6 Natural Remedies to Alleviate the Most Common Ailments

Believe it or not, natural remedies are often the best option to alleviate common ailments for which some medications can be harmful. Learn some of the best options here.
6 Natural Remedies to Alleviate the Most Common Ailments
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Last update: 26 December, 2022

Poor posture, excessive exercise, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle are the catalysts for various common ailments in the body. Of course, each of these should be treated individually and always under a doctor’s supervision. Even so, you can use natural remedies to alleviate the most common ailments. Today, we’ve compiled a list from scientific evidence.

6 home remedies to alleviate the most common ailments

The best way to treat common ailments is to directly attack their cause. For this reason, the natural remedies that we will share here are all palliative in nature. This means that they offer temporary and symptomatic relief, although they should be combined with other measures to tackle the problem at its root.

1. Remedies to relieve back pain

Back pain is one of the ailments that can worsen a person’s quality of life the most. It’s estimated that up to 84% of adults suffer from it at least once in their lives, and unfortunately, the problem is often highly recurrent. Experts usually treat back discomfort with a holistic approach, so remedies to alleviate common ailments can help.

  • Hot and cold therapies: One of the most effective is to apply hot and cold and alternate them every 20 minutes. According to Harvard Health Publishing, heat and cold soothe and relax muscles and increase blood flow, which contributes to the healing process.
  • Consume a diet for inflammation: As noted by Johns Hopkins Medicine, inflammatory diets can contribute to chronic back pain. Limiting your consumption of trans fats, refined sugars, and processed foods can help.
  • Try a massage with rosemary and menthol: There’s evidence that massage with rosemary and menthol extracts can relieve musculoskeletal pain. You can buy a topical cream based on one or both of these ingredients, or make poultices of these and apply them to the area.

2. Remedies for headaches

alleviate the most common ailments: headaches
Headaches are some of the most common ailments.

Headaches are another of the most frequent and tedious ailments that we usually face in our daily lives.

To alleviate them nothing like drinking a good cup of tea, preferably if it’s mint or chamomile. This drink has relaxing effects, which will make the pain subside.

In addition, if you opt for chamomile tea, it could also be useful to relieve stomach discomfort.

3. Remedies for nasal congestion

nasal congestion
There are some remedies you can make at home for nasal congestion instead of using sprays.

Annoying nasal congestion can also be relieved thanks to practical and effective home remedies that will make your life much easier.

One of the most useful remedies is to boil eucalyptus leaves and breathe in its steam, which will help you decongest.

On the other hand, making an infusion with a bay leaf, sage and cinnamon can also be an effective solution.


  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon of sage (10 grams)
  • Cinnamon stick


  • Add the three herbs to the water, bring it to a boil, and allow the decoction to brew for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After this time, the smell will be so strong that it will help you to decongest your nose!

4. Remedies for migraines

alleviate the most common ailments
Migraines cause extreme discomfort.

One of the worst ailments is a migraine.

It can even cause vomiting and people who suffer from it have a really bad time, so anything that can help relieve these headaches is more than welcome.

  • Put some alcohol on a banana peel and let it sit on your forehead for about 30 minutes.
  • Supposedly, according to popular beliefs, the banana peel absorbs the accumulated toxins and reduces headaches in a natural way.

Eating almonds on a daily basis can also help, as this is a food that helps release endorphins and will make the headache start to go away.

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5. Remedies for constipation

alleviate the most common ailments: constipation
There are some natural foods that can help you regulate your intestinal transit

If you have trouble going to the bathroom, there are natural foods that can help you regulate your intestinal transit. One of them, for example, is olive oil.

  • Apply some on your belly and rub it in a circular motion. If you want this to be really effective you will have to repeat it daily, as soon as you wake up.

It can also help to drink natural orange juice and kiwis on an empty stomach.

These foods will provide you with the fiber your body needs and, at the same time, you will stimulate the biliary discharges that your intestine needs to make.

6. Alleviate the most common ailments: Acne

a woman with acne

Acne can be incredibly annoying, in addition to causing a considerable drop in self-esteem. Therefore, to combat it naturally, you can resort to rose water.


  • 10 rose petals
  • 2 cups of water (500 milliliters)

How to make it

  • Put 10 rose petals in a bottle with half a liter of water and let it steep for 36 hours in the refrigerator.
  • After the indicated time, add a little alcohol to the mixture and apply it with a cotton pad on the affected areas once a day.
  • Store this product in the refrigerator.

A mask made with orange peel, oatmeal, and yogurt can also help you. Here’s how to make it:


  • The peel of an orange
  • 3 teaspoons of oatmeal (15 grams)
  • 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt (12.5 grams)


  • Put the peel of an orange in water, cut it into pieces, and add three teaspoons of oatmeal and two teaspoons of natural yogurt.
  • Mix everything together and let it stand for 24 hours in the refrigerator.
  • The resulting mixture should be applied to your skin and left to act for five minutes.
  • Remove with lukewarm water.

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