What Is the Best Kind of Mineral Water?

January 23, 2019
When choosing a kind of mineral water, we should keep several of our personal characteristics in mind and opt for the water that best meets our needs and doesn't end up being harmful for us

The best kind of water to drink contains a low mineral content. According to the specialists, drinking water should contain low levels of minerals and salts. However, we should be aware that there are several kinds of mineral water available in the market.

Water makes up 70% of the human body. Naturally, drinking water is vital for keeping it hydrated and working properly. Severe dehydration can bring about consequences for the body and the brain.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best types of drinking water.

 Variations in water consumption recommendations

mineral water

First of all, women should consume between 2 to 2.5 liters of water each day, while men should aim for 3 liters or more. Children should consume more water as they grow older. However, 10-year-olds should already be drinking 1.5 liters daily.

In order to better absorb nutrients, we should drink mineral water warm, at room temperature. Cold water can cause stomach irritation.

At the same time, we should avoid substituting water with other beverages.

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Types of mineral water

Concepts of mineral water

Mineral water is any kind of bottled water. However, there are 3 basic definitions:

  • Natural mineral water. This type of mineral water comes from natural sources that are micro-biologically healthy. It doesn’t undergo any kind of purification treatment. On the contrary, it’s bottled just as it’s sourced.
  • Spring water. This kind of water comes from underground sources. Generally, spring water emerges naturally on the earth’s surface. It’s safe to drink immediately without undergoing any kind of treatment.
  • Prepared water. This kind of water receives some kind of chemical intervention in order to be apt for human consumption. Because it can come from anywhere, it requires treatment in order to meet sanitation requirements.
  • Carbonated water. This type of water contains high concentrations of carbon dioxide, naturally or with treatment.

Types of bottled mineral water

Types of bottled mineral water

Overall, there are a wide range of mineral water brands on the market today. Each one states the mineral contents that are present in the water.

Knowing the kinds of water available allows us to know which is the best water to drink for our body.

Mineral water with low mineral content

This kind of water contains low levels of magnesium and calcium. It’s recommendable for babies and patients with kidney problems. Due to the low mineral content, it’s easier for the body to process salts.

Water with high mineral content

This type of water contains calcium and magnesium residues. The result is a water with a high salt concentration that’s unsuitable for people with kidney problems.

Low-sodium water

This kind of water is more recommendable for people with kidney and high-blood pressure complications. It also is suitable for patients with cardiac or liquid retention problems.

Bicarbonate water

Often referred to as carbonated water, it has a high bicarbonate concentration. It aids in digestion thanks to its effervescence effect. Bicarbonate water also relieves acid.

High-sodium water

Unlike, low-sodium water, this type of water has a high salinity. It’s apt for professional athletes in order to recover their bodies after matches.

Water with sulfate

Sometimes referred to as well water, it contains more than 200 mg of sulfate. Despite the off-putting smell, it benefits the skin with its regenerative effects.

Chalybeate water

Also known as ferruginous water, this water contains high amounts of iron. It’s recommendable for people with anemia or low iron levels.

Hard water

This kind of water has a high calcium content. It’s recommendable for children, the elderly and pregnant women. It helps the body reabsorb calcium.

Magnesium-rich water

This can be very useful for its laxative properties. It also boasts anti-stress effects and helps muscles recover after intense physical activities.

Some specialists support that drinking magnesium-rich water reduces cholesterol.

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Why it’s so important to drink mineral water

Why it's so important to drink mineral water

The human body requires certain amounts of water in order to function correctly. Drinking enough water benefits the heart. In addition, it helps prevent heart attacks by keeping the arteries healthy.

Another important reason is that water carries oxygen to the brain. By doing so, it helps the brain work properly and perform better.

Furthermore, drinking mineral water boosts your metabolism and keeps your body in shape.

On a final note, mineral water prevents dehydration that causes fatigue and weakness.

We can’t forget that severe dehydration can lead to irreversible kidney damage. As a result, dehydration can affect the body’s other organs, as well.