Things You Should Know Before Doing the Lemon Diet

December 17, 2019
While you're doing the lemon diet, it's extremely important for you to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats so you don't weaken your body.

Have you ever heard about the lemon diet? Characterized by its unique aroma and acid flavor, the lemon is recognized as one of the most versatile fruits in the world. Thanks to its components and properties, it has endless uses.

It’s perfect for improving skin health or maintaining household surfaces impeccable. It also helps optimize health without causing side effects or unwanted surprises.

Here, we’re going to share lemon’s slimming properties. In addition, we’re also going to explain what the lemon diet consists of.

How to Do the Lemon Diet

This diet has become one of the most popular because it provides fast results with minimal effort. However, it’s important to note that many people resort to it because they want fast results, not lasting ones.

You shouldn’t follow the lemon diet for a long time. Although lemon has tremendous health benefits, anything in excess can be harmful.

Since lemon is a natural diuretic, this diet helps rid the body of toxins and unnecessary fluids. You can only do the lemon diet for five to seven days. This way, your body won’t start deteriorating by the abrupt change in calorie intake and increased consumption of this fruit.

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Things You Should Do Before Starting this Diet

the lemon diet

If you want to start the lemon diet,it’s important to first consult a doctor or nutritionist. This way, you can make sure your body can achieve the desired results and that you won’t end up in the emergency room.

You can find many ways to do this diet online. The most famous lemon diet is the one that lasts for seven days. As we already mentioned, it’s important that you don’t do it for too long. Also, you should try to combine it with a balanced diet.

Don’t Drink Lemon Juice on its Own

During the lemon diet, you have to drink six glasses of lemon juice a day. It’s important to accompany this juice intake with supplements such as plain yogurt, fruit or cereal bars.

In addition, you have to make sure to eat protein such as chicken or boiled eggs and, of course, fruits and vegetables. You shouldn’t overdo it and it’s important that you distribute the glasses of juice throughout breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

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Allowed and Forbidden Foods

the lemon diet

If you’re going to do the lemon diet, it’s very important that you consume enough fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. In turn, avoid eating or just completely cut off junk food, very sugary drinks, or energy drinks.

It’s relatively simple to eat healthily while following this diet. If you don’t have healthy habits, now is a great time to start.


The lemon diet has many benefits. This fruit improves and stabilizes the digestive system, thus improving intestinal transit. This is why it may help you lose a few pounds quickly.

Lemon also helps hydrate the body. Since you primarily consume water during this diet, it may help prevent dry skin and lack of elasticity issues.

Vitamin C has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, you may soon notice water retention relief. This is complemented by the fact that lemon also boosts the immune system.


Although this diet may seem helpful, there are some things you should consider. The first is that the drastic drop in your calorie intake can make you feel weak.

Lemon can cause stomach irritation and exacerbate some problems. Acid reflux is a condition that citrus fruits may worsen.

The Results of the Lemon Diet

If you decide to do this lemon diet, you may lose between 8 to 11 pounds. While this may seem miraculous, remember that you must be disciplined when it comes to eating right and drinking the juice.

Have you ever done this diet? Would you follow this or any other flash diet?

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