Lose Weight with Artichoke Water

October 5, 2018
Artichokes have tons of hidden benefits in their small green leaves. Thanks to its diuretic and fat burning properties, this healthy, tasty vegetable can help you lose weight easily, thanks to its diuretic and fat burning properties.

It’s important to be very careful when you go on a diet. Restrictive, low protein diets are definitely the most dangerous. You need to keep a balanced diet and get all the proper nutrients. Artichokes are an excellent option thanks to their vitamin B, iron, magnesium, amino acids, flavonoids, phosphorus, and potassium. Artichoke water is no different.

How can artichokes help me lose weight?


  • Artichokes are famous for their slimming properties, but remember: there is no miracle food that can bring your weight down in a short amount of time. There are foods that can help, but only if you have the willpower to change your lifestyle a little bit. So, can artichokes really help you slim down? They can, but you have to be consistent and make sure you’re still getting proper nutrition.
  • Artichoke is an ancient vegetable with special properties that help you in several ways. For example, they contain inulin, a carbohydrate that metabolizes slowly in the body, which is great for diabetics.
  • Artichokes are rich in fiber, which helps lower your glucose and cholesterol levels. Fiber is also good for fighting constipation.
  • Another important element is that they have cynarine. This amazing substance helps stimulate bile secretion, which promotes fat digestion. It also has a diuretic effect, so it can help prevent fluid retention.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that they’re are less than 1% fat. That means they have an extremely low calorie count (22 for every 100 grams).
  • Basically, artichokes get their slimming properties from three things: low calories, their diuretic effect, and their ability to process fats so that your body can remove them more easily.

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What other benefits do artichokes have?

artichokes steamed

  • It’s a medicinal vegetable that improves your liver function
  • It improves your digestion and fat elimination
  • It’s a good detoxifiercleansing your intestines, liver, and kidneys
  • It lowers your cholesterol levels
  • It has diuretic and depurative properties, which makes it a perfect ally for your kidneys
  • It’s especially great for your liver. It cleans it, regenerates it, and helps it gather vitamins.
  • It helps you defend yourself from heart diseases like atherosclerosis

Lose weight with artichoke water

artichoke water

How does it work?

The artichoke diet consists in drinking artichoke water three times a day. You do this 10 days a month for at least 3 months.

As a result, you’ll be detoxing your body on top of losing weight. For those ten days, you should base your diet on natural juices, fruits, vegetables, and no fats or processed foods. We also recommend doing at least a half an hour of exercise a day.

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How do you make artichoke water?

It’s very easy. Take two fresh, dark-skinned, healthy-looking, medium-sized artichokes. Wash them well and cut off the stems. Then wash the two halves.

  • Fill a pot with a liter and a half of water. Boil the two artichokes until they have a good tone and become softer.
  • Once they’re boiling, pour the water into a container. You can also eat the artichokes. A little bit of oil, salt, and vinegar make a very healthy, tasty dish. Artichoke water is the basis of your diet for this time: you’ll have a liter and a half that you should drink throughout the day.
  • You can start after breakfast: a cup of oatmeal, an apple (for example), then a glass of artichoke water. You can also drink it after your main meals. It improves your digestion, has diuretic properties, and helps you process fat. This is why we suggest drinking it after meals.
  • You can drink the liter and a half throughout your day. You can put it in the fridge and add a little lemon juice and/or mint leaves when you’re having some. This gives it a better flavor and even more benefits. Keep up with it and remember to maintain a balanced diet (don’t forget to eat salads) and do a bit of exercise. Walking an hour a day, for example, is plenty.

So, how does this artichoke water diet sound? Ask a friend or relative if they’ll go on this diet with you: it’ll be much easier to stick to it!