6 Rules For Keeping Your Breasts Firm

· June 21, 2017
To have nice, firm breasts, it takes a good diet along with some specialized exercises. It is also a very good idea to watch your posture.

The chest is one of the areas that women are most concerned about looking great. You can keep your breasts firm without much effort just by following these basic rules.

All you need is consistency and these simple things to keep in mind.

1. Take a cold shower

Showering with cold water could be just what you need, since it keeps your skin firm and tight.

However, if it’s too hard for you to get into this habit in the winter, try this:

  • A few ice cubes or cold compress applied to your bust will also work. This trick will have the same effect as cold water on your skin.

2. Your posture is fundamental

Your posture is the foundation for firm-looking breasts. Don’t forget about it!

When you hunch your back, besides visually reducing the size of your bust, you’re also relaxing the muscles in the area and getting them used to this bad habit.

It is best to keep your shoulders back This is the best posture for your muscles as well as for your appearance.

3. Wear a properly-fitting bra

It is not uncommon for women to be wearing the wrong-sized bra. However, it’s essential to find one that really fits your breasts perfectly and supports them without being too tight.

  • Remember that even if a bra lifts your bust and creates a sexy bust line, if it is too tight, it is actually harmful to your breasts.
  • Besides being uncomfortable, it interrupts blood flow, so opt out.

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4. Get better posture with exercise

Having good posture when you exercise is also very important.

Any kind of exercise is good for your figure and your overall health, but it can be counterproductive for your bust if you don’t do it properly.

  • Keep in mind that abrupt movements cause damage in sensitive tissue.
  • So the first thing to do is to wear appropriate exercise clothes and of course, never go for a run without the right sports bra.
  • Don’t forget to watch your posture, too.

5. Be careful in the sun

While the relationship between getting too much sun and keeping your breasts firm may not be obvious, it does exist.

Being in the sun too much, especially without using sunscreen, can cause dry skin and a loss of elasticity.

Therefore it is recommended to always wear sun protection and forgo topless tanning if you want to keep your bust firm.

6. Do exercises

There are certain exercises you can do to help keep or even get back firm breasts. Here are a few of them:

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A variation of the backbend, this is a yoga pose that stretches your chest, spine, and neck.

It will help with fatigue and relieve headaches.

How do I do it?

  • Lay down face up and open your legs so that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • Inhale and stretch back as far as you can as you open your arms, neck, chest, abdomen, hips, and legs.
  • Place your hands under your head with your fingers pointing to your glutes. When you exhale, lift your chest and hips as high as you can.
  • Try to straighten your arms and hold the position for 30 seconds.


Also known as camel pose, this one helps in a similar way to the back bend and will be a big help in relieving back pain as well as increasing lung capacity and strengthening your chest.

How do I do it?

  • Kneel with your feet together.
  • Arch your back and put your hands on your heels. Do this slowly to avoid any injury.
  • As you arch your back, stretch your rib area. Remember to keep your head facing down.
  • For this exercise to be most effective, hold for 30 seconds.