Rebalance your Hormones to Burn Fat

· August 20, 2015
Because hormonal imbalances can be to blame for your failure to lose weight, it's important to follow a regimen specific to each region of the body to restore and balance to your hormones.

Not everyone is aware of this, but there’s a relationship between hormone production and accumulating weight or fat in the body. That’s why some people jump from diet to diet and kill themselves in the gym, but don’t lose even one ounce or an inch. In the following article, learn how to reset your hormones to burn fat in specific parts of the body, and stop being overweight.

It’s not just hormones that are responsible for your weight – your metabolism also plays a big role. That is to say, wherever fat gets stored in the body will in turn make you want to eat more. And if there’s a hormonal imbalance present, your weight loss efforts will be in vain.

Maybe you think that by leaving fast food behind and jogging for half an hour you’ll lose weight, but something else might be interfering with your plan. Just remember that if your hormones aren’t in balance, you’ll never achieve the weight and body shape you desire.

Hormone imbalances: to the defendant’s table

It’s important to know the basics about hormones, and surely you’ve heard of them. First of all, hormones are chemical substances that are produced by the body to function like an orchestra. Each one plays an essential part of the production of energy, alleviation of stress, maintenance of muscle tissue, and yes…accumulation of fats.

This is why, for example, many women at some stage in their menstrual cycle or during pregnancy have specific cravings or dietary desires. Having a healthy, balanced hormonal system will help you attain your goals of a healthy weight and an energetic lifestyle.

2 abdominal fat

The first step is to detox the body by removing all the excess toxins that have accumulated inside you. Foods that contain more negative ingredients are usually also the most “addictive” ones, which is why we have a stronger desire to eat a bag of chips versus an apple. So stop eating them. It’s going to be hard at first, and will take you about three weeks to fully kick the habit. But the good news is that your results will be obvious. Your diet plays a big role in how efficient and detoxified your body will be.

What to eat and what not to eat to balance your hormones

Stay away from all foods that have a high glycemic index, because those are the ones that encourage cravings and cause you to eat uncontrollably. That means you need to remove (or reduce) things like carbohydrates and refined sugars (bread, rice, pasta, pastries), as well as processed foods that contain multiple additives and preservatives, from your diet.

On the other hand, there are foods you can eat that will not only help you lose weight, but will put you in better health overall. Their low glycemic index is what keeps your hormones balanced, which will have a positive effect on your body and skin.

Foods that offer a good amount of fiber, such as bananas, raisins, artichokes, oats, nuts, and beans, will help improve the state of your digestive system. And don’t forget to drink two liters of water per day (up to three in summer) to increase your metabolism and give your body the amount of fluids it needs to eliminate toxins through urine and perspiration.

Food to reduce fat in each part of ​​the body

It’s true – some parts of the body are more difficult to target weight loss than others, and it all depends on the individual and their habits, but “hormones” also play a role. A person who produces a large amount of estrogen (female) will typically have bulky hips and thighs, for example. So there’s a specific hormone therapy to achieve balance in each part of the body:

The belly

If your stomach is a little flabby it’s not only because you’re eating too much. Fat stored in the abdomen is due to excessively high levels of the hormone cortisol (also known as the stress hormone). That’s why people who spend long hours at work or under pressure tend to store fat in this region.

A natural way to blast that belly fat is by incorporating more basil into your diet, an herb that originates in India and reduces levels of cortisol. Other options are spinach, citrus fruits, barley, beans, and nuts.


If you find you’re storing a lot of fat in your back or your core (which isn’t as common, but does occur), it’s usually because your insulin levels are too high. Foods that can help reduce this are those that contain linoleic acid – yogurt, lean meats, whole grains, and green vegetables.


3 glutes

One of the things that many women desire is to have a nice derriere, but without being too large. If you find you’re storing more fat in this area, as we mentioned above it’s usually because of higher than normal estrogen production. To counter this effect, eat vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family – like broccoli or cauliflower. They’re rich in phytochemicals that help neutralize this hormone. Other options include flaxseeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, red grapes, and pomegranate.