8 Ways to Use Old Tires

Old tires can be used to create different decorative pieces for the home. Do you want to try? Discover 8 interesting ideas.
8 Ways to Use Old Tires

Last update: 11 June, 2022

Old tires are items that have a lot of potential. It all depends on your ingenuity and ability to imagine what they could become.

Tires are made of a resistant material (elastic polymer) more commonly known as “rubber.” Therefore, although they might be worn out and not usable for vehicles anymore, old tires can still be useful for other things.

Rubber is a material that can be natural or synthetic. The natural one is that which is extracted from Hevea trees, originally in South America, or that is obtained from the latex of plants. The synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum.

Due to its elasticity and impermeability, it’s a very utilized element in industry. In fact, upon recognizing its versatility and durability, they’ve begun to recycle it and use it as raw material for many other products.

Could it be used again for the home? Of course it can! Actually, it has more than one use. With the goal to reduce pollution that’s caused when they’re not used for vehicles, there are hundreds of ideas out there to reuse them at home.

The Best Ideas to Utilize Old Tires

In reality, there are many methods to recycle old tires. The most common way is to grind it up, cut it, and tear the pieces in order to make it into:

  • Highways
  • Rugs
  • Synthetic grass
  • Playgrounds
  • Running tracks
  • Protective pads for boats

However, considering the fact that many people already have some of these in their homes, there’s another series of ideas that you could enjoy as well, without having to tear and grind up the tires. Ready to put them to practice? Bring your creativity to the next level!

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1. Swings

reuse old tires

Do you want something fun at home without spending too much money? An interesting idea consists of converting these old tires into swings for children.

Buy a rope in whatever color you’d like and paint the tires with spray paint. Then, put then in the backyard on a thick tree so that it’s sufficiently resistant and safe. As an additional measure, we recommend that you cover the interior with a fabric so that when you sit on it, it doesn’t directly touch your skin.

2. Sandbox

For the kids that are too small for the swing, you can carry out a different creative idea for them to play in. What do you think about a sandbox?

This sandbox is very easy to make. All you have to do is wash, dry, and paint the old tires whatever you’d like. Then, fill them with sand and put it in the shade. Surely this sandbox will become your child’s favorite spot.

3. Planters


Because of their shapes and sizes, old tires are excellent pieces to decorate the outsides of gardens. Above all, because they’re very durable, water doesn’t damage them and they’re perfect for cultivating various species of plants.

Take some spray paint of your favorite colors and paint your new planters. If you want, leave them their original color and plant things inside them.

4. Mirror Frame

An old tire from a car isn’t the best option for a pretty mirror. However, the thin tires from a bicycle could easily be used for this interesting craft. 

Simply wash and try the tire. Then, you can use a layer of transparent varnish so that the blackness of the tire shines.

You can also spray paint it gold, bronze, or any other color. You should then look for a mirror that fits inside it, attach it, and it’s done.

To attach them well, you can add various dots of industrial glue to the inside of the tire.

5. Pet Bed

Pet Bed

Spending lots of money isn’t necessary to have a great bed for your pet. Old tires offer the perfect shape to make a welcoming and beautiful bed. To make it, all you need to do is fill the inside of the tire with a pillow. Decorate it however you’d like.

6. Trash Can

Joining together various old tires can make a nice trash can. Of course, its looks may vary depending on your level of creativity.

The basic idea consists of stacking three tires, one on top of the other, in a way that leaves a deep bin. Then, to make it easier to take out the trash, place a trash bag on the inside.

7. Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Coffee Table

This decoration made with old tires is very stylish. Certainly, many people reuse this material to make their furniture and tables prettier for their garden or terrace. 

Put one tire on top of the other and paint them as you please. Then, put a top on it (made of plastic, wood, or any other material you want) to complete your table.

8. Outdoor Sofas

To enjoy family reunions in your garden or outdoor space, you can make some comfy couches with old recycled tires.

Join together various pieces, depending on the amount of sofas that you want to make. Generally, you would use two for each one. Paint them however you’d like and fill them with pillows.

As you may have noticed, old tires are not garbage. There are many ways to convert them into useful and decorative objects. Get excited to make your very own creations!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.