What Your Eye Color Says About You

· April 25, 2017
Your eyes say more about you than you think. Did you know your eye color can help determine your personality, your aptitudes, and even the kind of pain you suffer? Learn more in this article.

Much like your personality, your eye color can also reveal more about you than you think.

If you don’t believe this, keep reading. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything that your eye color can say about you.

At the 33rd annual convention of the American Association for Psychological Science (APS), they determined that women who have light-colored eyes experience less pain in childbirth compared with women who have dark eyes.

In addition, they discovered that people with dark eyes need less alcohol to become intoxicated than people with light colored eyes.  This is among many other curious differences between eye colors.  The reason?  It’s all about the melanin.

It’s not only that melanin makes them more susceptible to alcohol, but it also helps speed up brain reaction time.

428 people were tested in a study at the University of Orebro in Sweden to find out if personality is related to the color of the iris of the eye.

They discovered that, in fact, the color of our eyes is determined by the same genes that are responsible for forming our frontal lobes.

This means that certain eye colors determine behavior.  Therefore, looking at the eyes of someone is like seeing part of their brain.

This study is called iridology, a science that researches eye color.

By means of looking at lesions, spots, lines and variations of color, we can discover some physical aspects, emotional traits,  and even mental states of the person. 

We can also find out certain predispositions to the health issues.

Dark Brown

If you have very dark brown, almost black, eyes you should know that you are a person who tends to reach their objectives.

Your decisions are firm and you have a strong character.  You are successful and do not accept “no” for an answer.

Brown and light brown

People with brown eyes tend to be very intuitive.

  • They tend to make decisions based on emotions.
  • They are dreamers, visionaries, and creative, but hate administrative responsibilities.
  • These individuals like good food and like to call attention to themselves.

In case your eyes happen to be light brown, then you should know that you are more sensitive than you might like. Emotions rule over logic.

People with this eye color have a great ability to work in a team and tend to act on intuition.  Later they justify this with logic.  They also are successful in having important positions in leadership because of their ability to think big.

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Green eyes

People with green eyes have a personality that is both logical and emotional. Beause of this, their reactions are split between emotions and logic.They tend to be people who turn into leaders wherever they go, controlling everything and everyone.

They tend to be people who turn into leaders wherever they go, controlling everything and everyone.

  • They tend to have fits of rage and their personality varies from euphoric to depressed very quickly.
  • In addition, they hate having a daily routine.

Olive colored eyes

People with olive eyes are fairly impulsive, but always end up being logical.

  • Their reactions are faster, and  because of this they adapt well to work that requires instant decisions.
  • They have a great need for human relations.
  • They are competitive in sports and tend to be leaders.

Blue Green eyes

  • This color is a sign of responsibility.
  • Due to this,  these people tend to end up in positions related to engineering, mathematics, politics, or social activities.
  • Though they can be impulsive, they are very hard workers.

Grayish blue eyes

People with grayish blue eyes tend to be fairly calm individuals with prominent features.  They are very much like people with blue eyes, particularly in their inability to admit mistakes.

They are compassionate, but they do have bouts of anger that you should be ready for.

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Light blue eyes

These are people who do not go by their impulses very easily, but on the contrary.  Their intellect influences their decisions.

  • Logic determines what they think or do. Because of this, they only accept what they can prove with facts and numbers.
  • This color habitually is associated with people who are controlled by their own emotions.