The Healing Power of Hugs

· May 10, 2016
In order to express how you feel with a hug, you need to first learn how to hug yourself. Hugs reduce stress and reinforce self-esteem.

Some people hug you so hard that it feels like you’re going to break, but it’s just the way they express their love. Hugs create a special link between the mind, body and emotions.

Hugs may not solve anything, but they’re comforting. When someone wraps their arms around us, it can rebuild the parts of us that have been broken by time, ward off loneliness and fears, and fill us with happiness.

As incredible as it may seem, there are some people who don’t like to be hugged because they feel uncomfortable or like their personal space is being invaded. However, in reality, everyone needs someone to warmly embrace them at some point or another in their lives.


Hundreds of hugs are just waiting for us

A small hug can dry tears, a small word of kindness can fill us with happiness and a little smile can change the world. These are the little things that fill our world with happiness and love…

We wouldn’t be able to write a book on all the types of hugs in existence because it’d never end. There are as many types of hugs as there are people, situations and relationships depending on the type of message they’re meant to communicate. Here are just a few types of hugs:

Bear hugs

A person wraps their arms around another and lovingly squeezes their body. It consists of hugging another person and lightly resting your chin on the other person’s shoulder.

A-shaped hugs

This type of hug is more formal, but doesn’t mean any less. It consists of leaning forward to embrace the other person and lightly resting your chin on their shoulder.

Sandwich hugs

These types of hugs are between three really close people. They’re full of unconditional support.

Strong hugs

This type of hug is characterized by the impulse to hold the other person and show them affection. They’re ideal for expressing affection and well wishes.

Hugs from the heart

They’re full body hugs where the arms wrap completely around the back and shoulders of the other person. They’re one of the biggest hugs you can give.

Side hugs

This type is ideal when walking. They reflect the need and desire to be united.

Hugging from behind

This type of hug is the most endearing and romantic. One party comes up from behind and wraps their arms around the other. Just think of the famous scene in Titanic to understand the passion.

Group hugs

This type of hug symbolizes togetherness and unconditional support, giving comfort to its participants.

All these hugs are healers as they contribute to your psychological well-being and emotional development. With this simple gesture we gets hundreds of priceless sensations that transcend description.

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Do you know how to hug?

One embraces others like they embrace life.

One embraces life the way they’re embraced.

Knowing how to hug requires only a full heart and a body to melt into the other person. However, for a hug to transmit all we’re feeling, we need to practice on ourselves.

Some of the questions that come up include: Have you ever been hugged? Was it full of warmth? Did it ease your sorrows?

You could say that with an intimate, honest self hug you reaffirm yourself and break out of your shell, bringing you closer to your authentic self.

If you hug yourself, you love yourself. If you love yourself, you know yourself. If you know yourself, you develop yourself. Because holding yourself in your arms frees your emotions and allows you to have a good life.

The beneficial powers of hugs

A hug is a poem written on the skin that protects us from false love, dependency, idealization and anything that may weaken or impoverish us, safeguarding the courage and goodness within us.

Hugs validate our right to exist and to be who we are, to need, touch, be happy and healthy and to create, be intimate and free to love.

It’s hard to list all the benefits that hugs have to offer, given how many there are. We can comment on some of the positive advantages of hugs:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Provide security and protection, or at least make us feel safe and secure.
  • Help self-esteem.
  • Transmit energy and strength.
  • Improve interpersonal relations.
  • Make us feel at ease.

Hugs, a caress from the soul

It’s said that every time we hug someone warmly, we gain a day of life.

Paulo Coelho

Hugging deepens the roots of affection. Our most meaningful memories contain hugs because they are comforting. Hugging is a wonderful way to give love to those around us and caress their souls.

Hugs are often the best therapy as they make us feel renewed and deserving of love. Each hug has its own language which makes it the quickest way for two souls to communicate.

That means you can say more with a hug than words. Embracing each other fills us with happiness and transmits a certain peacefulness that’s immensely relaxing.

Hugs are a truly reliable source of empathic communication that enables us to better understand how we and those around us feel. They’re a great way to show our love and support.

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