11 Signs That You're an Old Soul

According to Taoists, your soul is on its last journey on earth after five reincarnations and ready to share its knowledge with those around it.
11 Signs That You're an Old Soul

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 10 October, 2022

Have you ever heard the term “old soul”? Maybe someone has said you are but you didn’t know what they were talking about.

Or maybe you’ve read about it and you have questions. In this article, you’ll discover what an old soul is and if you fall into that category.

What’s an old soul?

The concept of being an old soul has its origin in Taoism. According to their belief system, an old soul is someone who’s already gone through five lives and accumulated the many experiences they’re now trying to communicate in the present.

That’s because Taoists believe that after five reincarnations, this person is likely in their final life on earth.

In the following video, you can see an example of an old soul. One of the judges even uses those exact words to describe her.

For scholars on the spiritual condition, human beings are bodies made of bones and muscles. However, they also have a soul, a spirit and energy. When an old soul is in the final stage on earth, the need arises to share this knowledge with others.

This happens because, according to the Taoists, the earthly journey is now over and the souls are preparing to be part of the universe and reach an astral plane. They need to pass on their experiences and wisdom to others because they can’t take them with them.

Signs you’re an old soul

1. You don’t depend on external things for happiness.

Old souls don’t seek material or sexual pleasures. These people are satisfied with their lives as it is at any given moment. Furthermore, they don’t depend on external situations to be happy.

It’s easy to recognize why they don’t look for fame or recognition. For them, nothing is as valuable in the cosmic plane as being just the way they are.

2. You seek inner peace

If you’re an old soul, making money in order to have social status or climb the economic ladder matters little to you. You go against what makes others happy because you feel satisfied with what you do, even if it’s different.

Old souls look for inner peace. Because of this, it’s not unusual that they go in the opposite direction of what society dictates.

3. You’re an anchor or support for others

If you’re an old soul, it’s very common that people, without apparent notice, come to you to tell their personal problems.

This happens because those who come to you see a person they trust. You’re someone they can talk to because you inspire strength. A study from the National University of the Altiplano (Peru) found that trust is crucial for establishing good interpersonal communication that allows you to help others.

4. You’re unlike the rest of people

Old souls have a way of seeing things in a different way than others.  For example, they may have different habits and need a lot of time alone to be introspective. 

Also, they enjoy spending time with nature. These people are often mature beyond their chronological age.

5. You’re artistically inclined

In general, old souls are people dedicated to the arts, culture and humanities. They often participate in artistic activities for their own personal development. Meditation is something old souls are attracted to, whether or not they know about its benefits, which are many, according to a study by Dr. Pablo Arias Capdet.

  • They reach high levels of consciousness with music, which allows them the necessary relaxation to discover their most inner self
  • Through literature, they transmit messages
  • Finally, they express the human connection through painting

6. An old soul often has an affinity for past eras

It’s probable that you have a strange affinity for the clothing, the music, ways and traditions from another era.

Old souls feel often like they’ve lived in another time. and often feel out of place.

7. You’re wise beyond your years

People at work.

Is it difficult for you to interact and make friends with people of your own age? Do you feel like you can’t talk about anything interesting with them?

Do they see you as odd because your way of perceiving and analyzing does not fit in with theirs? This tends to be a problem when you’re an old soul.

8. One of your favorite activities is analysis

Old souls are constantly thinking and always analyzing reasons, causes, and the way things work. Any small detail is worth their attention because they know it’s part of the larger picture.

If you’re an old soul, you probably always want to know more and seldom accept a simple answer.

9. Empathy is one of your main characteristics when you’re an old soul

Another trait is that you listen to others’ opinions without judging or criticizing them.

A study from the University of Extremadura found that empathy is necessary for navigating the world and avoiding communication and trust problems.

You’re able to view things from another’s perspective and help them and understand what’s going on. This is something innate in you.

10. You can tell what a person is about immediately

Having an old soul means you’re able to easily decipher what a person is like.  Your instincts rarely fail you. Because of this, you know how sincere or trustworthy a person is very quickly.

You can make decisions based on “feelings” that let you know if you are going in the right direction or not. You’re rarely wrong.

11. You enjoy solitude

An old soul not only feels detachment from material things and recognition, but is comfortable alone and enjoys meditation and introspection. While they may be empathetic and supportive, these people don’t need people around to feel good.

Are you an old soul?

So, are you an old soul? Have you ever met someone who has all of these traits? If so, know that you or that person must be ready to take on a particular life mission, not just for themselves but for the lacommonrger good. Namaste!

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