The 100 Trending Haircuts in 2024

So far, this year is characterized by the return of classic haircuts, reinvented. Discover the 100 trending haircuts of 2024 here!
The 100 Trending Haircuts in 2024

Last update: 07 March, 2024

A new year, a new look. This 2024 is already well underway with some truly spectacular trending haircuts.  Some are versions of other haircuts that were in style years ago, while there are also a few brand-new options.

So, what haircuts are starting to hit the streets this 2024? Discover 100 haircuts that are trending this year, for both women and men and all ages.

This year, many women have opted for short hair that gives a casual and youthful air. This also makes them perfect alternatives for women of all ages. Let’s take a look at all the trending options…

1. The Pixie cut

The pixie cut is ideal for women of all ages.

The pixie cut is classic and versatile. It’s a style with shorter hair at the back and temples and more volume at the crown. This gives a super casual and messy look, as if you haven’t put too much effort into styling your hair. It’s perfect for women with defined features and is very easy to maintain.

2. The Bowl cut

The bowl cut styles women with shorter necks.

The bowl cut, also known as the bowl cut, is one of those cuts that will never go out of style. To know its origin, we have to go back more than a millennium. However, it made a strong comeback in the 1990s and again in the 2020s. It’s characterized by its rounded shape and long bangs. It’s ideal if you have fine hair.

3. The Bixie cut

The “bixie” cut was very famous during the 1990s.

If we mix the bob cut with the pixie cut, we get the bixie, a short half bob style. It was also very famous during the 1990s, but this 2023 become one of the favorite options and is here to stay.

4. Boyish cut

Many celebrities choose to wear the “boyish” style.

In the 1920s, the boyish cut, which plays with asymmetries, became fashionable. This is a V-shaped cut at the nape of the neck, but with more density at the front. Yes, we know it may be a bit extreme, but we assure you it’s the right choice! The boyish cut adds movement and gives a very rock and glamorous look at the same time. Plus, it goes with all face types.

5. Pixie cut without bangs

There are many ways to wear a pixie cut, and one of them is without bangs.

The pixie cut can also be worn without bangs. It’s a perfect choice for women over 45, as it gives a jovial touch to your look.

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American singer Katy Perry has worn a pixie buzz cut.

The buzz cut is an almost total haircut, so it]s quite a risky option. The pixie buzz, on the other hand, is a more subtle alternative, as it keeps the hair long at the top. This cut manages to highlight the features of your face completely, as it eliminates the distraction of the hair and makes people focus on your face.

7. The shaggy look for short hair

This haircut gives a very jovial and casual look.

The shaggy cut is inspired by the 1970’s, and what it does is to parade and shag the hair, giving a very voluminous look.

8. Wixie

This haircut will not leave anyone indifferent.

If we mix the pixie and the shaggy, we can get the wixie, a cut that consists of degraded layers, lots of volume on top and a scaled cut. The sideburns and nape are kept with some density and the finish is textured.

Very short pixie

There are many ways to wear a pixie haircut.

The pixie can be very short without being a buzz. For example, you can opt for a blunt cut with a light fringe. Celebrities who have worn this style include model and actress Kristen Stewart.

10. The baby pixie cut

The “baby pixie” consists of a cut with straight bangs.

This is basically the pixie haircut, but with the addition of a short straight blunt fringe, reminiscent of a baby’s hairstyle. Perfect for spring and summer wear.

11. The rockabilly chic

All fashions come back, and in this case, the look is reminiscent of the 50’s.

Rockabilly style is back. It’s a pin-up style for lovers of classic rock and vintage fashion. It’s achieved with volume at the top like a toupee.

12. The mohawk

The “mohawk” is a very powerful cut that will give you a lot of personality.

The mohawk cut, also known as mohican, is rebellious and carefree. It consists of shaving the sides and leaving the hair longer in the central part of the head, like a crest. Without a doubt, a bold option.

13. The garçonne

This haircut gives elegance and a very Parisian air to your style.

This cut consists of equal length hair, unlike the pixie, which has shorter sides and nape. A risky and elegant option.

14. The nixie

The bangs are the most striking feature of this cut.

The nixie cut is similar to the pixie. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have: it’s ideal for curly, straight, or wavy hair.

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Short bob haircuts

The bob cut is perfect for all ages. Plus, it looks great at formal and informal events alike. However, there is no single bob cut. Let’s see a list of short bob haircuts you can take a look at for inspiration.

