Pennyroyal: The Benefits and Much More

· November 30, 2018
The pennyroyal plant is a medicinal plant with extraordinary properties that are very beneficial to your body. It can be used topically, to slim down, relax, as well as create a tea with a delicious flavor.

Pennyroyal is an aromatic plant in the mint family. It originated in west Asia in the basin of the Mediterranean Sea. It can reach between 30 and 40 centimeters tall. Its leaves are dark green and it has small purple flowers.

Nowadays, pennyroyal is an herb that is commonly used in teas. It contains minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, and it also has medicinal properties that are very advantageous for your body. It’s exquisite flavor can be enhanced with a few drops of lemon, a little honey, among other ingredients.

Benefits of Pennyroyal

  • Pennyroyal tea is perfect to alleviate problems with the digestive system.
  • It’s used to relax, expectorate, protect against the flu and help you slim down.
  • You can use it to heal wounds.
  • Using it in tea helps you start your menstrual cycle if you have irregular periods.

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Uses for Pennyroyal


  • Pennyroyal is frequently used to relieve pain and stomach problems. The tea is digested thanks to its antispasmodic properties. It also helps control cramps and flatulence.
  • A cup of pennyroyal tea is an ideal relaxer; not only does it calm down your stomach, but it will also destress you. The delicious aroma and taste of this mint can help reduce nervousness. It’s perfect for just before bed and to get the best rest. 
  • This tea acts as a natural cough expectorant. It’s recommended to prevent the spreading of respiratory viruses. It helps to disinfect and alleviate the secretions that build up in your lungs. Therefore, it’s ideal if you have bronchitis.
  •  It helps fight colds. It’s the perfect substitute for any anti-flu medicine and it’s much more natural. Thanks to the properties of this plant, pennyroyal tea can relieve: discomfort, joint pain, body aches. It’s also excellent for reducing fevers.

Calming, Slimming, and Curing Effects

Calming, Slimming, and Curing Effects

  • One of the most renowned characteristics of this tea is that it helps you slim down. It’s recommended that you drink it if you want to lose weight or if you’re on a diet. It’s the perfect helper to burn fat. Of course, without a diet and workout routine, this tea won’t be very helpful.
  • You can apply this plant topically. It can clean cuts and wounds to prevent infections and allow it to heal properly.
  • Also, it can help relieve menstrual pains and fight vaginal infections.

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How to Make Pennyroyal Tea

How to Make Pennyroyal Tea

It’s very simple to make pennyroyal tea. The first thing you should know is that there are two ways to prepare it: you can use store-bought tea bags or make it using loose, natural leaves. The latter option is better to maximize its benefits.


  • Boil water, either in a tea kettle or a pot. It is better if you use drinking water.
  • Put in the tea bag or 4 or 5 leaves from the plant.
  • Turn off the burner and wait 5 minutes for the temperature to lower so that you can taste it and enjoy.
  • Add a little bit of sugar. However, if you drink it to lose wight, it’s better if you don’t add any kind of sweetener.

It’s important to keep in mind that consuming this tea in excess can produce unwanted secondary effects. You should drink it in moderation since it can cause throat pains, excessive sweating, thirst, headaches and diarrhea. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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