Home Remedies to Reduce Hemorrhoid Discomfort

Hemorrhoids are caused by a variety of factors and can happen to anyone, regardless of age. This ailment primarily affects people who have had long-term constipation, are obese, or have had frequent diarrhea.
Home Remedies to Reduce Hemorrhoid Discomfort
Ghina Safadi

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Last update: 12 May, 2022

One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is a lack of fiber. Improper nutrition combined with fatty foods is the main trigger for internal and external vein inflammation, leading to painful, uncomfortable hemorrhoids It’s a common problem , so we’re going to show you some home remedies to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort and help prevent them.

Home remedies to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are varicose veins near the anus. They can involve heavy bleeding and aren’t always easy to treat with home remedies. Both internal and external hemorrhoids can cause extraordinary amounts of pain and discomfort.

Dried figs
dried figs are a great way to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort

People have used figs for ages as a natural home remedy to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort.  They’re great for restoring intestinal flora and their seeds help prevent constipation (one of the main causes of hemorrhoids).

Here’s how you do it: take four figs and let soak in a glass of cold water overnight. Eat them the next morning and drink the water they were soaking in every day for at least two or three weeks.

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Mango seeds are an effective remedy for putting an end to hemorrhoids, especially ones that bleed.

Let the seeds dry in the sun, then grind them and make a mixture with the powder. To do that, mix a teaspoon of it with honey to form a paste. Once you’ve done that take a tablespoon of the paste at least three times every day for at least six months.

White radish
white radish for hemorrhoids

White radishes are a great home remedy for reducing discomfort from hemorrhoids, whether internal or external. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that you can have with salads, in a juice, or sweetened a bit with honey. You can also eat them every day without any problems.

To use it for external hemorrhoids, crush a few radishes and make a paste. You’ll use this to cover the anus and help put a natural end to this painful problem.


Ginger is a truly effective, easy-to-prepare natural remedy for hemorrhoids. E xtract some juice from a ginger root, add equal parts lemon juice, and take two or three times a day. You should continue with this treatment for as long as is takes to control the hemorrhoids.

So, why not try some home remedies if you need to reduce your hemorrhoid discomfort–you’ll be improving your overall health at the same time! Of course, as always, just make sure you talk to your doctor and keep them in the loop.

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