Five breakfast ideas for hypothyroidism

To improve symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, there is nothing better to start your day than a good dose of iodine through natural sources, like blueberries and oatmeal.
Five breakfast ideas for hypothyroidism

Last update: 07 January, 2020

Living with hypothyroidism is not easy. But it usually responds well to correct medical treatment. However, there is something not many patients may know: you need to change your dietary habits.

Generally, whenever something alters the thyroid gland, it triggers a series of changes in our bodies that require us to establish new routines and eat healthier.

So, having hypothyroidism means that the thyroid hormone is lacking. Thus, little by little, this causes the organic activity behind metabolic, neuronal, cardio-circulatory, and digestive functions to change according to this investigation by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

However, as we say, medical treatments are effective and patients can re-stabilize the activity of their thyroid gland.

Thus, while taking medication, what dietary guidelines should be followed? Below are 5 breakfast rules:

Breakfasts for people with hypothyroidism

1. Yes to natural beverages


Nutritionists tell us that the first thing to keep in mind with hypothyroidism is that we need to have a balanced diet.

We know, for example, that raising iodine intake will regulate the thyroid gland when functioning at a lower level.

However, you shouldn’t eat just foods containing this mineral. No need to go to extremes.

  • Firstly, you must remember that coffee, as well as tea or soy, are not good for hypothyroidism. However, there are no conclusive studies about this.
  • Also, we must always run any change in our diet by a doctor.

What we really need to pay attention to in our diet are the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take note of these natural drinks that go well with breakfast.

2. Garlic

According to this information from Fundación Española del Corazón, garlic is very good for regulating your thyroid and treating hypothyroidism. This is because it’s rich in iodine and selenium, two minerals that are essential when you have this type of condition.

We recommend you consume it as follows:

  • Spread two garlic cloves on whole-wheat toast.
  • You can also make an omelet with garlic as eggs are also good for you when you have hypothyroidism.

3. Oatmeal


There is no study that supports oats as a recommended food for hypothyroidism. So, you must consult a doctor before adding it to your diet.

4. Whole grain cereals with nuts

Whole grains provide the fiber that’s great for hypothyroidism according to this study by Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas de Villa Clara «Serafín Ruiz de Zarate Ruiz»  in Cuba.

However, there’s no scientific evidence to recommend it specifically to patients with hypothyroidism.

4. Natural organic yogurt for hypothyroidism

Natural yogurt for hypothyroidism.

Natural yogurt is a great idea for breakfast as it is a natural, iodine-rich probiotic food according to this study conducted by Sociedad Española de Nutrition.

So, look for an organic one, or make it yourself as its benefits will be greater.

5. Blueberries for hypothyroidism

Did you know that blueberries are natural treasures rich in antioxidants and are a powerful source of iodine?

  • Try to eat them in season. Then, add to natural yogurt, or mix a spoonful of oatmeal, and you will have a wonderful option for breakfast.

Thus, to sum up, one way to start the day is by taking care of our thyroid glands with a good breakfast because it may alleviate your condition. So, the options we have suggested are very good for hypothyroidism.

However, keep in mind that physical activity also stimulates our metabolism according to this study by Universidad Central de Ecuador.

So, if you have time, after breakfast, go for a walk or practice yoga. You’ll feel more relaxed. As you can see it’s worth a shot!

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