How to Reduce a Fever Naturally

· July 9, 2014

Many parents don’t like giving their children medication when they’ve got a fever. If that’s your case too, let’s look at some effective and natural alternatives for when your little one has a high temperature. 

Tips for reducing a fever

If you or a family member has a temperature that’s higher than it should be, you should:

  • Place wet socks on the ankles. This is an excellent solution for children. Simply dampen them a little and place them over the ankle area. When the socks feel dry, repeat the procedure. Make sure they aren’t dripping wet, and wring them out well. This method brings relief and calms sick children down.
  • Wash with lukewarm water. Have a shower for a couple of minutes, reducing the temperature slowly so the change isn’t a shock to the body.


  • Drink a lot of water. A fever is similar to dehydration. The body is fighting foreign organisms. So drinking water, herbal tea or juice is a great idea, especially if the fever is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. The quantity depends on the age of the patient (3 liters for adult males, 2.2 liters for females and 1.5 liters for children).
  • Cool down the head and neck. Use a cold or wet cloth. Repeat as many times as needed – when the cloth dries or no longer feels cool.
  • Don’t eat too much food. It’s better to consume liquids, such as vegetable soup or herbal tea. That way, the body gets better more quickly and can heal more easily. If you are hungry, don’t eat until you’re full – eat little and often.

Homemade remedies for a fever

These recipes can be effective when you have a fever, though it is always better to consult an expert (such as a physicaltherapist or natural medical doctor):

  • Raisin tea: place 1 cup of raisins into 7 cups of water and boil in a saucepan. When it begins to boil, turn the flame down low until the liquid reduces by a third. Turn off the heat, let it cool and drink half a cup throughout the day.


  • Sage tea: This herb promotes sweating and reduces a fever. Fill a cup with boiling water and add a couple of sage leaves. Cover it and leave it for a couple minutes. Add honey, sugar or stevia, as well as a few tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Lettuce tea: a great way of keeping yourself hydrated is by drinking lettuce tea. This vegetable contains a lot of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus to nourish the body while you aren’t eating normal meals. Boil a liter of water, pour it into a container along with a whole head of lettuce. Leave for fifteen minutes. Strain. Add a sweetener of your choice. Drink before it cools.
  • Have an ice cream. This is a remedy that any child will like. The sugar that it contains is beneficial for fevers, and it is cold. It reduces the temperature and hydrates the body, as well as it being an incentive.

Image courtesy of Sunshinecity, Sherry Kang, Karl Ludwing