Ways to Keep Fitted Sheets from Slipping

We all would like to know how to keep the bed sheets tight. Not only because the bed looks untidy, but because it's uncomfortable and exposes the mattress to stains and dirt. Here's how to say goodbye to this problem!
Ways to Keep Fitted Sheets from Slipping

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Today’s article will describe how to keep fitted sheets from slipping. Solving this problem will literally help you sleep at night!

It’s no exaggeration – you know at least one of your eyelids opens every time one of the corners comes loose. This can happen for many reasons: you didn’t choose the right size or perhaps it was the manufacturer’s lack of experience.

Dressing a bed is an old system. In fact, some research outlined the various ways of doing it according to a period of time and its culture. Thus, having a bed always perfectly made up isn’t new.

Getting up and seeing a naked mattress makes more than one person flinch. Just thinking that the alarm clock rang late and, in addition to running to get ready, you must stop to adjust every corner of the sheet is actually quite stressful.

Choose the right fitted sheets for your bed

Before we delve into ways to keep the sheets from shifting, you must learn how to choose the right ones for your bed. Believe it or not, a huge part of the solution is in the details.


This is the most important thing to consider when selecting sheets. Indeed, there’s a great variety, but here are the most common ones:

  • Linen is ideal for warm places, as it’s fresh and breathable. The downside is it wrinkles quite a lot.
  • Pima cotton is soft, shiny, and affordable when compared to Egyptian cotton. Studies have determined that cotton has a long shelf life in any of its presentations.
  • Egyptian cotton is of high quality and thus pricey. However, your sheets will last a long time.
  • Silk is soft, shiny, and highly resistant, although it wrinkles easily if you don’t properly fasten it.
  • Synthetic fibers are a good option as long as you verify they don’t exceed 50% of the total composition. It’s an economical and durable material, but not very soft.
An unmade bed.
Messy sheets upset more than one person and make it hard top rest at night.

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The fabric indicates how the fibers of your sheet are interwoven. One of the most popular is percale, its threads are interwoven alternately lengthwise and widthwise. Also, there’s satin, tightly woven and soft to the touch with four threads interwoven widthwise and one lengthwise. Finally, there’s flannel and its honeycomb-like texture.


This is important when you need to compare softness. It refers to the number of threads in each square inch of the sheet. The more threads in this measurement, the softer your bedding will be.

Size of the fitted sheets

This is the most important tip as the fit of the sheet to your mattress will depend on it. Thus, you must identify the right size.

Keep in mind that fitted sheets should have the same size as the mattress, while the top sheets are wider.

Here’s a simple guide of top sheet measurements:

  • 35 to 42 inches: 63 inches wide
  • 59 to 63 inches: 96 inches wide
  • 79 inches: 115 inches wide

Ways to keep fitted sheets on the bed

Now we’ll tell you about the different ways to keep your sheets from slipping off.

Elastic bands

Fortunately, the market has been able to respond to our needs, including the sheet dilemma. Elastic bands are an excellent alternative.

Simply place them on the top and bottom of the mattress and then tuck the sheets in as usual. These bands come with buttons you must button after placing them, thus ensuring the grip. They’re quite easy to use.

Corner straps are great for fitted sheets

These are a great option and some have hooks to hold the corners of the sheets at the ends. You could also make them yourself, all you need is a piece of elastic and some safety pins to fasten the pieces.

Try anti-slip pads

There are also non-skid pads you can use at every corner of the mattress and underneath the sheets. These provide adhesion to the fabric and secure the sheets in place. Foam rubber also works.

A multi-drawer bed.
The way you make a bed is a determining factor in keeping the sheets from slipping off.

Safety pins or hooks

This method is particularly useful if you don’t have children around. It consists of fixing the corners of the sheets with safety pins (children may try to remove them and puncture themselves). You can even mix this method with another one that helps you fasten the top sheet as well.

Use zippered sheets

This method is the easiest and also childproof. In fact, stay calm and buy some zippered or drawstring sheets if you’ve tried the above methods and none of them work.

Keeping fitted sheets on the bed is easy!

As you may have noticed, keeping sheets from slipping off is easy and there are multiple ways to do it. It all depends on your budget or time to buy what you need.

You can try anything else you have at home based on these ideas. Your imagination is the best ally you can have when it comes to your comfort!

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