What Your Eye Color Says About You

Beyond highlighting our attractiveness or lack of, it's believed that your eye color can determine your personality, abilities, and even the possibilities you have of suffering certain ailments.
What Your Eye Color Says About You

Written by Lorena González

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Are your eyes blue, green, brown, or black? It’s believed that, as with personality, your eye color can reveal more about you than you think.

Research has been conducted to suggest that eye color says a lot about a person’s personality. If you want to know more, take a look at the information we detail below.

Is it true that eyes can speak of a person’s personality?

Your eye color says a lot about you

An investigation conducted at Örebro University (Sweden) with 428 people aimed to verify whether personality is related to the iris of the eye. They found that eye color is affected by the same genes that make up the frontal lobes.

Certain behaviors repeat more in people with a certain type of color. All this is studied by iridology, an alternative medicine technique considered pseudo-therapy that investigates the iris of the eyes.

Through its lesions, spots, lines, and color variations, it allows to know some aspects of the physical, emotional, and mental state of a person. It’s also believed that they can show certain predispositions to suffer certain health problems.

Curiosities of eye color

A University of Pittsburgh study presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the American Pain Society ensures that women with light eyes experience less pain when giving birth, compared to women with dark eyes.
Other research suggests that people with dark eyes need less alcohol to get drunk than those with light eyes, among other curiosities. The reason? Melanin. It doesn’t only makes them more susceptible to alcohol but also helps to increase the reaction time in the brain.

What color are your eyes?

According to iridology, some parameters such as eye color can predict personality and even if the person is prone to some diseases. However, it should be considered a curiosity, since no conclusive scientific data supports this information.

Dark brown

Do you have very dark brown, almost black, eyes? It’s believed that people with this eye color are often considered leaders who make firm decisions and have a strong character. They’re people who pursue their goals. They tend to be successful and don’t take “no” for an answer.

Brown and light brown

A woman with brown eyes.

People with brown eyes are characterized by being very intuitive:
  • They tend to make decisions based on emotions.
  • They’re dreamy, visionary, and creative but hate administrative responsibilities.
  • Finally, they enjoy good food and they like to attract attention.

People with light brown eyes are believed to be more sensitive. Emotion prevails over logic. People with this eye color like working in teams and often act by intuition. Afterward, they justify themselves with logical explanations.

On the other hand, eye color influences the perception that others have about other people. According to research that showed facial photographs of 40 female and 40 male students, brown-eyed people were perceived as more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones.

Green eyes

A woman with green eyes.

Although there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence to support this, it’s believed that people with green eyes have a personality that’s a mixture of logic and emotion.

  • They’re usually people who become the protagonists wherever they go, controlling everything and everyone.
  • They have moody outbursts and their character ranges from euphoria to rapid depression.
  • Also, they tend to hate daily routine.

Olive eyes

People with olive eyes are quite impulsive. However, logic always predominates in them.

  • Their reactions are faster. Therefore, they’re better suited to jobs that require instant decisions.
  • They have a great need for human relationships.
  • They’re competitive in sports and they’re often leaders in business.


Bluish-green eye color is a sign of responsibility. For this reason, those who have them tend to develop in jobs or studies related to engineering, mathematics, politics, or social activities. They’re impulsive and very hardworking people.


People with greish-blue eyes are usually quite calm people. Broadly speaking, they’re very similar to those with blue eyes, especially in their inability to admit mistakes.

Gray-blue-eyed people are compassionate but may have fits of anger.

Light blue

These people don’t get carried away by impulses. Instead, their intellect predominates in them.

  • Logic determines what they think or do. Therefore, they only accept what they can prove with facts or numbers.
  • This color is usually associated with people who don’t allow their emotions to control them.

Is it true that eye color reflects personality?

The eyes are said to be the reflection of the soul. But can they also be a reflection of a person’s personality? As we discussed at the beginning of this article, iridology is a pseudoscience. Thus, it isn’t backed by science.

Many of the studies and tests have been conducted on a limited number of people. Thus, they aren’t safe either. In addition, the personality of a person is influenced by many factors, such as experience or the environment that surrounds them from birth.

These are aspects that can vary greatly from one person to another. Thus, it’s almost impossible for those who have the same eye color to also have similar personalities. Don’t forget that it isn’t a science, so it should be considered curiosity rather than fact.

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