Learn to Live with Some People and Survive without Others

You know that the people you love won’t always be by your side. That’s why it’s important to also learn how to live with some people you might not care for as much.
Learn to Live with Some People and Survive without Others

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Life is like a train ride. We stop at countless stations, people we don’t know get on, and companions we love suddenly get off or change routes. Given these circumstances, learning to coexist with some people and survive without others seems like a challenge that, sooner or later, we’re bound to encounter.

Because there’ll be interactions we’ll have to know how to deal with. And, in the meantime, there’ll be those who’ll leave. So, the challenge, then, will be to live without them. We invite you to reflect on this below. If you’re interested, read on.

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Learn to Live with Some People


Two young women talking.
Tolerating some people may be necessary for overall growth.

Some people can be very difficult to live with because they don’t share your values, they don’t have the same worldview, or you simply don’t get along with them.

In spite of this, you may have no choice but to put up with them because they’re encounters that take place in your own family, community, or workplace. In other words, these are situations in which distancing yourself is usually rather difficult or something almost impossible

However, if what you want is to maintain emotional balance, perhaps the healthiest alternative is to try to establish cordial relationships and accept the other person.

For example, it may not be necessary to change seats every time someone makes you uncomfortable. Admitting that others are as they are, with their faults and virtues, is also an act of maturity and tolerance.

So, even if there’s no love lost between you and certain social contacts, you shouldn’t run away in these situations. In fact, it’s likely that if you try to face them with patience and a certain emotional ‘distance’, you’ll take away more than one lesson from the experience.

How to Survive a Loss

In life, it’s always hard to deal with the people you don’t exactly hit it off with. However, there’s an even more difficult test: Living without the people you love.

Parents, partners, friends… They step off the train of your life leaving an empty space that’s hard to cope with. We feel pain and mourn the loss.

It is a natural process that, irremediably, is part of this journey through life. With time, we may come to understand that this will be a frequent occurrence, even if it causes us suffering and is beyond our control.

The idea may seem frivolous, but the journey will be based on learning to accept that there’ll be those who will enter and those who will step off our train. But why is it so hard for us to admit it? Why do we resist believing that we are, after all, traveling alone?

Apart from the reasonable attachment we establish with those significant others, perhaps these difficulties have to do with the discomfort that uncertainty produces in human beings. It’s true that we get used to a certain order. That’s why, when this order is altered, it’s common to experience fear.

These are all common emotions in this kind of event. But as the you continue down the tracks, these episodes will occur over and over, and with that, the variety of experiences we will have gone through will increase significantly.

In those cases, we’ll recognize that sadness is there, but we’ll also know that living with it will be another challenge. We’ll think of the good memories, we’ll look for support around us, and we’ll keep traveling. Because the journey continues…

Two friends making memories.
It’s common to miss some relationships! But remember the positive aspects and move on.

Living with some people, surviving without others?

Have you ever faced these situations? Having to live with some people you can barely stand? Finding yourself in the situation of surviving without those you love?

These are the most common circumstances that put us to the test on more than one occasion.

However, it seems that the key lies in acceptance. In other words, in admitting that there will be those we like more and others that we like much less. It’s even possible that those that we love so much will leave…

All in all, there seems to be little we can control except our own steps. What do you think? How do you feel about your journey?

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