Make Sure that You Remove Pubic Hair Correctly

· October 25, 2017
In order to remove pubic hair correctly, you need to make sure that you take into account the type of hair that you have. There are certain methods that are better according to your type.

Eliminating pubic hair is a matter of both aesthetics and social norms.  It also is related to hygiene and health.

Unfortunately, getting rid of body hair is a custom that often can be uncomfortable and a real nuisance.

Of all parts of the body, the groin is one of the most sensitive and the hair that grows there is a problem. Do you know how to eliminate it correctly?

In search of the best way to remove pubic hair correctly

We all want our bodies to be beautiful and, at the same time, comfortable. Often, this has to do with the removal of body hair.

We can’t ignore the fact that this is a social custom.  If you don’t believe this, we can go back to different times and see the love of body hair according to the trends, uses and customs.

These days, there is more of a tendency to just leave body hair alone and allow it to grown naturally, both in men and women. However, most people favor shaving or hair removal.

This custom has extended to men, which shows that hair removal is no longer just a question of gender.

The elimination of pubic hair is very common. It’s either practiced for bathing suits, or for many, it’s done for the benefit of sexual relations.

But, how should you get rid of it? What’s the best way?

Why it’s there

Every time we eliminate hair we ask ourselves, “Why do we have body hair?”  Perhaps knowing why will make us understand a little better. In addition, this will help us to make a better decision.

Some of the functions of genital hair are the following:

  • It is a protective barrier against viruses and other bacteria.
  • It maintains a warm  temperature for the correct functioning of the genital zone.
  • It prevents irritation during sex, since it acts as a defense.

This said, maintaining the groin area hair free is a question of comfort.

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The elimination of pubic hair: the ideal method


Shaving groin

Shaving to eliminate hair is a fast and comfortable method.

  • Advantages: no preparation time and fast.
  • Disadvantages: the hair grows a bit each day and can irritate or provoke small cuts if not done effectively and carefully.

We recommend shaving in the shower with damp skin and warm water that softens the hair follicles. This avoids ingrown hairs or cysts.

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Hair removal with wax

This is the most effective traditional method to remove hair, especially with hot wax, since it adheres well to the hair. Of course, it’s a bit painful the first time.

  • Advantages: smooth and soft skin and a groin without hair for about three weeks.
  • Disadvantages: It can be uncomfortable to do and causes redness in the area, which goes away in a few hours.

This is not advisable for people with vein problems or coagulation problems.

Hair removal with creams

Smooth legs and groin

This method is excellent because it’s invisible, painless, and there are no contraindications.

However, it is important to conduct a test in the area to eliminate the possibility of being allergic.

  • Advantages: it’s fast, painless, and leaves the skin soft.
  • Disadvantages: it doesn’t remove hair, but cuts it. Because of this, it grows back in a few days.

Since it does contain chemicals, be careful using it in the genital area and purchase the type of cream for sensitive skin if this is your case.

Laser hair removal

This is an effective but costly method. You need eight sessions to definitively eliminate hair, giving touch-ups.

At the same time, it’s important to do research before starting and you should go to a specialist. 

There are different types of laser treatment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to investigate which is best for you.

  • Advantage: clearly the most effective method.
  • Disadvantage: it’s an investment of considerable time since we are talking about 8 sessions total,  which you go to every one or two months.

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Brazilian method

For those who want to go a step farther, above the bikini line.

  • Advantages: with the option for hair removal, we now don’t have to worry about hair, especially in the summer.  It’s advisable, at least in the beginning, to choose a salon that we feel confidant in.

So which do we choose?

Choose the correct method for your type of hair and for what you would like to achieve. Choose the type of hair removal that is best for you.

The elimination of pubic hair can provoke irritation and inflammation in the hair follicles, causing tiny open sores that are almost microscopic.

These irritations, in a warm and humid environment, can be an area that cultivates bacteria and other microorganisms. As with eliminating hair in any part of the body, when removing pubic hair, it’s important to respect and take care of your body.