15. Asymmetrical bob

This haircut is perfect for taking a few years off your face.

The asymmetrical bob retains the length of the traditional bob, yet mixes different heights to make it look more uneven.

16. Blunt bob

This chin-length haircut is sophisticated and chic.

The blunt bob is a chin-length cut; that is, a few inches below the jawline. It should be straight and slightly blunt. The well-known Hailey Bieber is one of the exponents of this type of cut.

17. French bob

Undoubtedly, if you want a French touch in your look, you should consider this haircut.

The French bob is a cut a few inches above the chin. It usually has a half-parted bange. The result is a very elegant and frenchy cut, ideal for winter.

18. The cheekbone cut

This haircut highlights your features.

The cheekbone is a short cheekbone that defines the jawline very well. It also has very sophisticated bangs.

19. The choppy bob

The choppy bob is perfect for sharpening the features of women with round or oval faces.

The choppy bob is a jaw-length cut with lots of volume. It can be worn straight or layered – the choice is yours!

20. The power bob

The power bob has an undeniable rejuvenating effect.

The power bob is undoubtedly a very powerful haircut. This is a jaw-length cut, ideal for straight hair. It’ s rejuvenating and timeless.

21. The micro bob

The “microbob” is a risky and original option.

The microbob is the shorter version of the bob cut, and is done at a height above the jaw. It’s one of those cuts that can take a few years off thanks to its casual look.

22. Tousled bob

Selena Gomez has been portrayed with a tousled bob, a trendy cut for 2024.

The tousled bob or shattered bob is ideal for those who want a chic but relaxed style. With uneven layers, it gives a modern and casual look.

Curly haircuts in short

If you have curly hair and are thinking of getting a haircut, read on! Let’s take a look at some options so you can have a fresh, new cut while still showing off your natural curls.

23. Curly pixie

Highlight your curls with this pixie.

The pixie cut is perfect for curls. You can wear it very short or let your curls fall over your forehead or down the side of your face. The most important thing is to get the curl as close to the scalp as possible.

24. The curly bowl cut

The bowl cut is not just for straight hair. Women with curls can also wear it. It consists of a long first layer evened at the front and back, and shorter lower layers to create contrast. The effect is a nineties look.

There are many ways to wear the bob cut, such as with the curly micro bob.

There is also the micro bob or XS bob for curly hair, where the ends are cut off at the ends. You’ll get a very cool, low-maintenance look.

26. Wolf cut

They say all fashions come back, and this one is no exception.

The wolf cut is a cut with lots of frayed layers that frame your face. It’s perfect for all hair types, even curly hair. It adds an eighties touch to your personality.

27. Morrison cut

The Morrison cut is a tribute to The Doors front man, Jim Morrison.

The Morrison is a round cut, shorter in front and layered, that will frame your face and give you a wild, rocker look.

28. Messy cut

A messy cut will give the impression that you haven’t bothered to groom yourself, but still look great.

Messy comes from the English word for “messy” and wants to give the impression that you haven’t done much grooming, but still look great. With curls, this type of cut is always a good idea, especially if you have very defined curls. You can get a messy cut with lots of layers, let down at the ends.

29. Super messy haircut

You can take your messy haircut up a notch and go for a super messy haircut.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can go for this super tousled haircut. This cut is ideal to convey freshness and youthfulness.

30. Curly bob

Show off your curls with this cut at the nape of the neck.

The bob cut also goes great with curls. This option keeps the height of the cut at the chin, but at the same time gives an effect of movement to your hair.

Mid-length haircuts

Mid-length haircuts suit all women, whether they have a round face, heart-shaped face, or sharper features. This type of haircut is also ideal for those who want a change of look, but do not dare to make a more drastic cut. The half bob will allow you to achieve that famous effortless hair effect, as if you haven’t worried too much about dressing up even if you look super glamorous.

31. Classic bob

There is no doubt that this cut is elegant and looks good for any occasion.

The classic bob is back and on-trend. This is a jaw-length cut, straight, without bangs or layers, and styled naturally. It’s a cut that suits all faces and can be worn by women of all ages. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal.

32. The wavy bob cut

This type of cut goes great with wavy hair.

A bob cut option for more wavy hair. This style adds naturalness and softness.

33. Nape bob

The more daring can opt for this cut, which has the ends forward.

