Aluminum Foil Beauty Tips for Your Hair

Aluminum foil is often used as a wrapper for various food and cosmetic items.
Aluminum Foil Beauty Tips for Your Hair
Karla Henríquez

Reviewed and approved by the doctor Karla Henríquez.

Written by Ángela Aragón

Last update: 30 May, 2022

Aluminum foil is an object many people use. It’s used in the kitchen to cover and store foods or various utensils. However, it’s also been widely used in the world of aesthetics.

Now, this object not only serves to separate your hair when you’re going to apply a dye or bleach your hair. To prove it, below, we’ll comment on a few other uses.

One side of aluminum foil sheets is brighter (reflective) than the other, which is usually more matte.

Let’s talk about aluminum foil

Aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil has become a staple in kitchens for decades due to its ability to retain heat and durability. However, you can also use it for aesthetic reasons.

In fact, it’s often used to shape and embellish hairstyles made with heat instruments, rolls, and the like. This is because:

  • It’s a great insulator and a way to keep the products that you apply separate from one another.
  • It conserves heatwhich is perfect to make hair products work.
  • It’s resistant and can be reused several times without becoming damaged.
  • It helps to shape hair, allowing you to achieve different types of hairstyles (wavy, curly, straight, etc.).
  • It helps divide your hair into sections and apply different products to each of them (such as dyes of different colors, for example).

Uses of aluminum foil for your hair

aluminum foil beauty tips for your hair

Here are some examples on how to use this very important element in your home.

Use it to curl your hair

  • All you need is a curling iron for your hair and 9-inch long sheets of aluminum foil. The number of sheets depends on the how much hair you have and how thick it is. In general, up to 6 is fine, but if you think you’ll need more, cut 8-10.
  • Stack the aluminum foil in a pile and cut the pieces into 4 equal parts.  Later, separate the tresses that you want to curl from the ones you don’t want to curl.
  • Put hairspray on the locks that you’re going to curl and wait a few minutes
  • Roll them one by one and wrap them in the aluminum foil.
  • Use your curling iron on high heat. Then, wait until the foil cools and enjoy your curls!
  • Also, if you spray your hair again, we guarantee that your curls will stay in for a long time.

Color your hair faster

When your hair warms up in the foil, the cuticle opens up and the coloring occurs much faster. But since it’s complicated, it’s best to let a professional teach you how to do it first.

It can help accelerate hair mask absorption

Hair uses of aluminum foil.

If you have dry hair with a dull appearance, a hair mask can be a huge help. Once you’ve applied it from the roots to the tips, place the dull side of the foil over your head for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the foil and wash your hair like you normally would. The shine and softness that you get with this treatment are indescribable.

To apply different color dyes

If you want to make strands of various colors with dyes, you can use the aluminum foil to divide your hair into sections and, thus, have more control of where to apply each color you like.

To improvise wave and curler tools

If you don’t have foam rolls or cylinders on hand to make waves and curls, don’t worry. With some aluminum foil, you can make a few. You just have to take a sheet of aluminum foil, place a napkin rolled up in the shape of a cylinder inside it, and proceed to roll the aluminum foil over it.

As you can see, aluminum foil is a tool that you can use in different ways, depending on your imagination and needs. Of course, the beauty industry is still investigating what other uses can be given to this product to fully exploit its qualities and achieve great results.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.