Does Love Have an Age, or Is it Timeless?

· February 14, 2017
Have you ever fallen for someone significantly older or younger than you? You're not alone. Remember: Love only has an age if you give it one.

Many people deny that they think love has an age and yet are strict in this area when they’re looking for a romantic relationship.

This happens because we still have all kinds of prejudices in our head telling us things like, “When he gets a few years older, he’ll already be an old man,” or “What will happen when reality hits us?”

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The truth is that there’s no reason to fear starting a relationship just because of your partner’s age. It’s best to let yourself be directed and guided by your heart.



Are you worried about what they’ll say?

Sometimes, the reason a relationship ends isn’t an issue of age, but rather an issue of never really believing it would work.

That’s what society – and your friends – tells you, and even if you don’t want to admit it, they have influenced you in a big way.

Even so, why in do we always think everything will turn out in the beginning?

Everything is easier in the first weeks or months when our idealization and expectations carry us to a dream world.

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This is the time when anything is possible. However, when the rose-colored glasses come off, we start worrying: “What will they say?”

Even if you don’t want to admit it, all kinds of worries surround you:

  1. When he’s the older one, you’ll have to take care of him some day. This is one of the first thoughts that come to our mind in these situations.

But you could also be dating someone the same age as you and an accident makes him dependent on you for the rest of your lives. The only difference is that one situation is due to an accident, and the other is a natural cause.

Should this matter when it comes to love?

2. He’s more mature than you. Remember: your number of birthdays doesn’t determine your maturity.

A 40-year-old can be very immature, while a 20-year-old can be exceptionally mature. Age is just a number and doesn’t reflect a person’s maturity.

3. He’ll stop being attractive to you. Careful! Physical attraction is important, but true love is not based on attraction alone.

We all end up losing our looks. However, when someone loves you for who you are, that doesn’t matter.

He is in love with your inside. The outside is just the wrapping that ends up falling away over time.


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Love only has an age if you give it one

After all this, we have come to the conclusion that love only has an age if you give it one and if you let yourself be guided by your prejudices and beliefs that have no reason to be true.

Think about all the times that you’ve said that opposites attract. That probably is true for some couples, but probably hasn’t turned out like that for others.

We must try to free ourselves from the beliefs that prevent us from enjoying a pure, healthy, natural love.

Love has an age if you think it does, an age determined by physical condition and health. At the same time, what’s really important is underestimated and minimized: love at its fullest.

It doesn’t matter if a 20-something falls in love with a 40-something (or more). What matters is that they are happy and love each other.

What will happen tomorrow? No one knows, but we can all be sure that everything will end someday.

Having an age difference is not synonymous with breaking up. If it were, then people closest in age would have a better chance of staying together (obviously, this isn’t true).


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Feeling sure that love has an age just limits it and puts conditions on it before it can even come and possibly change your mind.

Love is fluid, unexpected, it surprises us and allows us to expand our minds. Don’t put limits on it or try to stop it if it doesn’t shows up in the way you had expected or doesn’t look like how you had imagined.

Believing love has an age is like saying it has an end date, when it might instead be an experience that lasts your whole life, going against everything you expected, beautifully ill-advised.