9 Natural Remedies That May Help With Chronic Low Blood Pressure

Even though there are different natural remedies for getting over low blood pressure, it's always wise to talk to a specialist before starting any treatment that can have negative effects. Learn more in this article!
9 Natural Remedies That May Help With Chronic Low Blood Pressure

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Everyone can suffer from cases of low blood pressure. This could be because of a quick movement, getting too hot, or because of a medication’s side effect. However, there are some who suffer from chronic low blood pressure. This can indicate important risks in their daily lives.

In this article, we want to share 9 natural remedies that could possibly help people who deal with chronic low blood pressure. These include medicinal plants, foods, advice and therapy that can work for everyone.

Why do you have low blood pressure?

If you’re worried about why you have constant low blood pressure, you should do two things asap:

  • Get a home blood pressure meter. This way you can make a good evaluation of your blood pressure and start to control it.
  • See your doctor to do some general tests and detect any possible problems or diseases.

It’s also important to know when this happens to you. You should also know if something in your life has changed at this point. It could be food, stress, emotional situations, medications, etc.

Stressed woman

A deep treatment

The remedies we list in this article have positive effects on your health. But, if your low blood pressure persists on a constant basis, you should also focus on:

  • Your diet
  • Possible nutritional deficits
  • Your lifestyle

This way, you can verify if a health problem is hidden under this symptom. And, if so, you can solve both at the same time.

Natural remedies for chronic blood pressure

1. Pure licorice

Licorice is a great food for raising your blood pressure. In fact, people with hypertension should be careful about eating it indiscriminately.

  • You can eat it naturally. This includes chewing licorice root, taking it in pills, or in a concentrated tea. However, you should avoid the candies that say they’re made with licorice.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a natural stimulant without negative effects like the caffeine in coffee.

This exotic root accelerates your metabolism. It also wakes your body up in every sense.
 It’s also very good to use when you have chronic low blood pressure combined with dizziness and nausea.

  • You can take it raw, grated in food, as a tea, in juices and smoothies, or as a powder. It has a lightly spicy flavor.
Ginger tea for chronic low blood pressure

3. Rosemary tea and honey

A good remedy that people of any age can take is rosemary tea with honey. This is also great for kids because it doesn’t have any risks.

  • You should make a concentrated tea with either fresh or dry rosemary leaves. Then you can sweeten it with honey. This drink can have different shades.
  • You can take it on a regular basis. Drink a cup of this tea at mid-morning and another in the afternoon for 10 days.

4. Ear massage

Your whole body is reflected in your ear. It’s similar to how you would be drawn as a fetus in your mother’s womb with your head down, in the area of the ear lobe.

  • Because of this, massaging your ear from top to bottom helps to stimulate your body.
  • Also, doing it the other way helps you relax.
  • You can use a little vegetable oil when you massage your ear.

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5. Bee pollen

Bee pollen is a superfood that comes from bees. You can take a teaspoon on a daily basis.

You can mix it with a juice, yogurt, etc.

6. Mint oil

Mint oil gives you a dose of vitality, freshness and energy in an instant.

You can always keep a small bottle of oil on hand for oral use. If you have hypotension, you should put a drop under your tongue.

You shouldn’t confuse this oil with synthetic oils. Those lack medicinal properties.

7. Alternating baths for your legs and feet

A very effective home therapy is an alternating hot and cold bath for your legs and feet.

  • You should start with hot water for a few seconds, and always finish in a cold bath. Also, you only have to stay in for a little less than a minute.
  • Do this once per day or when you need to.

8. Bach flowers

You can get specific floral essences for hypotension:

  • Scleranthus.
  • Rescue remedy.
  • Wild rose.

Take 4 drops under your tongue 4 times per day for at least 21 days.

9. Sea water

Drinkable sea water is a treatment that has minerals and trace-elements. And, it has both of these in proportions your body needs.

This may help patients with hypotension related to nutritional deficits in a natural way.

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