25 Keys to Losing Weight without Suffering

· December 14, 2014

Here are 25 very easy keys to losing weight without suffering, i.e. without sacrificing delicious food or going hungry. You surely know some of them, but others will surprise you. Eating certain foods, changing the way you eat, or avoiding certain combinations will allow you to lose weight healthily and long-term.


25 Keys to Losing Weight

  1. Chew your food well to ease digestion and satisfy yourself before. It is proven that you are hungry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Drink water outside of meals to help your body eliminate toxins. If you drink a glass of water before beginning to eat you will also not have as bad as a food craving.
  3. Eat fiber-rich food: fruit, nuts, vegetables, brown rice, etc. Fiber is very healthy and helps eliminate what your body does not need.
  4. Avoid white sugar and substitute it with stevia, which does not have any calories. You should always be aware of the foods or drinks that hide large amounts of sugar like pastries or carbonated beverages.
  5. Drink teas like green or red tea, which help burn fat and prevent fluid retention.
  6. Avoid salt, which causes fluid retention. Eat it in small quantities, and use spices like garlic, lemon, vinegar, and onion to season food.
  7. Eating complete breakfasts will help you have energy all day and not snack between meals. Choose fruit, toast, shakes, nuts, etc.
  8. Eat light dinners, because whatever you eat after 8 at night is not burnt and will also damage your liver, can cause insomnia, constipation, etc.
  9. Snack on fruit which is rich in fiber and water, low in calories, and is very satisfying.
  10. Eat fruit and nuts in small quantities to prevent constipation. Although they are high in calories, you can eat a handful a day.
  11. Regularly eat vegetable purees, as they are very satisfying and healthy. You can even add seaweed to them, which will increases the satisfaction and provide you with a lot of minerals.
  12. Don’t follow diets low in calories or rich in protein because they harm your health and have a ricochet effect in the end. You have to find a balance between fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, animal protein, etc.
  13. Eat pineapple and papaya on an empty stomach because both help eliminate fluids and cleanse the body.
  14. Don’t eat fried or precooked food because they contain large amounts of unhealthy fats. If you have no other alternative, eat them in small quantities. You can also mix them in salads or vegetables and a digestive infusion.
  15. Don’t abuse any food, especially those that you know don’t make you feel good. You should also avoid the ‘artichoke diet”, the “pear diet”, etc. Every food has its benefits and it’s best to consume them moderately.
  16. Try to cook your own food and avoid eating out, which tends to be higher in calories and less healthy.
  17. Don’t eat in front of the television, when you are talking too much or are worried, as you tend to eat more than you need and it can cause poor digestion.
  18. Never be full from your meals. Leave a little bit of a hunger feeling that will disappear after a few minutes.
  19. Don’t eat desserts at every meal. It’s better to eat sweets every once in awhile and outside of meals. You will digest them better and taste them more as a result.
  20. Don’t eat fruit in your dessert, because it makes digestion more difficult. It is better to eat it a mid morning or mid afternoon. You can eat apples and pears, which are considered neutral.
  21. Drinking ginseng for a couple of weeks will help activate your metabolism and burn more calories.
  22. Don’t abuse grains or dairy products as there are many people that don’t digest them well and this causes fat deposits in your body.
  23. Exercise regularly, at least three times a week.
  24. Becoming accustomed to going up the stairs instead of using the elevator is an easy way to exercise everyday.
  25. Don’t give so much importance to food, enjoy it peacefully. It is important to eat healthy, but if it turns into an obsession it will affect your balance and will be much more difficult to maintain an ideal weight.


Images courtesy of diekatrin and relaxinmusic