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Angélica Quijano


Social communicator and journalist. She has specialized in digital marketing and strategic communication. She has worked as a creator of advertising campaigns, commercial executive, digital producer, content manager, and professional writer. She is currently exploring all these facets in various projects with companies.

About the author

Angélica Quijano is a professional in Social Communication and Journalism with a degree from the Institución Universitaria Politécnico Grancolombiano, in Bogotá, with a diploma in Communication Management from the same institution. In addition, she has a Master's degree in Communication Business Management from the EAE Business School in Madrid.

She has extensive experience in content management, digital marketing, production and management of digital projects, and strategic communication. She has worked as a commercial executive at Ennovva, a Producer for Nokia, a digital producer for Casa Editorial El Tiempo, and head of digital marketing at Tigo Colombia and CX Regional Strategy Architex for Findasense.

As a member of the El Tiempo team, she had very prominent participation in the journalistic special '4 Years to Save the Water of Bogotá', winner of the King of Spain Award, in the category of Digital Journalism, in 2012.

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