A type of bob cut that will be very popular in 2024 is the nape bob, which consists of a straight cut at the nape of the neck. One of the advantages of the nape bob is that it allows you to elongate the neck, so it’s great for girls with round faces.

34. Nape bob with dyed hair

You can also get a nape bob and dye your hair a color you like.

Do you dare to wear a nape bob with dyed hair in a bold color? Red, orange, green, or blue are intense colors that will give you an original touch.

35. Thick bangs and ponytails

Bangs and ponytails are classic options that look great.

Do you want a classic but timeless option at the same time? The bushy bangs and ponytail is a great idea. It’s a cut, or rather a hairstyle, with dense bangs and a ponytail at the back that gathers the rest of the hair. You can wear this look for all kinds of occasions.

36. Sharp bob

If you want to take a few years off, you can try this cut that looks great on women in their 40’s.

The sharp bob is a straight cut with a middle parting. It’s ideal for women over 45, because it manages to take a few years off thanks to its casual look. It’s also very easy to style.

37. Swag 067

“The Squid Game” popularized this haircut with bangs that go all the way to the nape of the neck.

Have you seen the series The Squid Game? Then you may know the haircut worn by Kang Sae-Byeok’s character, 067. It’s a bob with frayed ends that gives a very cool androgynous look. To achieve it, the ends need to be slicked back, leaving the upper part of the hair empty. It suits any type of face.

38. Jagged bob

The jagged bob is an ideal haircut for special occasions such as parties or evening social events.

The jagged bob is a bob with a bob with a bobbed bob and highlighted strands. It looks great on all hair types, although it looks better on blond hair, as it highlights the contrasts created by the waves. This cut isn’t recommended for thin or very elongated faces.

39. Slob

This cut, which had its heyday in the 2000s, is back and is now all the rage among influencers.

The slob cut is a version of the bob that follows a chin-length bob. It has the ends pointing inwards. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Olivia Palermo, and Irina Shayk have shown off their slob cuts in the first month of 2024.

40. Clavicut

Several entertainment celebrities have already been spotted sporting “clavicut” cuts this 2024.

The clavicut, as the name implies, is a haircut that reaches the collarbone. It’s short enough to make a total makeover, but still maintains some length so you can pull it back.

41. Polished Clavicut

The polish is a version of this haircut that looks very sleek.

A version of the clavicut is the polish, which is a cut for long hair. It consists of a clavicut with the ends pointed inwards, which gives the hair volume and movement.

42. Clavicut with soft waves

Some say that 2024 could be the year of the clavicut.

Another option is the clavicut with soft waves, which is achieved with a side parting. It’s perfect for enhancing the natural waves in your hair.

43. Wavy shag

This classic haircut looks great, sophisticated, and very chic.

You can wear a wavy shag, which is a shaggy look for women with waves in their hair. This layered cut with bangs is very easy to style and is ideal for women of all ages.

44. The Annie cut

The Annie cut is for the more daring, but the result is unique.

The Annie cut is definitely a risky option. It’s a single-layered bob in which the hair is disconnected from the front, both in symmetry and length. This creates a double-cut effect.

45. Pixie with sideburns

Celebrities like Úrsula Corberó or Anne Hathaway have popularized these cuts.

Easy to style and very original, the pixie with sideburns is another option you can consider in this 2024.

46. Retro waves

There is no doubt that retro is in.

Retro waves are back. Create a vintage look with soft, well-defined waves for a classic and elegant style.

47. Retro cut

A retro cut, shoulder length or slightly less, is sophisticated and very original.

This cut is reminiscent of Hollywood actresses of the 1920s and 1930s. A sophisticated and original option.

48. Mid shag

This cut can add an eighties touch to your style.

Based on layers, the mid shag is a haircut with short layers that add a lot of volume and a fringe that gives you a very playful look, which can be long, swept, or curly.

49. Mob

The mob cut is perfect if you have straight hair


A medium bob, also known as a mob, is a mid-length cut, above the shoulders but not quite touching them, with invisible layers that add lots of volume and movement.

A mid-length bob inspired by the 1960’s is all you need.

Want a truly retro look? Then the midi 60’s cut may be the perfect choice. It’ s achieved with long blunt layers and a frizzy fringe.

51. Degrafilated

The endearing character of Rachel on “Friends” popularized this haircut in the late 90′


Rachel from Friends (played by Jennifer Aniston) had a degrafilated haircut, which consists of contours and frayed ends, softly framing the face and creating super natural movement at the ends.

