How to Create a Craft Space at Home

Having a dedicated corner of your home for manual activities promotes order, organization, and creativity. Discover some tips to set it up in a simple and budget-friendly way here!
How to Create a Craft Space at Home

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 18 December, 2022

Making crafts at home, whether decorative or artistic, involves the use of materials, paints, and accessories that tend to get lost. Many of them are small objects that can easily disappear and may never be found again. The purpose of setting up a craft space at home is to give order to everything that surrounds manual elaboration.

With a special area for this type of work, it’s possible to store the necessary elements while enjoying an environment destined for creativity. By applying a series of tips and recommendations, it’s possible to have a craft space in your own home in a cheap and easy way.

What is a craft”space and why have one at home?

a craft space at home
Having a craft space at home can be the best way to keep everything organized.

The word craft refers to a “handicraft” in English, so a space of this type is intended for manual activities, whether related to decoration, such as do-it-yourself projects or crafting, as well as those related to the crafting of objects or art. For example, this also includes painting or drawing. All these tasks require small materials with even tinier caps, as well as pencils, rulers, brushes, or adhesive stickers.

These are also objects that are often lost. Accumulation and clutter negatively affect the creativity of a moment that should be destined for pleasure. That’s why you can find a sector of your home to transform it into a craft space with a few simple tips.

In this way, you can also avoid staining with watercolors or paint other parts of the house that have nothing to do with crafts. Allocating some square meters for this type of activities gives a personal touch to that instance. At the same time, it organizes the work areas and encourages creativity.

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Advice to set up your craft space at home

The first thing to take into account when creating a craft space is the available space. After all, a large room with plenty of space isn’t the same as a small corner in the living room.

However, it’s possible to set up a craft area in any home, even with just a small table, a lamp and a shelf. It’s only necessary to adjust to the space and, based on the space available, consider the materials to be used: shelves, furniture, or perforated panels, among other things.

Place tables and cabinets

The ideal option to set up a craft space is to allocate a room, a loft, a corner of the garage, or a few meters of the living room to place tables and furniture. Of course, not everyone has the necessary space. However, there are countertops or cabinets that fit in certain areas and have drawers ideal for storing work materials.

If you have the necessary budget, it’s a good idea to take the measurements of the place where it will be installed and send them to manufacture a customized one. In addition to the cabinets, it’s best to place a desk of your own, with a comfortable chair and all the materials at hand.

Install shelves

Sometimes, the horizontal space is not enough to assemble the desired craft space. However, it’s possible to use a part of the wall to install floating shelves. There, you can store all kinds of materials and tools, from books and notebooks to small boxes and filing cabinets. These are very convenient and allow you to always have the tools you need for your craft on hand .

a craft space at home
Do not hesitate to use the walls to store tools or materials.

Find alternatives on the wall

In some spaces, it’s possible that even the shelves don’t work well as storage options. In such cases, you can use alternatives such as perforated panels, hooks, or hangers.

In the case of panels, these are often used for hanging tools in workshops. However, they’re increasingly included in rustic interior decorations, while providing plenty of storage space.

Considering the economic aspect, it’s always possible to reuse materials when it comes to crafts. Take wood, for example. With a few size adjustments and a coat of paint, it can be recycled for new uses. Among them, we find making hangers or hangers that serve to maintain order.

Storage objects

When you already have furniture or shelves, it’s time to occupy them with different objects for storage. Consider the available space and the activity to be carried out to adjust some of the options to fit your personal needs.

  • Boxes: Boxes are always a good option for storing things. Besides, it’s possible to decorate them according to your personal taste.
  • Buckets: Buckets and jars are alternative options to boxes that fulfill a similar function. They come in various sizes depending on the availability of the area. An organized craft space is achieved by placing brushes in a small bucket and pencils in another, for example.
  • Trays: These are small filing cabinets that are placed on a surface. It’s possible to stack one tray on top of another vertically, according to the space available. These are often used in offices.
  • A craft trolley: Another alternative that can have several floors and sectors is a small trolley. It works very well if there’s no space to place tables or shelves.

Lighting your craft space

For manual work, in general, the use of lamps with cold light is recommended. Also, it’s important to have some warm light option as a variant. However, what should be prioritized during the day is the entrance of natural light. Natural light is always the best option to work with crafts.

Choose a color palette

Another way to feel comfortable with the craft space is to apply your favorite color range. Depending on the sector of the home where it is located, it should be combined with the rest of the walls and furniture. It’s also possible to incorporate details in bright colors, as they provide visual impact to a place dedicated to creativity.

Give a personal touch

Once the space, furniture, and materials are installed, it’s time to add personalized details. There’s nothing better than handmade decoration for a place dedicated to crafts. Choose colors and designs that fit your personal taste, in addition to adding ornaments that encourage imagination and creativity.

In addition, your arrangement of materials can also have a personal touch. For example, think about organizing by color, size, or alphabetical order to generate visual satisfaction and remain at ease with your craft space.

Have a tidy craft space with the important things on hand

Finally, don’t forget that the priority when setting up this sector is to generate an orderly and useful space for crafting. Then, the decorative aspects add a personal touch that encourages creativity. However,  storage, order, and classification of the most important tool you need are features that should always be present.

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