Kitchenware: What Are the Essential Accessories?

Household utensils are the elements we use in the kitchen and at the table. Let's see which utensils you should include in it.
Kitchenware: What Are the Essential Accessories?

Last update: 25 August, 2022

Having an over-equipped kitchen with modern accessories and utensils that are updated every time a new model appears on the market is not necessary. In fact, we end up accumulating objects that we don’t use and that have nothing to do with good kitchenware.

The essential accessories of kitchenware are those that allow us to work in the kitchen with comfort and practicality, to offer complete table service then. In this sense, it’s important to highlight what these basic elements are so that we do not buy extra things that we will not use.

We know that each family is different and that each kitchen responds to the needs of those who live in it every day. However, there are some utensils that should be in every home, and that may vary in model or size, but that we will need in the end. Let’s take a close look.

Stainless steel pots and Teflon pans

We’ll start with those elements that we need in the kitchen itself for the preparation of food. Stainless steel pots and pans are essential pieces of kitchenware. They can be used to prepare stews, casseroles, sauces, meats, vegetables, and many other dishes.

As they’re widely used, you should opt for stainless steel material that, in addition to offering durability and resistance, favors the cooking of food. As for the dimensions, the key is to have more than one of these pans; they should be of different sizes for different preparations and occasions.

As for the frying pans, our recommendation is that they be made of Teflon or any other non-stick material. They can be used to make omelets, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and other foods that tend to stick to the base. Perhaps two pots of two different sizes and a medium-sized frying pan is a good place to start.

pots and pans
It’s best to invest in good materials for kitchenware since cooking tasks wear out our kitchen tools.

Various utensils

Kitchen utensils make up a universe of their own, in which it’s very easy to get lost and end up buying objects that are very pretty but that aren’t necessary or even practical. For this reason, we’re now going to share our list of the utensils that can’t be missing in your home kitchenware:

  • Cutlery: One good knife is enough. The reality is that knives are available for anything you can imagine, but most people don’t know how to use them. Perhaps you could also add a smaller blade for specific foods.
  • Drainer: These come in plastic and stainless steel. The latter is the most recommended for their resistance and durability. We’ll also include a grater that offers different shapes for cheese and vegetables, such as carrots.
  • Spatulas: One or two spatulas made of a material that doesn’t damage the surface of the pan is more than enough. Don’t forget the wooden ladle and a skimmer in this category.
  • Miscellaneous items: This includes chopping board, a potato peeler, a wine and can opener, plastic containers for the freezer, and bowls, among others. The size and quantity will depend on each household.

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Tableware is another component of homeware that offers a wide range of possibilities. There are models, materials, and designs for everyone.

Let’s divide it into glasses and cups, plates and cutlery. We’ll take a closer look at each group and analyze what’s suitable.

Cups and mugs

What usually happens is that we start with a set of glasses that, over time, breaks. When we replace them, we lose the uniformity of our designs.

Nowadays, having different models of glasses on a table is not such a big deal since informal and modern tables have taken over. In fact, it’s possible to see tables with glasses that used to be jam jars, and it’s both accepted and fashionable.

In this sense, wide, tube-format glasses are multipurpose. You will cover the service of drinks with these glasses, from water to elaborated drinks.

If you have to buy more, opt for classic models that are easy to replace. But…Is it necessary to buy glasses? Yes and no; it all depends on the type of meetings you have at home. Perhaps, with a few glasses of water, you have the problem solved if you offer informal dinners with family and friends.

On the contrary, if you like orderly dinners of several steps and wine tastings, it’s best to have at least three glasses: wine, water, and sparkling wine. It’s also best to choose classic designs that you can replenish.

Regarding cups, you could go for the classic mugs and some coffee mugs.


In the case of plates, it’s best to go for a set that includes all sizes: appetizer plates (which can also be used for desserts), main course plates, and casserole plates. The reality is that the designs are very attractive and varied. If you choose one that is too exclusive, it will be difficult to find a model to replace it.

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Cutlery consists of knives, forks, and spoons. Again, the best thing you can do is to simplify the matter. For example, choose serrated knives that work for meat rather than buying them separately.

If you eat fish regularly, include fish knives. However, if fish is not part of your daily menu, this really isn’t necessary.

As for spoons, we can summarize them in soup, dessert, and tea spoons. The material par excellence is stainless steel, and the number of pieces will vary according to each family.

Table linen

Our suggestion is to have a cloth tablecloth for special occasions and others for daily use. Another option is to use placemats for each guest. They can be made of PVC, bamboo, rattan, or fabric.

Kitchen towels are also important for cleaning and drying kitchen surfaces.

You can decide on the complete kitchenware depending on the type of meals you have and whether they’re elegant or informal.

Home kitchenware ranges from the basics to the eclectic

We hope we’ve given you a general overview of what are the basic items included in your kitchenware. We’ve only mentioned the basics – that is, the utensils and tableware that can’t be missed.

However, we understand that it’s tempting to have some items that, although they’re not used on a daily basis, may come in handy at some point. For example, serving platters or trays, pitchers, and organizers, among others.

Our suggestion is that you make room for these infrequently used items by being conscious about all of your purchases. Let’s make sure to choose those that cause less damage to the environment.

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