The Top 9 Anti-Depressant Foods

· April 15, 2015

Depression is a serious and unfortunately common disease that can cause a person to experience deep sadness, despondency, low self-esteem, and a loss in interest for life and social life. This disease is mainly a product of genetic factors, however the causes can also be due to the social and emotional life of a person.

There have been many studies done in regards to depression to find different treatments. Among the studies done, they have determined that there are certain naturally anti-depressant foods that help fight depression and anxiety and have very good reactions.

Below, we will tell you some of the anti-depressant foods that you can eat if you are feeling this way.


This food is formed mainly by sucrose that has not crystalized. It is rich in uridine, one of the units of DNA that is capable of boosting the energy forming process of cells in order to fight depression. However, we recommend eating molasses in a controlled way because it is a sugar.

Blue Fish


Fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, and anchovies are meat products with high contents of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are well-known for their properties and benefits for fighting heart disease by reducing the level of triglycerides and preventing blood clots from forming. In addition to this, this type of meat has been proven to help fight depression and stress, which is why it is highly recommended.

Sugared Beets

Beets that are used to get sugar from is the same as molasses, a food rich in a substance called uridine. Uridine increases the levels of cytidine in the brain, which is believed to affect dopamine, which is believed to be in charge of regulating mood.



Consuming soy has become popular thanks to the various studies that have shown that it is a food rich in a lot of dietary properties that are beneficial to your health. This vegetable protein comes from many products that allow the consumer to take advantage of its benefits and enjoy it without any problems. These products tend to be rich in amino acids, which are low in saturated fat and don’t contain cholesterol.

Soy contains omega-3 fatty acids that, besides having benefits for your cardiac health, are also great for fighting depression.



Walnuts are a huge source of alpha-linolenic acid, one of the components of omega-3 fatty acids. We recommend chewing walnuts to help fight depression. Their properties are beneficial for this problem and are also great for protecting your heart.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is characterized by having vitamins B1 and B3. It also contains folic acid and is a food with a low glycemic index. Because it is low in sugar, this rice stops your sugar from going low and the mood swings that result because of this.

Beer Yeast


This food is rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3. It also contains 16 amino acids that are very beneficial for strengthening your nervous system.


This food contains folic acid and vitamins B1 and B6. This helps the digestive system and also prevents your sugar from going low, which causes those strong mood swings and irritability.




A study by the American Association for Cancer Research states that this food is rich in vitamin C and folic acid, two properties that help prevent stress, different coronary diseases, and also various types of cancer.


This is one of the foods that is most well-known for its properties for fighting depression. Just like walnuts and molasses, this food contains selenium, which helps control moods, strengthens your brain, and fights signs of aging. You should not abuse this, but it has been shown that eating pure chocolate is very beneficial for your emotional and physical health.