Pin-up Style for Home Decoration: 6 Ideas

The fashion of the 1950s can be applied in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Discover the keys of the "pin-up" style for home decoration.
Pin-up Style for Home Decoration: 6 Ideas

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 16 September, 2022

Pin-up fashion is defined by its design characteristic of the 1950s and 1960s. At the time, it represented a disruptive, provocative, and suggestive way in which models posed for photographs. Although it’s most commonly identified with clothing, make-up, and feminine poses, nowadays, the pin-up style has burst into home decoration.

In fact, it’s possible to carry out certain decorative actions that are oriented to a very popular aesthetic in the first half of the twentieth century. With the installation of certain furniture, the modification of details in household appliances, and the placement of specific decorative elements, it’s possible to bring this fashion to your home!

What is the “pin-up” style?

At first, the pin-up concept was used to define the models who made photographic productions with particular characteristics. Striking smiles, suggestive looks at the camera, and sensuality are some of its pillars. As for clothing, tight dresses, low necklines, bows, and high heels are essential.

Although there are records from the 1920s and 1930s, the pin-up aesthetic reached its peak during the 50s. In large part, this was thanks to the work of the American model Bettie Page, known as the “pin-up queen.” In the following years, it lost some of its popularity, so it became associated with the middle decades of the 20th century.

During the last years, the pin-up aesthetics had a new boom, as happened with so many other retro fashions. It’s often linked to images such as advertisements for soft drinks, photos of old cars, or petrol pumps. The characteristic colors are red, pink, aqua green, and certain pastel shades.

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Some ways to apply the pin-up style in the decoration of your home

It’s not only possible to wear this fashion in clothing, cosmetics, or images. It’s also possible to carry out a series of home renovations in pin-up style for home decoration. This is an inexpensive and simple trend to apply with vinyls, sheets, curtains, and certain types of furniture.

Pin-up style
The pin-up style emerged as a denomination of the models who used it. Then it shifted to a whole cultural and period movement.

1. Place stickers on closets or shoe racks

One of the rooms in the home where you can easily wear the pin-up style is the bedroom. To do this, self-adhesive vinyl stickers with retro images are a great option on clothes closets or shoe racks of any material. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, when removing them, it’s possible that marks will remain.

2. A kitchen using pin-up style for home decor

The advertisements for old soft drinks, cigarettes, or typical products of the 1950s can find an ideal home in the kitchen. For pin-up aesthetics, this room of the house is not only a place to cook.

There, you can place allusive posters or badges on the walls. Another option is to decorate the refrigerator with magnetic plates. There are many options to decorate this way.

3. Bedrooms and beds

The self-adhesive films or vinyls also adapt to the walls and the head of the bed. This space is widely used in the pin-up style for home decoration since you can select motifs and the colors that are typical of this fashion.

For example, you can use red and white or black and white polka dots. In addition, it’s possible to accompany it with bedding in soft, smooth tones.

4. Attractive walls

Posters, badges, or illustrations with pin-up images fit very well on hallway or bedroom walls. In fact, the origin of the term has to do with the action of hanging pictures. In general, these are large designs, so a considerable amount of space must be available. This is a fashion that’s characterized by large decorative ornaments.

Another option is to cover a wall with floral paper, a very typical trend of those years. In that case, you can use pastel shades.

5. Pin-up style furniture for home decoration

If you have the capacity to invest a little more money in pin-up decoration, it’s possible to incorporate matching furniture. For example, an antique-style trunk to store objects, a chandelier, or a vintage armchair. In the latter case, it combines very well with a floor lamp, which can take up a corner of the room.

a retro bar
Certain elements are characteristic of this style, such as record players. If you get them, you can use them to decorate your home.

6. A retro bathroom

There are two main methods to bring a 1950’s aesthetics to the bathroom. One of them is the placement of shower curtains with pin-up images and posters, which are often easy to find in stores.

The other is the installation of a bathroom medicine cabinet – an accessory that refers to past decades. It should be small, square, and white in color.

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Incorporate “vintage” accessories from your grandparents

Many people who are now grandfathers or grandmothers lived their youth during the golden age of pin-up. Therefore, there’s a good chance that some of the accessories you’re looking for to bring this fad into the home can be found among their belongings.

For example, they may have large mirrors, dial phones, wall hangers, handkerchiefs, vinyl records, or sheet metal ornaments. Your grandparents may also be eager to get rid of some of these. Otherwise, they can be obtained from various specialty stores or online stores.

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