Signs that My Relationship Is not Working

Our partner is not only someone we share a bed or dinner table with, but also the person we choose to build a life and family with.
Signs that My Relationship Is not Working

Last update: 12 May, 2022

When a relationship is not working, it can be quite clear. However, we oftentimes don’t want to see or admit that things aren’t on track or that we’re unhappy. In this article, we’ll provide you with some clues and signs to watch out for, in order to tell if your relationship might not be working out as you’d like.

Main signs a relationship is not working

1. Lack of communication

Communication is perhaps the most important key to all relationships. We need the support of our partner, including their understanding and attention. Here are some signs that our relationship may lack communication:

  • Our words are not heard
  • Our partner doesn’t look us in the eyes
  • We’re unable to establish an open and constructive dialogue
  • If we do talk, we only manage to fall into disputes and arguments

These are the situations that most often distance couples since there’s no longer the support of the past. In this case, our emotions may have calmed down or there’s too much resentment for a sincere dialogue to occur. This may be a sign that your relationship is not working.

Note that sometimes, lack of communication is also due to periods of high stress. Work, for example, can consume so much time that we have little left to devote to our partner, making communication more complicated. Keep this in mind and never neglect this essential component of your relationship.

2. Lack of enthusiasm when it comes to making plans

There may come a time when we notice a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to doing things together: dining out or a weekend getaway. Maybe we even perceive a certain monotony at home or notice that our partner doesn’t look at us with the same intensity as before. The magic is lost and we don’t know why.

We must be attentive to how our partner reacts when we offer things – future things, what you both want. If your partner’s reaction is cold and doesn’t seem to have much interest in the goals you talk about, we must ask ourselves what happened. Maybe something’s changed. An important indicator of this is a lack of enthusiasm.

3. When there are more tears than joy

Bad things do happen in life. Love sometimes has its complications, and relationships require effort and sacrifice. But beware if there comes a time when you only have reasons to feel sad and rarely feel joy; little by little, it will take a toll on your emotional health. This is a negative indicator.

There are couples who love each other very much, and yet are unable to make each other happy. We must take care of our relationship and do our best to make it healthy and successful. But if your efforts are not equal to those of your partner, you might end up feeling bad. You cannot carry the weight alone on your shoulders and in your heart. A relationship is about two people – both sides must work for it.

4. When trust disappears

Another double-edged sword that breaks the stability of a relationship is mistrust. If there comes a time when you don’t see in your partner a person to whom you can tell your deepest emotions, a confidant with whom you can identify and in whom you can find support, there’s probably something that’s not right.

Our partner is not only a person we share our bed or the dinner table with; they’re also the person we build a life and family with. If we lose trust, we lose everything.

5. When we’re no longer the priority

Being in a relationship requires that both partners make the other one their priority in life; that their concerns are my concerns, that their welfare is important to me. If there comes a day when we notice that we’re no longer the priority in our partner’s life, then suffering and disappointment will also come.

In our relationships, the following factors are also important: our work, personal space and hobbies; but the person that we love should always come first and be the one we worry about the most. If there comes a time when we put other people or our work ahead of our partner, then we’ll experience problems within our relationship.

Couple holding hands

Remember that every time you identify a sign that the relationship is not working, talk to your partner. Sometimes there are external factors that need to be addressed and resolved. For example, work difficulties as well as economic or personal problems can damage a relationship’s stability. But with trust, love and communication, you can overcome them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on signs that your relationship is not working…

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.