A Natural Cream to Heal Cuts and Scars

To get the best results, in addition to using this cream on a regular basis you need to increase your consumption of water to stay hydrated and promote cellular regeneration
A Natural Cream to Heal Cuts and Scars
Lourdes Martínez

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Last update: 26 May, 2022

Did you know that there are natural ways to heal cuts and scars?

Most people have scars they want to hide so they don’t affect their skin’s appearance. These blemishes can be hard to get rid of, however, and only the passage of time can erase some of them entirely.

Accidental cuts, scratches, and surgeries are some of the reasons that scars appear. While they by no means present a serious health risk, they can be a nuisance that affect the self-esteem and confidence of those who suffer from them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments today that nourish the skin, heal cuts and reduce the size of these unsightly marks.

There are plenty of commercial products you can choose from. However, today we want to propose a 100% natural cream that will save you money without exposing you to any unwanted side effects.

A Natural Cream to Heal Cuts and Scars

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This natural treatment for scars, cuts, and other minor wounds is an environmentally-friendly product that has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit your skin:

  • It’s made from beeswax, an ingredient that’s both emollient and antiseptic. It’s also used as the base for lots of nutritional cosmetic products that help repair the dermis of your skin.
  • In addition, it also contains cocoa butter. This is a moisturizing product that’s rich in antioxidants to protect your skin from aggressive elements, as well as common disorders like eczema and dermatitis.
  • Plus, it also contains vitamin E, calendula, and two healthy additives that are known for their benefits when it comes to rejuvenating and repairing the skin.

Calendula is a plant with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties whose extracts are powerful remedies for psoriasis and various other skin problems. It has become one of the most widely use treatments for centuries in treating superficial burns, cuts, and various types of injuries.

Next, we’ll give you step-by-step details for how to prepare this cream at home as well as how to use it.

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Homemade Beeswax Cream to Heal Cuts and Scars

3-homemade-creams to heal cuts and scars

This natural balm is an organic product that you can use as a substitute for many other commercial treatments for scars, blemishes, and injuries to the skin.

It’s suitable for all skin types and is even an excellent choice to heal the delicate skin of children.


  • 1/4 cup of cocoa butter (100 g)
  • 1/2 cup of beeswax (100 g)
  • 1/4 cup of calendula essential oil (50 g)
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil (50 g)
  • 1/4 cup of comfrey extract (50 ml)
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil


  • First, place the beeswax in a saucepan and heat it using a double boiler.
  • Once it has melted, add the cocoa butter and mix them well.
  • Once these ingredients are well mixed, add the calendula and olive oils.
  • Reduce the heat to low and stir with a wooden spoon.
  • Then, add the comfrey extract, the vitamin E capsule, and the lavender essential oil.
  • Leave this on the heat for at least one minute before removing.
  • Wait for the product to solidify somewhat, then pour it into a glass jar with a lid. Please note that you need to first sterilize the glass container so that it doesn’t affect the quality of the cream.
  • Store this in a cool, dark place away from any heat source.
  • It will keep in perfect condition for up to a month.

How to Use It

  • Dip your fingertips into the cream and rub it on any scars or cuts using a gentle massage.
  • Allow it to absorb into the skin without rinsing.
  • Repeat its usage three times a day.

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Just like most other natural products, this skin cream won’t have immediate or miraculous effects. You’ll start to notice the benefits after regular usage.

On the other hand, because the ingredients are 100% natural and don’t usually trigger problems, you can rule out most possible allergic reactions by first doing a simple skin test on a small area of your skin. If you notice any irritation or discomfort, your best bet is to look for an alternative.

Don’t forget that you can enhance its effects by increasing your consumption of water, using moisturizing products, and by improving your eating habits.

If you follow all of these suggestions, you’ll find that it’s easy to remove those unsightly scars without any expensive or professional techniques.

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