Make Your Own Natural Nail Fungus Remover

It is considered that, in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, the following home remedy could be used to eliminate nail fungus.
Make Your Own Natural Nail Fungus Remover
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Last update: 05 August, 2022

In case of nail fungus, it’s best to consult your doctor or – if you can’t – your pharmacist to get appropriate treatment. And if the professional authorizes it, you can resort to the homemade fungus remover we’ll talk about in this article as a complement to your treatment.

This homemade fungus remover is a preparation that aims to help eliminate nail fungus. It’s composed of three ingredients with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties: white vinegar, ethyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.

Nail fungus: A common problem

Nail fungus is a problem that should be treated, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. Therefore, it’s first necessary to go to the doctor to receive the appropriate treatment for your case.

Onychomycosis (also known as tinea unguium) is one of the most common infections that can affect the nails and, specifically, the nail plate. It’s caused by the action of dermatophytes, yeast, or non-dermatophyte molds, which are pathogenic microorganisms that grow easily in moist and warm environments.

Nail fungus
Onychomycosis is one of the most common infections that can affect the nails.

It usually affects the toenails more frequently. However, it can also affect the fingernails. It’s also characterized by causing more visible than sensitive symptoms, especially when it’s just beginning to develop.

This condition causes the nails to have a bad appearance and present various alterations in terms of shape, size, color, and even odor. They may appear yellowish, thick, and brittle (or flaky), while the surrounding skin is inflamed and reddish.

If not properly treated, there’s a risk that the nail will weaken and fall off. Because of this, it’s essential to pay attention to it from its early stages and follow the doctor’s instructions.

People with diabetes are prone to have fungus in their toenails, therefore, they should try to maintain certain precautionary measures.

The ingredients for this nail fungus remover

According to popular wisdom, this topical ‘fungus breaker’ could help fight a nail infection. To make it, you only need three ingredients that are said to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties:

  • Oxygenated water
  • 90% ethyl alcohol
  • White vinegar

The benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a widely used product for disinfecting wounds. It has one more atom of oxygen than normal water, and the presentation that is most sold in pharmacies is 3%.

It’s part of the catalog of ecological disinfectants since the chemical action of oxidation is responsible for eliminating pathogens (bacteria and fungi) that cause a nail infection.

Its application on nails favors the destruction of yeasts and dermatophytes that cause infection.

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The benefits of 90% ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol is distilled for medicinal purposes, and, therefore, almost everyone has it in their first aid kit.

  • This is used as a disinfectant and antibacterial, especially in lesions affecting the skin.
  • It’s proven to be effective against most bacteria and fungi, but not against bacterial spores.

Aesthetically, it’s part of the manicure and pedicure. It reduces the presence of nail fungus and eliminates microorganisms that may remain on the tools.

The benefits of white vinegar

A jug of white vinegar.
White vinegar is considered to be a good antiseptic and also a natural antifungal.

It’s believed that the acid compounds contained in white vinegar could contribute to the treatment of skin fungus. In addition, this liquid is considered to be a good antiseptic and also a natural antifungal. Therefore, it could fight onychomycosis and the well-known ‘athlete’s foot’.

Its application reduces the itching sensation, the yellow color, and the unsightly calluses that prevent beautiful feet.

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Nail Fungus Remover Recipe

nail fungus remover
You can make this nail fungus remover at home.

The nail fungus remover is easily prepared from three ingredients with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and ethyl alcohol.


  • Five tablespoons of 90% ethyl alcohol (50 ml)
  • 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (50 ml)
  • Two tablespoons of white vinegar (20 ml)


  • One glass container (with a lid)
  • One metal or plastic spoon

How to make it

  • First, place the hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol in a glass container.
  • Then, add the white vinegar and shake so that everything is well integrated.
  • Cover the bottle and leave it in a cool, dry place.
  • To use it, wash the affected nail very well.
  • Then, dry it with a soft towel and apply a little treatment with the help of a cotton pad.
  • If it’s too thick, carefully file its surface and rub the preparation.
  • Use it regularly along with the treatment prescribed by the doctor to get good results.

In addition to applying the nail fungus remover, what else should you do?

If you have nail fungus, it’s best to consult your doctor about the most appropriate treatment for you. Also, if the professional authorizes it, you can also use certain natural remedies at home, such as the fungus removers that we mentioned above.

However, it’s not recommended that you resort exclusively to natural remedies. If you do, the infection could worsen and not heal properly. Therefore, you should always consider them as possible complementary aids but never as treatments in themselves.

In case you have toenail fungus, try to disinfect your shoes, socks, and all kinds of items (towels, for example), with a little baking soda to make sure you do not get infected again.

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