A Guide to Seducing Your Partner

09 October, 2020
Seducing your partner isn't an easy task. Rather, you have to keep the attitude alive to avoid indifference and a monotone relationship.
Seducing your partner is a human skill that normally takes place in the initial stages of a relationship. In the beginning, both partners are more vulnerable to fall into romantic spells and to being captivated by the other.

You should know that though it’s common in the first stages, it doesn’t necessarily always have to stay like that. In fact, doing just the opposite is the key to finding the perfect balance between passion and routine.

In romantic relationships, those small games, touches and visible displays of effort tend to disappear with the passing of time. Don’t feel bad if at some point you find yourself thinking about how things are going.

Today, we’re bringing you some advice that you might want to apply to your relationship to revive and keep that flame alive between you and your partner.

Remember, keeping ideas fresh, putting in effort and paying attention to the details in order to steal some attention all start from the same spot: your attitude.

This is exactly why we’re presenting our 5 suggestions for reviving the passion and desire in your partner. To get the fire going again, a positive attitude is a must.

Advice on seducing your partner and keeping the flame alive

1. Forget entirely about routine

seducing your partner

Routine is, without a doubt, one of a relationship’s worst enemies.

However, we’re not talking about work routines, or the daily tasks that you have to do. We’re talking about relationship routines: always doing the same thing, eating in the same places, using the same sex positions and so forth.

Already knowing everything that your partner will do beforehand is both terrifying and lamentable for many.

There’s no doubt about it: we have to be innovative in these cases.

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2. Being alone, just you and I

For this one, you should know that while having kids most likely makes finding quality time complicated, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not trying.

You can also casually seduce each other by creating an opportune atmosphere for your partner.

Plan a date for two at least once a week, or once every two weeks, just to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Family, work and responsibilities are important, but you as a couple are important, too.

3. Seduce, regardless of what day it is

Seduce, regardless of what day it is

Today is our anniversary so I’ll buy flowers and make love to him/her.”

But is that really your only excuse to do these things?!

Sure, remembering important dates and taking care of the details is wonderful. However, if it’s the only spark that’s left, the act of remembering just becomes a sad memory of happier times.

Basically, this piece of advice is here to remind you that you have someone who is totally in love with you right by your side. Make an effort and don’t get lazy with the seduction!

By doing so, your partner will be more receptive and be better at all tasks (as well as in bed).

4. Even though it might seem obvious– experiment!

There’s no better seduction that trying new experiences together.

You don’t need to travel to exotic destinations, eat out everyday or plan costly trips every week in order to change up your relationship.

  • Seduction is an attitude and a state of being that depends heavily on how you approach your partner.
  • Open up the possibility of experimenting new and simple things together.

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5. Express yourself: say what you feel!

Express yourself, say what you feel

Part of the loss of seduction and passion has to do with how we stop showing our love to our special person over time.

We fall in a sort of a closed circle, weakening any kind of communication.

Hugging, kissing, caressing, complementing, exchanging warm words…these are all details that nourish and strengthen a relationship. They allow seduction to always run wild, free and to remind us of what brings us together as a couple.

Never repress what you should be sharing with your partner. If you keep up that kind of distant and interpersonal position, you’ll only complicate your relationship further.

The best thing to do is to communicate and say what you want to say to your partner. By doing so, you’ll always reach a mutual conclusion.