Learn to Live with Some People and Survive without Others

02 February, 2019
You know that the people you love won’t always be by your side. That’s why it’s important to also learn how to live with the people you might not care for as much.

Life is like a train ride. You’ll stop at plenty of stations, people you don’t know will climb on, and people you love might suddenly step off. That’s why you need to learn to live with some people and survive without others.

After all, some will appear in your life and you’ll need to learn how to deal with them. Meanwhile, others will depart, and you’ll have to learn how to live in their absence.

Although you might think it’s hard, today we’re going to explore in depth how life teaches you how to overcome these situations.

It’s important that, rather than wallowing in unhappiness, you try your hardest to learn from all the experiences that will test you in life.

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Learn to Live with Some People

Some people can be very difficult to live with because they don’t share your values, they don’t have the same worldview, or you simply don’t get along with them.

In spite of this, you might not have a choice but to “put up with them” because getting rid of them is not an option.

2 man tormented, learn how to live with some people

These people may be toxic, and yet they might also be among your family members or coworkers. In such situations, it may not be easy or even feasible to turn your back on them and forget about it.

That’s why you need to learn to live with some people in a healthy way, avoiding anything that could upset your emotional balance.

Stop feeling like you need to move to another seat every time someone makes you uncomfortable. You have to learn to accept other people the way they are, with all their flaws and virtues alike.

You might think that you’re being forced to suffer in silence, but that’s not the case. When you accept people without emotional involvement, it makes you a more wise and balanced person.

You can’t always escape the things that bother you. Sometimes, you have to face those situations with intelligence. This is the only way you can learn and grow.

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How to Survive a Loss

In life, it’s always hard to deal with the people you don’t exactly hit it off with. However, there’s an even more difficult test: living without the people you love.

Parents, partners, friends…They step off the train of your life leaving an empty space that’s hard to cope with. However, the important thing is that you learn to overcome this loss.

3 back of a woman

The suffering you experience when someone important to you gets off your train can manifest as problems with emotional dependence or serious issues with love and loneliness.

Although it’s only a metaphor, you have to learn to accept the fact that people will get on and off your train. You’re the only one who stays on it for the duration of the ride.

However, why is it such a struggle to accept the painful reality that people will depart from your train?

It’s because you don’t know when they’ll go because it’s out of your control, and yet we often still foolishly want to be in control of everything and everyone around you.

This is why it’s important to accept reality. It of course hurts and you suffer, but you have to learn to embrace the pain and keep going, because life goes on.

Think of all the good memories you had with them and continue on your path of experiences.

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4 woman letting go

What’s the hardest challenge for you? To live with some people, or survive without others?

Whatever you choose will help you determine what you should be focusing on in order to overcome any barriers or fears that are keeping you from being truly happy.

We should also mention that you must learn to accept things. Accept your life the way that it is. Accept others with their good and bad qualities. Above all, accept that you can’t control anything in your life except for your own path.