Baby Boomer Nails: What Is This Manicure Trend All About?

Baby boomer nails revamp a classic manicure style. We'll explain what this manicure trend is all about in this article.
Baby Boomer Nails: What Is This Manicure Trend All About?

Last update: 24 May, 2023

The modernism and elegance of baby boomer nails make them one of the favorite manicure trends. This grooming is based on the classic method of French manicures but refreshes its look with the attenuation between two colors.

The technique borders on the discreet by the use of soft pigments, although this isn’t a restriction, because you can combine stronger tones and still enjoy a baby boomer look, as long as you comply with the gradient. Let’s take a closer look at what this manicure style involves.

Baby boomer nails and their revival of the French manicure

The term baby boomer is better known for its social concept than for its incursion into the world of beauty. Economipedia states that baby boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964; the name is due to the fact that during this period birth rates increased.

Its link with manicure responds to the fact that in that period the most requested colors were light pink and white. Today, this style of nails is a renewed version of the ‘Frenchie’, i.e., those pigmentations that highlight a white line on a nude base.

What is the innovation? The technique involves blurring two color instead of displaying them with the marked intensity of the traditional French polish. White is the tone par excellence to achieve the transition, which is usually done with pink.

But it’s also not unreasonable to find this style of manicure with yellows, blues, violets, and a wide range as long as it is in a pastel palette. The essence of the manicure is to draw the tip of the nails with white and, from this, reach the second tone by diffusing it with a sponge until the effect is visible.

Las uñas 'baby boomer' y su renovación de la manicura francesa
Gradient pink tones are common when applying the baby boomer technique in manicure.

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How should you style your manicure to show off the baby boomer trend?

The baby boomer trend can be worn on long or short nails. Likewise, there’s no rule that limits the style for almond or square nails, let alone distinguishes between natural or acrylic nails.

What does this mean? Whatever the filling shape or whether you use artificial nails, there is room for a renewed French manicure. In fact, it also doesn’t weaken the base, which would result in weak nails with other methods.

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, nail fragility caused by manicure is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation. Fortunately, with the baby boomer trend, you reduce the damage caused by other procedures.

How to give yourself a baby boomer nail manicure

Baby boomer manicures aren’t difficult to do. However, making an appointment at a salon is an excellent alternative, since the specialists master the techniques and play with the finishes.

Tip: if you go to the beauty salon, it’s best to bring your own instruments to minimize the risk of nail infections. If you use the tools that are on-site, make sure they’re sterilized.

The Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Magazine reports in a study that reusing implements without cleaning them increases the risk of infection from secretions and residue left from previous clients on files, nail clippers, and brushes, for example.

Now, if you prefer to make a baby boomer design at home, take note and follow the steps below.

1. Get prepared

Clean the nails until there are no remains of previous nail polish or acrylics if you had this system. Part of the preparation is filing your nails to get the shape of your preference. You also push back the cuticle and buff them.

2. Use a primer

Continue the manicure by priming with a degreaser. This phase is essential, as it ensures that the next substances adhere smoothly. The way to supply the product is described by the manufacturers on the labels.

3. Put on a base coat

With a brush, apply a base coat and place the nails in the drying lamp for a couple of minutes.

4. Pigmentation

This is the stage of painting your nails pink, if that’s the chosen shade. Use permanent polish and take them back to the lamp for 2 minutes. After the time has elapsed, take them out and apply another base coat.

5. Blending

Use another brush to put white gel on the tip of the nail. With a sponge, blend to create the transition between colors.

6. Dry and polish your nails

The last steps are to dry again in the UV-LED lamp and apply a top coat, in order to prolong the life of the polish.

Aplicación de la manicura 'baby boomer'
To get the baby boomer finish on your nails, you need to blend the colors together after applying them.

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A plus point for the baby boomer manicure is its compatibility with other nail art methods, as you add elements such as glitter, stones, or stickers. Even more artistic, some designs include subtle freehand drawings.

Finally, it’s important to remember that baby boomer nails are not pigeonholed in their style; in reality, they’re versatile and therefore allow slight variations, as long as you respect the blurred French manicure concept.

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