52. Textured blunt cut

There are many ways to wear a blunt cut.

One blunt cut option is a light, layered, gradient cut. This cut flatters oval and round faces.

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Haircuts in long hair

Although short hair is an undisputed trend in 2024, long hair will never go out of fashion. Long hair looks great with any type of face thanks to the versatility it offers, plus it allows you to play more and includes accessories. Let’s take a look at some long haircut options for 2024.

53. V haircut with curls

If you have curls, you can get a haircut that ends in a V at the top of your back.

If you have curls, you can opt for an XXL hair with a V-shaped fall. It’s a wild look that adds personality and will not leave anyone indifferent.

54. XXL hair

The XXL haircut is a cut that projects elegance and rebellion in equal parts.

If you have straight hair, you can choose XXL hair, which suits both fine and thick hair and also balances the length of your face. Jennifer Lopez, for example, is one of the artists we have seen most often with this type of haircut.

55. XXL red hair

Red is a color that is associated with fire and passion. XXL cuts in this color will leave no one indifferent.

Redheads look great with long, shiny hair! After all, they say that red hair is a hair color that conveys power.

56. XXL ultra-straight hair

XXL hair will never go out of style and look good with any outfit.

If you have ultra straight hair, go for it! You can wear this straightened XXL haircut with a middle parting that will look great on you. This is a very sophisticated option.

57. New shag

The new shag is a modern yet sophisticated haircut.

The shaggy is on the list of the most popular haircuts, but this year it managed to reinvent itself with the new shag, a razor cut with a straight base. This allows for a more mobile feel to the hair and a feathered effect.

58. Georgia cut

The Georgia cut looks great on women with wavy hair.

The Georgia cut is inspired by two different decades: the 60s and the 90s. The result is a cut with open bangs, a bit tousled, and layered in the front with staggered layers. This gives more movement and a fuller effect.

59. XXL hair with tousled bangs

If you have an XXL hair, go for it: this cut with tousled bangs looks very playful.

If you have extra long hair, you can choose to give it a playful, casual look with tousled bangs.

60. Baby bang

One of the characteristics of this haircut is a very cool fringe.

The baby bang is ideal for women with all hair types, whether straight, wavy, or curly. It’s trending this year and has already been seen on personalities like Selena Gomez.

61. The butterfly cut

In 2024, the butterfly cut is back to stay.

The butterfly cut, also known as the butterfly cut, was very fashionable in the 1980s and was popularized by artists such as Mia Farrow and Farrah Fawcett. This 2024, it’s back with a bang and is positioned as one of the trends. The butterfly consists of combining shorter layers of hair on top with longer layers of hair underneath. This creates a contouring effect.

62. Long shaggy cut for long hair

The long shaggy is a trend in 2024, especially among women with fine hair.

The long shaggy is ideal if you have a lot of hair. It consists of long, uneven layers, with pronounced ends, for a textured effect. This is a versatile cut that gives mobility and volume.

63. The Octopus cut

Actress Úrsula Corberó, from “La casa de papel”, wears her octopus cut.

The octopus cut is inspired by the tentacles of an octopus. This is a layered cut, with bangs and a gradient.

64. The hime cut

Many oriental girls have popularized this haircut in this part of the world.

The hime cut originated in Japan, and is characterized by a gap between the length of the hair and the sides, which are much shorter. Its popularity has escalated in Asia, and many stars of the k-pop genre have managed to establish this trend in the West.

Haircuts with bangs

Bangs will never stop being on trend. The fall of hair over your forehead can highlight your features, frame your face and give you a rejuvenating effect. Let’s take a look at some haircut options with bangs for this 2024.

65. Short bob with straight bangs

The short bob with straight bangs is one of the most innovative haircuts this season.

The short bob is, as the name suggests, an even shorter version of the bob cut. The straight fringe, in turn, manages to stylize the features of your face, especially if they are rather rounded. Undoubtedly, a very chic option.

66. Short bushy bob

The short bob with bushy bangs looks super cool.

This option, ideal for short hair, is similar to the previous cut, but with an even thicker fringe, which adds more volume.

67. Bob with long bangs0

You can wear a bob with even longer bangs, like Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas.

The bob is ideal with long bangs that cover your eyebrows. It’s easy to maintain and looks great for a variety of occasions.

