What Is Your Metabolic Age and How Can You Improve It?

Have you ever wondered what your metabolic age is? Do you act like you're 60 even though you're only 40? It's time to find out how to improve it.
What Is Your Metabolic Age and How Can You Improve It?
Isbelia Esther Farías López

Written and verified by the philosopher Isbelia Esther Farías López.

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Metabolic age represents the real health status of your body. This can differ considerably from your biological age, therefore they won’t necessarily be the same.

Sometimes, you may look in the mirror and say things to yourself like, “I look a lot older than I am.” However, few people do anything about it.

Similarly, maybe you think you’ve already done everything you could when, in reality, there are still very simple strategies that you could put in practice.

On the other hand, when you attend a social gathering, you may notice that your friend from school still has the same cheerful spirit and appears healthy and glowing.

Then you may ask yourself: how is it possible that time doesn’t affect some people? 

You can find all of the answers in one place: your metabolic age.

How to Calculate Your Metabolic Age

metabolic age

Generally, a health professional can calculate it during a medical evaluation. We recommend that you go with what your doctor says, in place of what your personal trainers at the gym might say (who also offer to calculate your metabolic age as one of their services).

However, you can also do this calculation, approximately, if you have the following data available to you:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Waist circumference
  • Weight and Body Mass Index

Once you have all of the data, you can use a metabolic age calculator that is available online. Be careful! Remember that the data from these calculations are approximate. Only your doctor can give you a certain answer.

What the calculator does is compare the basal metabolism of the person with the average metabolism of the person’s age group and similar physical conditions.

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What is Your Basal Metabolism?

Your basal metabolism is an indicator of the energy that your body wastes while it is at rest. It is directly related to the calories that you should eat to face this energy waste.

“We eat exactly the same, but I gain enough weight for the both of us.”

Many people usually make this comment, and it’s not just a feeling. This happens because you have different basal metabolisms.
There are people who digest food more quickly than others and they release energy better. The reason for this is because those that have higher Body Mass Indexes have higher energy exertion, and this boosts their metabolism.

What Factors Influence It?

What Factors Influence It?
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Musculature
  • Family genetics
  • Diet and metabolism
  • Conditions related to your thyroid
  • Frequency that you do physical activities

All of these factors can influence your metabolic age, but they aren’t an excuse to stop you from improving yourself like you need to.

How Does Knowing Our Metabolic Age Help Us?

Being aware of your metabolic age helps you to take control of your health. You should aim for it to be equal to or less than your chronological age. Know that in good shape, your body can:

  • Improve your condition and physical aspect.
  • Plan future actions to improve your metabolism.
  • Know the amount of calories you should consume each day to be healthy.
  • Take the reins of your life if you want to be healthy for a long time.
  • Prevent future sicknesses caused by excess fat or muscle loss.

Can You Reduce Your Metabolic Age?

The answer is YES. 

The first step is to make the decision. To begin to obtain improvements in your body’s health, you must first change a few of the habits in your life.

Willpower is a key factor in this undertaking. The plan to rejuvenate your body includes three key aspects that are very easy to improve in a short amount of time.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Following a daily workout routine favors your metabolism because it develops your musculature and generates a greater expenditure of energy.

Exercising at least 30 minutes per day helps reduce your metabolical age and have a healthier appearance. 

Additionally, you burn calories during a workout. It’s important to include walking, some aerobic activities, and also weight lifting exercises.

A Balanced Diet

It’s important to forget about fried foods and junk food. You have to find healthy foods and increase your consumption of vegetables, lean meats, grains, and protein.

Having an established daily food schedule, and not skipping meals, is also fundamental. It’s also recommended to drink enough water to stay hydrated and boost your metabolism.

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Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Your body needs enough hours of rest in order to function properly. There are some measures you can take to get more rest and have a better quality of sleep, such as:
  1. Take a hot bath or shower.
  2. Drink a hot tea before bed.
  3. Clear your mind through reading.
  4. Do some yoga poses that help induce relaxation and, therefore, sleep.

If you follow these three factors, you’ll start to notice changes quickly. Your body will start to feel younger and your health will improve significantly.

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