How to Clean Nail Art Brushes

Nail art brushes require special cleaning depending on their material and use. In this article, we'll give you some recommendations.
How to Clean Nail Art Brushes

Last update: 28 September, 2022

Nowadays, manicures have become true works of art. In this sense, it’s increasingly common to see nails – real or false – that are painted with different colors, designs, and accessories that require the use of different tools. But do you know how to clean nail art brushes?

Of all the elements used to beautify the nails, brushes require special maintenance. Their contact with different products can deteriorate them and reduce their lifespan. However, with proper care, it’s possible to keep them longer and ensure their optimal function. Here are some recommendations.

How to clean artistic detail nail brushes

These brushes are very specific and, at the same time, very delicate. They’re used to make small details on the nails. That is to say, if they’re not cleaned properly, the slightest paint residue could alter their performance.

The first thing you can do is to put acetone in a small glass jar. This product usually removes enamel residue effectively. However, if you prefer a gentler solution, you can use an acetone-free cleaner or one that has a special composition for natural or synthetic bristles.

Next, dip the brush for 10 to 20 seconds. If the enamel on the brush is still fresh, you will notice how it comes off and stains the cleaner. On the other hand, if the paint has started to dry, you may need to gently move it in the liquid to help it come off completely.

For detailing tools that don’t have bristles, we recommend soaking a cotton swab in remover and rubbing the tool gently to avoid damaging it. To dry the brushes, place them on a paper towel or a cotton disk. Move them carefully until you see that there is no remover residue.

Finally, moisten the bristles with a good cuticle oil (you will only need a couple of drops) and dry them again on a clean paper towel to remove the excess.

how to clean nail art brushes
The key to easy cleaning of manicure brushes is to do it before the polish dries on the surface of the brush.

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How to clean gel polish brushes

In this case we will use isopropyl alcohol and cotton pads. Remember to place a work surface on the table to make the cleaning task easier. Then, soak the cotton in alcohol.

You will probably find 71% and 99% isopropyl alcohol; both are equally effective for this task. Since the bristles of gel polish brushes are synthetic, there’s no problem cleaning them with this product.

Place the brushes on the cotton pad and gently rub them together. It should be noted that you shouldn’t wait to finish painting all the nails because the polish will dry on the brush. The key is to clean it every two or three painted nails. You could also use the same cotton swab to moisten the handle of the brush to remove the stickiness.

Once you have painted all of your nails, take a moment to clean the brushes well before continuing. Otherwise, it may be too late, and the brush will be ruined.

To do this, place a small amount of alcohol in a small glass jar and dip the brushes in it. Gently swirl it around to make sure the cleaner gets into all the nooks and crannies of the bristles.

Then rest them on a dry cotton pad to remove excess alcohol. Once dry, put the lid on and store them flat or with the bristles facing up.

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How to clean acrylic nail art brushes

To clean the brushes you use with acrylics, use monomer. Pour a small amount of this cleaner into a small glass cup or in the special containers sold in nail supply stores.

Remember to do the cleaning as soon as you finish painting your nails. Stir the brush in the liquid until no traces of polish remain. Then, dry them with a cotton disk or paper towel.

If there are still traces of product, repeat the cleaning with monomer or use a little acetone. Another option is to use gloves to rub the brush manually to complete the cleaning process.

how to clean nail brushes
After cleaning the nail polish brushes, it’s advisable to dry them and store them in a clean container.

What to keep in mind

Cleaning nail polish brushes is key to keeping them in good condition for a longer period of time. Generally speaking, this process should be done as soon as the manicure is finished. This prevents nail polish residue from hardening on the surface.

However, once the cleaning is complete, it’s best to store them in clean, dry boxes or organizers. These can have the shape of pencil holders or horizontal containers similar to small drawers. The choice of one or the other depends on your preferences.

The important thing is to ensure hygienic storage to prevent your tools from getting dirty or damaged. Keep this in mind!

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