68. Amélie haircut

If you’re looking for a sophisticated European haircut, this is the one for you!

Remember the French movie Amélie from 2001? The main character’s haircut was all the rage twenty years ago. As is often the case, fashions come back and reinvent themselves. The Amélie haircut consists of an ear length cut (or a little lower) and a fringe. The texture should look straight and the result is hair with little movement– very Parisian!

69. Bushy bangs with a high braid

The bangs balance the visual weight of the braid.

American singer Taylor Swift can serve as inspiration for this haircut (or rather, hairstyle), which consists of a very bushy fringe, almost reaching your eyes, and the back part gathered in a braid.

70. Extra long bangs

Long bangs are something that never go out of style, and international artists prove it.

Do you dare to wear XXL bangs? Especially if your face is long and oval, this is a great idea. Make sure your bangs cover your eyebrows.

71. Extra short bangs

Emma Watson sports a haircut with extra short bangs.

If you have a rounder face, you can opt for extra short bangs. Often, there is a lot of hesitation behind this decision. However, we encourage you to give it a try!

72. Pixie with bushy bangs

Pixies allow for a myriad of bangs, including bushy ones.

The pixie with bushy bangs is best for diamond-shaped faces with narrow foreheads. It’s a cut that softens the features and gives a very youthful look.

73. Mullet

Argentinean singer Lali shows off her haircut.

In the mullet cut, the layers at the nape of the neck are disconnected from the top of the head. In addition, she wears bangs with a very nineties look. Celebrities who have worn it with pride include Miley Cyrus and Argentina’s Lali Esposito.

74. Curly mullet

The mullet also works on curly hair, although it needs to be adapted.

The mullet looks great on all hair types, and curls are no exception. Just keep in mind that curls rise as you cut the hair, so you may need to accentuate the layers more to make sure the contrast is noticeable.

75. Curtain bangs

The particular way the bangs are cut gives this cut its name.The curtain bangs cut is shorter in the middle and has an inverted V shape. You can wear it with a wide range of haircuts.

Wavy haircuts

Wavy hair is hair that has a straight root and waves in an S-shape. Let’s take a look at some of the best wavy haircut options for this year.

76. Midi cut

If your hair has waves, you should go for this super stylish cut for women of all ages.

A midi cut is the safest option for wavy hair. There is no way this cut can’t look good, no matter what shape your face is. The result is a very natural cut. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

77. The straight half bob

Paired with executive attire, this haircut is sure to turn heads.

If you have waves in your hair, you can opt for a bob with undone waves below the collarbone. This cut aims for symmetry, giving a touch of elegance.

78. Layered lob

The layered lob is a classic haircut that is being used a lot in this 2024.

The lob is a long bob that is achieved with internal layers that highlight the volume of the waves while maintaining the length of your hair. It’s a classic and sophisticated option.

79. The asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical cut is shorter on one side.

An asymmetrical cut consists of dividing the hair into two halves and giving each half a different length. This is a daring option, but it’s original and will certainly not go unnoticed!

80. Long shaggy hair

The long shaggy is perfect for women with wavy hair.

The long shaggy is a cut that deconstructs the middle part of your hair, giving more prominence to your ends. Its long, blunt layers give a messy look.

81. Shaggy curly hair

If you have curly hair, go for this cut!

This shaggy cut also looks great on curly hair. Undoubtedly, an original and ideal cut for all types of outfits and situations.

Haircuts for round faces

Generally, we look for a haircut that favors the shape of our face. For example, if we have a round face, it’s best to avoid cuts at the level of the cheekbones or for very voluminous hair, because the only thing we would get is to increase the effect we want to avoid. Instead, there are a few haircuts that are ideal for women with this type of face. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

82. The inverted bob

If what you want is to stylize your face, nothing better than a cut like the inverted bob.

The inverted bob cut is shorter at the nape of the neck and longer at the front. We could say that it’s a 45° angle cut if you look at it from the side, a very modern option to stylize your face!

83. Side parted bob

The side parted bob is ideal for rounded faces.

The side-parted bob is a jaw-length cut with a vertical parting. It sharpens the features and is perfect for oval or rounded faces.

84. The flop

Rosamund Pike sports her flop haircut.

The flop cut is a version of the bob with a straight middle parting. British actress Rosamund Pike is one of the personalities who chooses to sport this style.

