Lose Weight with Artichoke Water

· March 25, 2015

Artichokes holds numerous hidden benefits in their small green leaves. This healthy and tasty vegetable will let you lose weight easily, thanks to its diuretic and fat burning properties. In this article, we’ll explain how to get the most of its benefits. Don’t miss out on the following information.

It’s important to be very careful when you go on a diet. Restrictive and low protein diets are definitely the most dangerous ones. You need to have a balanced diet and make sure that you have the proper nutrients at all times. Artichokes are an excellent option thanks to their vitamin B, iron, magnesium, amino acids, flavonoids, phosphorus, and potassium. We will explain more below.

How Can Artichokes Help Me Lose Weight?



  • Everyone knows the famous slimming properties of artichokes, but you should be clear: there is no miracle product that lets you lose weight in a small amount of time. There are foods that can help facilitate the progress, but only if you have willpower and change your lifestyle a little bit. So, is the slimming effect of artichokes real? It is, but it requires you to be consistent and to also take care of the rest of your nutrition.
  • Artichoke is a very old vegetable with special properties that help you in many ways. For example, their is inulin, a carbohydrate that metabolizes slowly in the body, which is great for diabetics.
  • Artichokes are rich in fiber, which helps you lower glucose in the blood and control cholesterol levels. This also fights constipation.
  • Another important element is that it contains cynarine, an amazing substance that helps stimulate bile secretion, which promotes fat digestion as well as a diuretic effect which prevents fluid retention.
  • It is also important to note that artichokes have less than 1% of fat. Thus they have a very low calorie amount (22 calories for every 100 grams).
  • You could also say that its slimming effect happens because of three factors: its low calorie level, its diuretic effect, and its ability to process fats in order to be able to eliminate them easily.

What Other Benefits Do Artichokes Have?


  • This is a medicinal vegetable that boosts and helps your liver functions
  • It boosts your digestion and fat elimination
  • It is a good detoxifiercleanses your intestines, liver, and kidneys
  • Lowers you blood cholesterol level
  • Has diuretic and depurative properties, which makes it a perfect ally for your kidneys
  • Artichokes help you defend yourself from coronary diseases like artherosclerosis
  • It is especially great for your liver. It cleans it, regenerates it, and helps it gather vitamins.

Lose Weight with Artichoke Water




  • The artichoke diet consists in having a pattern of including artichoke water three times a day. Do this for 10 days a month for at least 3 months. As a result, you will not only lose weight, but also detox your body. For the ten days, you will have a diet based on natural juices, fruits, vegetables, and no fats or processed foods. We also recommend doing at least a half an hour of exercise a day.

How to make it

  • It is very easy. Take two medium-sized artichokes, that are very fresh, dark skinned, and healthy looking. Wash them well and cut the stem end off. Then was the two halves well.
  • Put a liter and a half of water in a pot. Boil the two artichokes until they have a good tone and become softer.
  • Once they are boiling, take the water from this. You can add the artichokes to your meals. A little bit of oil, salt, and vinegar make a very healthy and tasty plate. Artichoke water will be the guidelines of your diet. You will have a liter and a half of water. drink this throughout the day.
  • You can start after breakfast: a cup of oatmeal, an apple for example, and then a glass of artichoke water. You can also drink it after your main meals. Remember that it boosts your digestion, that it is a diuretic and helps you process fat. That is why we suggest drinking it after meals.
  • You can drink the liter and a half for the whole day. You can put it in the fridge and when you drink it, you can pair it with a little bit of lemon juice and mint leaves as well. The flavor is better and the benefits will be higher. Don’t stop trying it and remember to follow a varied diet in which salads are not missing and to do a little bit of exercise. Walking an hour a day, for example, is enough and if you do this diet with a relative or a friend, it will definitely be much easier for you.