Why Should You Turn Off Your Router at Night?

Electromagnetic radiation can cause many health problems, which is why you should turn off your router and other electronic devices at night.
Why Should You Turn Off Your Router at Night?

Last update: 30 May, 2022

New technologies have revolutionized the worl. It’s difficult to get an idea of ​​the scope of possibilities that their continuous development opens up on a daily basis. One of the ones that has had the most impact is wireless Internet connection, which is possible thanks to the WiFi router, which is increasingly present in more homes.

Internet connection is has become essential. It allows access to many other very useful tools.

For this reason, the WiFi router has become indispensable in homes, workplaces, educational centers, and many other places. They allow people to stay connected to take advantage of the opportunities Internet offers.

However, there are some disadvantages that many are unaware of that could be influencing health. Some experts classify it as the “silent enemy”, and their main argument is the radiation it emits.

In this article, we want to tell you about its dangers. We’ll also tell you what you can do to minimize your risks.

The hidden dangers of the wireless technology of the WiFi router

A router.

Numerous studies have documented the dangers of radiation emitted by mobile devices and the like. However,  most people ignore the subject entirely, or remain unaware of it. 

This type of technology was developed decades ago and is here to stay. It will, however, take a long time before we fully understand the influence it can have on the human body.

Since mobile phones have been around for a little longer, their effects have been analyzed in greater depth.

Several scientific investigations have been conducted on the impact of electromagnetic waves on brain activity. For example, one published by The International Journal of Neuroscience confirms that the waves emitted by cell phones cause changes in the functioning of the brain during wakefulness.

A public report known as Bioinitiative summarized around two thousand international research studies. These studies link long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation with the development of certain types of tumors. According to experts, they could be the cause of chronic headaches, hyperactivity, and poor quality of sleep

In fact, people who work around this type of equipment have strict safety regulations in place. These try to reduce the negative effects radiation can have on the body.

Concern is growing about children’s exposure to these devices as well. As they’re still developing, they’re particularly susceptible to damaging radiation. Several of the studies included in the cited study highligh this issue, and it’s also advisable to condition classrooms without wireless technology, prioritizing cable connections.

Steps to take to reduce the negative impact of WiFi

In order to reduce the negative impacts of this technology, there are several measures that you can take:

  • Turn off your router at night or when no one is using it.
  • If you have your device in your kitchen or bedroom, try to move it to an area that’s used less often.
  • Ask your network provider to install a cable connection, including the telephone. While cordless phones are more convenient, they too emit harmful radiation.
  • Use mobile devices and laptops only for limited periods of time. Avoid keeping them in your bedroom.

Daily exposure to electromagnetic waves

A woman using her cell phone in bed.

As of yet, there’s no reliable system of control in place to let consumers know about the dangers they’re exposed to with electromagnetic radiation. As we mentioned above, some technologies are fairly new and experts don’t yet know their long-term health effects.

The overexposure of almost everyone to these devices shouldn’t be ignored. There’s apparently not much we can do about this problem, at least in public spaces.

However, as you’ve already seen, you can take steps to reduce its impact, at least at home. This isn’t an insignificant step, since, after all, you probably spend much of the day at home.

In conclusion, as a consumer of this type of technology, you must be more cautious and responsible when using them. Although you can do thousands of things with them every day, their potential health consequences shouldn’t be ignored.

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