Shaved haircuts for men

Now, it’s time to look at a few trending haircuts for men. They all have one thing in common: one part of the cut requires a buzz or a shave; something timeless and easy to maintain. Let’s look at a few options.

85. The full shave

The full shave might be a good idea for warmer climates.

The full shave, also known as a buzz, is a simple, easy, and safe option. Plus, it’s maintenance-free and you don’t even have to go to the salon – you can do it at home if you have the right equipment. It’s a risky decision, but you’ll never know how it looks on you if you don’t try it!

86. The Military cut

This cut takes its name from the cadets’ haircut.

The military cut is similar to the full shave, although the hair on the top of the head has more density and the sides are shaved.

87. Shaved haircut with a mohawk

Shaved haircut with a mohawk: a two-piece option that is back to stay.

The 2000’s trend is back. Back then, shaved haircuts with a punk mohawk were all the rage. If you choose this style, you won’t go unnoticed.

88. The pompadour cut

In this cut, you wear a large volume of hair raised above the forehead.

The pompadour takes its name from Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV of France, who had a large mass of hair on her forehead. This is a classic style that is back with a bang this 2024.

89. The fade

The fade has been trending for years and doesn’t look like it’s going out of style anytime soon.

The fade, also known as a “gradient,” is a gradual cut from short on top to almost shaved on the sides and back. The transition is smooth and sleek, and the result is super cool.

90. The faux hawk

This bold haircut was popularized by Zac Efron for a season, and today it’s back to stay.

The faux hawk is a softer version of the mohawk. With short sides and a high ridge at the top, it’s a bold, modern option.

Haircuts with streaks

Lines or streaks in the hair introduce a design element that allows you to add a more personal touch to your look. They can be located at the crown of the head, on the sides, at the nape of the neck behind the ears, even in the beard! Let’s take a look at some haircuts with lines or stripes for men that are trending this 2024.

91. Haircuts with geometric designs

A few lines in your hair will give a very original touch to your style.

If you want a striking look, you can make cuts with geometric shapes (circles, squares, triangles) or stripes in your haircut. This is a striking option that will give you a very urban look.

92. Parallel stripes

Parallel stripes look great on boys, but also on girls with short hair.

You can opt for parallel stripes that run through your hair, creating a split effect. It’s a very stylish and super jovial alternative for men.

93. Tribal patterns

Play and let your imagination run wild to create unique designs in your hair.

A more complex alternative is to make original drawings, such as tribal patterns in your hair. Have this done by an expert hairdresser.

94. V-Stripes

V-Stripes can be more subtle or more bold and eye-catching, depending on your taste.

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny is one of the leading exponents of V-Stripes in men’s haircuts. This is a V whose tip is located in the center of the forehead.

Haircuts for boys

Finally, we will see a few haircuts for boys. Keep in mind their hair type and, of course, their personal tastes. Here are some trendy options for 2024.

95. The surfer haircut

For kids, the surfer-style haircut looks really cool.

The surfer style haircut is very trendy among kids, because it brings a childish look and at the same time cool and fun. And, most importantly, comfortable.

96. The gradient haircut

Children will also love to look trendy this year!

The fade is not only an option for adults: children can also wear this haircut that consists of more density and volume on top and a gradient towards the sides and the nape of the neck up to the collar.

97. The Afro fade

The afro fade looks amazing, and you can choose how much contrast you want.

This is a cut that never goes out of style, but this year it will be a big hit with the little ones. If your kids have afro hair, you can get a fade by keeping the length on top.

98. Mohawks

Who said this cut was only for adults? Kids look great with it!

The mohawk cut consists of longer hair in the center of the head, like a mohawk, and shorter hair on the sides and neck. Kids will love it!

Your kids will also want to sport a punk cut.

For kids with personality and a bolder style, a punk haircut with tousled ends and a rebellious look can be an interesting option.

100. Kids cup cut

If we’re talking about a classic cut, we can’t forget the cup cut.

The cup cut is perhaps one of the most classic cuts for kids for decades. Originally, it was done at home to save time and money, since you only had to follow the contour of a bowl to get it. The bowl cut is back, and in 2024 it’s one of the top haircut trends for kids.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next makeover, we’re sure this mega list of 100 haircuts can be helpful. You can choose from short hair, medium hair, or long tresses. Remember that beyond the trends, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and have fun creating your own unique style!

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