How to Make Rain Chains and Their Benefits

Rain chains are beautiful, produce a soothing sound, and can help you water your plants. Discover how to make them and decorate your garden.
How to Make Rain Chains and Their Benefits

Last update: 23 August, 2022

Rain chains come from Japan and have different models and designs, all of them well worth admiring. Their main purpose is to guide the water that falls from the roof of the house when it rains, either to collect it in a bucket, to water the plants, or as decoration.

The fact is that because they’re so eye-catching, they became popular in other countries. If you want to make your own rain chains, we will tell you how to make them and what their advantages are in this article.

How to make rain chains?

There’s only one thing that limits the fact of making rain chains: imagination. Any material that’s water resistant can help you create a work of art. Seriously. Anything you can think of works, as long as it fulfills its main function, which is to guide rainwater.

You can make them out of copper, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum, or any other material you have at your disposal. Here are some original ideas that can serve as inspiration.

Japanese garden
In Japanese-style gardens, rain chains find a propitious environment to both fit in and stand out.

1. Small buckets of water

The idea is to get small buckets of water of the same size that, joined by a chain, you can hang in the gutter of the roof. Another similar idea is to design tiny flower pots, which, when overflowing with raindrops, make a beautiful visual effect.

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2. Stones

It’s time to go to the beach and collect beautiful stones of different colors and sizes! They will all work for you.

You will just need to attach them together with a chain or a nice wire weave. You can wrap the wire around the stone or buy a device that allows you to pierce the stone and recreate a chain.

3. Tangled cutlery

If you like the sound of objects moving and rain, this idea is great. All you have to do is take some old silverware and tangle them together to form a chain. It will give the impression of coming out of Alice in Wonderland.

4. Colored glass bottles

Have you ever heard the sound of rain hitting a glass bottle? Many people find it relaxing.

If you’re one of those people, then you’ll like the idea of collecting some glass bottles of different colors. Just be careful not to leave cracks on the edges of the bottles when you cut them to make your decoration.

The advantages of rain chains

Next, we’ll list you some reasons why you should have rain chains and install them in the front or back corners of your house (or anywhere in the garden).

They’re a beautiful decoration

Rain chains are quite attractive when the designer is creative or artistic.  Also, bear in mind that you can buy them and have a design that requires more specific tools.

There are endless choices on the market. It may take you a whole day to decide which one is the best.

Rain chains produce a soothing sound

For rain chains to make a sound, the material they’re made of must match. Once this is determined, there’s no doubt that when the drops hit them or the water cascades down, a soothing sound is produced.

They water plants

You can take your houseplants and place them under the rain chains so that they’re supplied with rainwater. They’re quite helpful when the plant is delicate.

Also, bear in mind that not only do you benefit from the water, but it saves you the energy of a conventional irrigation system.

Rain chains in a garden
The decorative advantages of rain chains are not only aesthetic. They also serve to direct the water to plants.

They’re not in the way

As a chain that is usually hung in the corners of the roof of a house, not only does it take up little space, but it also doesn’t get in the way. You should only remember to clean them from time to time to dry the accumulated water and prevent mold from growing or insects from laying their eggs.

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What you should keep in mind

Before purchasing or designing rain chains, you should take into account the type of climate in your region. If it rains frequently, it would be a good idea to have chains whose materials are strong and resistant to withstand the discharge.

Also, don’t leave aside the drainage system. Thinking about where the water will eventually fall is very important. Keep in mind that the foundation of your house can be damaged by too much contact with water, especially if the floor is made of wood.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.