Three Ideas to Decorate the Ceilings of Your Home

Perhaps you're redecorating your home and you're hesitating to include the top in the budget. In this article, we'll explain why you should not stop decorating ceilings with ingenuity and innovation.
Three Ideas to Decorate the Ceilings of Your Home

Last update: 15 January, 2023

For some time now, ceilings, which used to be empty and forgotten spaces in the home, have become cornerstones of the art of decoration. Those areas that dominate the heights deserve to be covered with charm. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for our mental health. That’s why we’re going to tell you the importance of decorating the ceilings of your home, and we’re going to bring you the best ideas.

The spaces we inhabit and frequent have a direct influence on our moods. Of course, as part of these spaces, ceilings deserve recognition.

Low ceilings, for example, benefit the performance of routine tasks and stimulate concentration. Conversely, high ceilings motivate creativity.

The importance of including ceilings in your home decor

As we mentioned earlier, the influence of ceilings on mood is paramount. A ceiling that is painted in darker tones than the floors of a room, for example, can cause the sensation that it will fall.

On an aesthetic level, by applying the appropriate techniques, ceilings can become the main protagonists of our homes, taking them to the podium of home design. Another interesting option, however, is to integrate the ceilings into the decoration of your house, seeking to complete a harmonious effect with the walls and furniture.

Ideas to decorate the ceilings of your house

Leaving the ceilings white or painting them in a particular color is always a good decorative option. However, the most avant-garde and daring trends in the world of design surprise us with their originality.

ideas decorating ceilings
High ceilings are associated with creativity. According to the psychology of spaces, they stimulate ideas.

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1. Sculptural ceilings

Appealing to the solidity and adaptability of the laminated plasterboard, you can play with shapes and reliefs to destroy the idea that the ceiling must always be a flat surface.

In addition, light boards and backlighting can be added to this type of ceiling, generating a visual impact of greater depth of the environment.

2. Beams imitating wood

Using cassettes with beams imitating wood to decorate the ceilings can produce a more comfortable environment. The ceilings decorated in this way, besides collaborating in the division of home environments, generate the optical effect of being lower than they really are.

3. Decorate your ceilings as if they were floors…and vice versa

Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking and avant-garde ideas when it comes to decorating ceilings is the trend that involves decorating floors as ceilings and ceilings as floors.

Following this trend, perhaps inspired by fragments of “Alice in Wonderland”, you can use ceramic tiles or parquet to decorate the ceiling, to name just a few examples. This will create a much more original and fun room.

ideas decorating ceilings
Lighting fixtures are also part of the decoration. Choosing the right lights will highlight moldings and finishes.

Decorating ceilings in an eco-friendly way

Perhaps the most innovative – as well as environmentalist – idea in the art of decorating the ceilings of a home is the one that opts for the construction of green roofs. This method implies benefits such as better aesthetics, reduction of air pollution, and the optimization of the quality of life of its inhabitants. This is highlighted by the Argentine journalist María Laura Perez Casar in her article for the magazine Investigaciones Agropecuarias.

In the same line of thought, the authors of the article published in the magazine Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua assure that the application of green roofs when decorating homes, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, could be a solution to the flooding problems in their country.

As you can see, the issue goes beyond aesthetics. We can have functional and environmentally friendly roofs.

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