving texture, it prevents evidence of premature aging and promotes the elasticity of the dermis.

It’s applied with fan microinjection that touches only the superficial and intermediate dermis. The suggested facial filler is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid because of its ability to hydrate and combat photoaging without increasing volume after infiltration.

HA projection

Infiltrating elastic hyaluronic acid with a cannula deepens the malar region and helps to achieve “baby skin.” One session per year replenishes the volume that the cheekbones lose over time. The treatment also rounds and projects the cheeks.

Customized peels

Acid mixes are ideal for improving the skin’s appearance. These peels are prepared according to the needs of each skin type and usually contain acids of the following types:

  • Phytic acid
  • Kojic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Pyruvic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Mandelic acid

A maximum of 6 sessions within 21 days of each other can help a person to achieve an even, blemish-free and luminous complexion. The number of peels is determined by the condition of the skin.

The procedure is performed by a dermatologist or cosmetologist, as they have the expertise to mix the acids.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an appropriate method for lightening the skin. This technique has substantial benefits:

  • It evens the complexion
  • It clarifies veins
  • IPL loses dilated pores
  • It fades redness
  • It promotes the formation of new collagen
  • IPL erases blemishes caused by UV radiation
lazer pulse for baby skin
 With IPL, a light-based peel is performed. It’s a method that must be performed under the supervision of trained personnel.


This is a vigorous mechanical massage of the face using an apparatus like the Ergolift LPG ®. The objective is to activate fibroblasts and produce hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen.

After the massage, it’s a good idea to put on a biocellulose mask that moisturizes, smoothes fine lines, and lightens the tone. With six sessions, you stimulate microcirculation, and the complexion recovers its natural light.

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Extra information for enviable baby skin

Among the acids recommended to show off “baby skin,” some with immediate effects stand out. These are alpha-hydroxy acid or glycolic acid and retinol or beta-hydroxy acid.

Together, they’re credited with minimizing skin imperfections, reducing open pores, smoothing wrinkles, and firming the skin’s condition. The doses of these compounds should be prescribed by a dermatologist.

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