10 Reasons Why Your House Looks Dirty Even if You Clean It Daily

If your house looks dirty even if you clean it every day, you may need to change your habits. Here's how to keep your home looking good.
10 Reasons Why Your House Looks Dirty Even if You Clean It Daily
Leidy Mora Molina

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Last update: 24 March, 2023

Using the best products or having state-of-the-art cleaning appliances are no guarantee of cleanliness in the home. Sometimes, even if you clean every day, the house looks dirty. This is due to poor sanitation or counterproductive habits.

Habits such as drying the drips that splash the glass windows, wiping the countertop with a rag to remove grease or not leaving your shoes in the middle of the living room, contribute to the prevalence of order and hygiene.

It is uncomfortable to perceive an unwanted appearance, especially when you clean every day. Likewise, disorder and untidiness affect the tranquility of those who live together. How to solve it? The key is to go a little further and adopt routines like the ones we will explain.

Why is it necessary to clean the house well?

The answer is simple: for health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning is a crucial step to eradicate most of the microbes that are on the surfaces of the house.

The argument of the institution is that, by using domestic formulas with detergent or soap, you minimize the amount of microorganisms and the risk of infection. As recommended by the CDC, the right thing to do would be to clean with these options before resorting to other chemicals.

In addition, the cleanliness of the environment translates into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. It even influences emotional well-being.

Whenever you clean the house, you benefit your physical and mental health

How does cleanliness and tidiness in the home benefit physical and mental health? The absence of clutter has less impact on the overstimulation generated by an accumulation of visual stimuli, such as different pieces scattered around the house, for example.

Meanwhile, News Medical Life Sciences states that housework is a method to relieve stress, in which you exercise and practice mindfulness. In fact, they suggest that cleaning in a mindful state has positive effects, such as feeling inspired and lowering negative charges.

No matter how much you clean, these are the reasons that make the house look dirty

What happens when you constantly clean and a dirty image of the house persists? It is possible that some of the factors listed below prevail.

1. There’s a bad smell

Scenting the house is relaxing and conveys a sense of cleanliness. As stated in an article in the Revista Mexicana de Sociología, just as we judge whether a food is good or bad by its smell, we also tend to judge the ambience.

Therefore, appealing to natural aromatizers is a method to collaborate with harmony and the perception of order. Lavender, cinnamon and pine are some ideal scents.

Aromatizantes de lavanda para la casa.
Scenting with lavender is a simple way to improve the atmosphere after cleaning.

2. There’s dust everywhere

Dusting the house involves cleaning the moldings, walls, door crevices and all the areas that, no matter how insignificant they may seem, are filled with polluting particles.

Imagine a visitor arrives, wields a door handle and his hand is full of dust. It is very likely that he thinks that the rest of the house is dirty.

When you clean, remember even the skirting board. The items on which dust tends to accumulate and become a source of dust mites are the following:

3. Even if you clean, the darkness makes the house look dirty

When the lighting in the rooms is not adequate, the environment looks dirty. Mainly in the houses that do not have so many luminous entrances, it is pertinent to count on white light bulbs and saver, because they offer a sensation of amplitude and hygiene.

On the other hand, if the natural light plays in favor, try the use of clear curtains and locate plants in key points. These strategies considerably improve the appearance of any room, helping to make them look clean.

4. You don’t plan weekly or monthly cleaning

Broom alone is not enough. The house looks neat as long as you plan a basic weekly cleaning and a deep cleaning at least once a month. Weekly actions include washing bathrooms, scrubbing floors and dusting furniture.

Now, with more preparation, dedicate one day of the month to the same tasks, adding the cleaning of drawers, closets, windows and doors. The idea is to cover all spaces, taking the opportunity to throw out what’s in disrepair and donate what you don’t need.

5. Your floors are cracked

If there is a flaw in the floors and you cannot repair it at the moment, it is time to camouflage it. Leaving it on display conveys an impression of neglect. To save the inconvenience, spread a carpet that matches the decor and prevents the crack from continuing its expansion.

6. There are dirty dishes

As you use the dishes and silverware, wash them, dry them and put them away. As long as there’s a mountain of dishes, the mess won’t leave the house.

Don’t leave anything piled up in the sink or on the counter. Even if you’re tired, it’s better to spend a few minutes washing what’s dirty.

Vajilla sucia en una casa desordenada.
Dirty, cluttered dishes will never allow the rest of the house to shine.

7. You’re not taking advantage of technology

Robot vacuum cleaners represent one of the significant technological contributions to make household chores easier. These autonomous devices suck the dirt from the floor, while you dedicate those minutes to other activities to spruce up the house.

Yes, sweeping brushes are perpetually in force, but it is worth giving a chance to innovations that save time and physical effort. By getting the most out of these kinds of appliances, you reinforce cleanliness and the house won’t look dirty.

8. Your cleaning utensils are in bad condition

Cleaning utensils need to be in proper condition. A worn broom, torn rags and a featherless duster are other items that detract from the appearance of the house. Clean the cleaning tools and, if they have completed their cycle, it is time to replace them.

9. Your house looks dirty due to splashes in the bathroom

It is almost inevitable that the sink, mirrors and the screen end up splashed with toothpaste, soap and shampoo, respectively. If you leave them dirty for many days, you complicate the removal of stains and risk leaving a mark, which adds to the bad appearance of the bathroom.

Make sure you leave the sink without traces of toothpaste or hairs that fall after combing your hair. Wipe mirrors with a microfiber cloth or newspaper and apply glass sanitizing products or vinegar solutions to the partition.

The nonprofit organization Opcions points out that vinegar, being acidic, washes away limescale, organic matter and dilutes soap particles, while preventing mold and mildew and providing a fresh environment.

10. Your house looks dirty? Clean the grime in the kitchen

Countertops and cabinets near the burners especially end up with traces of the oil you use for cooking. If the finish of the cabinets is matte, the more noticeable the grease stains are, which spoils the appearance of an area as delicate as the kitchen.

When the food preparation area flashes dirt, it will make the rest of the house reflect the same.

Do not allow burnt oil to stay on the surfaces too long, because it will be hard to wipe it off later. For this task, it is pertinent to use non-abrasive degreasers.

Your house looks dirty due to grime.
Do not leave drops of grease in the kitchen. Also, clean up immediately after a meal.

The value of building good habits so the house no longer looks dirty after you clean

Most of the time, a house looks dirty because of behaviors that seem insubstantial, but eventually turn into bad routines. One of them is to fill an armchair in the bedroom with the clothes you are taking off or with the freshly washed clothes that you didn’t immediately take to the closet.

Get into the habit of depositing the dirty things in a basket and put the laundry away as soon as it dries. It seems annoying, but consistency makes it a habit that you will value later on.

Finally, building habits of order and cleanliness is the secret of a spotless house. And family participation is key, because if everyone does their part, they will live together in a neat and pleasant environment.

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