If You Surrender Today, The Effort You Made Yesterday Is Worthless

· December 12, 2016
It's not bad to give up in order to start fresh again. It's a problem when you can't find anything that motivates and inspires you to keep moving forward

If you surrender, you give up. If you tell yourself that you can’t go on and let your efforts turn into tears of defeat, nothing you did yesterday will mean anything, every wall you knocked down or everything achievement reached in silence.

We carry battles on our backs that only we are aware of. You’ve done it for your family, your children. You’ve fought every day to give form to this dream that you have in your mind and that not everyone else can understand.

So, why do we tend to give up? Lack of support, deception and emotional exhaustion are the reasons why we fall down to our knees and let out a long sigh of defeat.

Others may see you as a lion, as a person capable of everything who never gives up. Nevertheless, this lion occasionally turns into a tired cat who only yearns to curl up in the corner of a bed and sleep.

If this has happened to you once, we encourage you to recover your spirit. We recommend that you don’t give up and let yourself be overcome by dejection.

Here’s how.

If You Surrender, Nothing Changes

Surrender is a word that sounds very bad to us. It lacks prestige and is usually associated with cowardice. We shouldn’t see it this way.

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Giving up once in awhile is normal and even expected. Most of all because sometimes the person who gives up does it to show that there is nothing the person can do.

“I give up, I know this person doesn’t love me and I can’t waste any more time with this.” “Given the evidence, I have to give up – I’m not cut out for this job and I should dedicate myself to some other field.”

lion with butterfly

  • Giving up is always acceptable if by doing so we accept a reality in order to improve our lives by becoming aware of something that wasn’t for us.
  • The other side of the coin is that this surrender is undoubtedly due to a broken heart and a scattered mind that doesn’t have the energy or hope to face a concrete fact.

If we give up and see ourselves as people unable to wage this personal battle, we have to become conscious of the fact that nothing will change.

  • We will stay in exactly the same spot without being able to improve our well being or towards this goal that means so much to us.

If you give up at any given moment, evaluate the consequences that “letting it all go” and abandoning your objective may have.

A Temporary Surrender to Prepare For Battle

Let’s say you gave up. You felt overwhelmed by your job and said to yourself that “I’ll never make it to the top.”

  • We surrender with our children, thinking they will never pass a grade because they are incapable of concentrating, being more responsible and taking advantage of the hours they have studied.
  • On occasions, a temporary surrender gives us a perspective on things, lets us see them calmer, with less pressure.
  • When you give up, you go through a period of inner calm during which suddenly, without knowing how, you regain strength. New ideas, better strategies and renewed dreams appear.

It’s worth keeping in mind that to achieve a goal, we need all of ourselves. Factors like pressure and elevated anxiety act as our true enemies.

Keep calm and you will see how the lion walks again.

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The Final Victory Is Won By Daily Triumphs

The winner is the dreamer who never gives up. So to do this, you have to dream, imagine, create plans and strategies and above all, say each wish with a breath of motivation.

  • We should keep in mind that the final victory is reached through many daily triumphs.
  • We don’t always see this because we are focused only on the long-term objective, without seeing the daily changes we’re making towards it.

Not giving up requires a good attitude, confidence, good self-esteem, and more than anything being capable of seeing that this personal struggle has a meaning and a purpose worth investing our time and emotions in.

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So if you are fighting a personal battle right now, remember that sometimes those around you can be an invaluable help. Or on the contrary, they could be the obstacle along the road that threatens our spirits.

Pay attention to those who are closest to your heart, and above all, follow your instincts and your inner voice.