How Many Kamasutra Positions Are There?

The positions of the Kamasutra have varied and increased over time. Discover the original and the best-known positions of this book on the art of lovemaking here.
How Many Kamasutra Positions Are There?
Isbelia Esther Farías López

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Last update: 21 September, 2023

The Kamasutra has served as the definitive guide to sexual positions for quite some time. But… How many Kamasutra positions really exist today?

People often talk about the famous book, but in reality, few people really know its contents. In this sense, the original text considers sex and love relationships as a true art to be cultivated. It is therefore manifested in its 36 chapters emphasizing the pleasure of both men and women. Let’s take a closer look.

How many positions of the Kamasutra are there to make love?

As described by the specialist Daud Ali, there are 8 basic ways to make love and 8 positions with which they can be crossed to form a variant according to this book. Therefore, it can be stated that the Kamasutra includes a total of 64 sexual positions.

However, the chapter on “The art of lovemaking” with its included positions is often confused with the entire book. Despite this, this is only one chapter of the book.

The rest of the book deals with topics such as:

  • Sex, in general, and its place in the life of man and woman
  • The choice of a wife and what should be involved in this decision
  • The wives of others
  • Courtesans
  • Feeling attraction to other people

Now, over time, different versions and adaptations of the original book were made, and the positions have grown in number. However, the base is the same. In fact, only some small new variations have appeared.

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The most known sexual positions of the Kamasutra

The Kamasutra is one of the oldest books that exist and one of the books that have enjoyed the most fame worldwide. The number of editions it has had speaks for itself… So, do you want to know the most basic positions? Let’s take a look!

1. The doggy style position

To perform the doggy position, the woman is placed on all fours and the man kneeling from behind penetrates her. In this way, the man enjoys a dominant role while giving extreme pleasure.

In addition, people’s animal instinct comes into play with the satisfaction of one of their sexual fantasies with this position. The absence of eye contact also allows them to relax and evoke different facial gestures without embarrassment.

2. The missionary position

Perhaps this is the most classic of the sexual positions, but the truth is that that doesn’t make it any less pleasurable. In fact, this position remains a favorite for many people! Whether for the first time or after several encounters, the missionary does not disappoint.

It’s romantic, comfortable, and generates a full-body union that allows caresses and kisses during intercourse. With this position, even the most insecure lose their fear and let themselves be carried away by pleasure.

3. The lotus flower position

This is one of the favorites among the most passionate lovers who shudder with each palpitation of their partner!

  • For this position, the man sits with his legs bent to the sides, putting his feet together.
  • The woman then wraps her legs around him and starts swinging.

Kisses and deep gazes are the ideal complements to an unforgettable night of lovemaking. There is no man who does not want a repeat this position, nor a woman who does not forget the orgasm she experienced!

4. The spoon position

This position is tender, loving, and suitable for any type of relationship. In addition, whoever is behind (the same one who initiates intercourse) is able to use his hands to contain or stimulate the erogenous zones of his partner.

This position is advisable for reconciliation or for those who are more shy. It’s also one of the sweetest and most motivating positions for morning sex.

5. The 69 position

Oral sex is also present among the positions of the Kamasutra, with its recognized 69 position. This is a position that seeks the right balance for both partners . For this reason and at the same time, lovers both give and receive pleasure.

There’s harmony in their figures and wildness in the sensations they experience with this position. The temperature rises quickly and climax can be achieved in this way, or it can be used only as a preliminary game. Each couple decides, according to their desires.

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Kissing is just as important as the positions of the Kamasutra

The author and those who followed and expanded his work give kissing a privileged place in sex. After all, kisses are perhaps the first link that unites the skin between people.

Los besos tienen tanta importancia como las posturas del Kamasutra
Learning how to kiss and knowing which type of kiss to use in each situation can drastically change a love story.

A kiss brings into play touch, smell, and taste in a single second. For this reason, learning how to kiss and knowing which type of kiss to use in each situation can change a love story.

Direct, romantic, French, or kisses with gentle bites are among the most popular. However, as research carried out in 2020 by the University of Cambridge explains, there are different options to perform depending on the occasion and what you want to achieve.

Do you already know how many Kamasutra positions there are? If so, try them with your partner!

When it comes to fanning the flame, maintaining it, or innovating the bedroom, many people people think of taking advantage of the Kamasutra postures, but few dare to try them all.

For this reason, it’s important to trust your partner and investigate together. Books about sex or ethical pornographic movies can help you to improve your connection and experience a very satisfying encounter.

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